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Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ COMPANY OVERVIEW.

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1 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ COMPANY OVERVIEW

2 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ WHO WE ARE B2 Group B2 Group guides companies in regards to sales & marketing programs, including digital marketing, channel development, OEM partnership building and business development activities. We also have an extensive mobile strategy group; helping companies in all facets of mobile business integration, including mobile website development, mobile health, mobile infrastructure build out’s; including guidance in API integration, application development, and all technical platform integration. We extensively work with brands & companies to help utilize and structure strategy’s for penetrating and gaining traction with consumers utilizing digital tools including the mobile ecosystem and our own platforms in other areas like social media and SEO. We can actively guide your firm in everything from constructing new and innovative marketing programs to assisting with sales and business development programs to drive new business.

3 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ DIGITAL MARKETING Search Engine OptimizationE-MailMobile & Text Marketing Website DevelopmentSocial Media WAP (Mobile Website) Development Creative Services & Technology Integrations

4 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ MARKETING SERVICES Mobile Marketing Innovative Reach | Mobile Web Creation | Application Development > Blended campaigns to reach customers everywhere Web/Mobile Sites Engaging Branding | Top Technology | Easy Manageability > Sites that perform & convert visitors to customers Search SEO/SEM Holistic Web Marketing | Organic + Paid + Metrics > Continually-managed, for traffic and conversion Social Media Connect | Convey | Converse With Audiences > Active dialog that creates a bond and advocacy E-Mail & Creative Services Creative | Reach & Response | Lists Provided To Clients > Massive Reach and Response Campaigns Technical Services Proprietary Platforms | Technical Project Integration | iFrame/API’s > Womb to Tomb Technical Integrations and Delivery

5 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy Core Strategy Elements 1.Relevant To Your Customer 2.Welcome Invitation To Participate 3.Entertaining 4.Drives A Specific Action 5.Integrated Where Appropriate 6.Connects What Was Previously Disconnected 7.Simplicity/Measurable Campaign Interaction Quest. 1.Design 2.Implementation 3.Insight 4.Management 5.Technical Delivery B2 Group uses five core strategy elements; applied to seven campaign interaction questions to build our clients digital marketing campaigns.

6 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ A New Marketing Paradigm Old Way of Marketing Industrial Marketing New Way of Marketing Interactive Digital Marketing (B2 Group) Monologue Monologue One way One way Mass communication Mass communication Static Static No interaction among customers No interaction among customers Shotgun approach Shotgun approach Hard to identify customers Hard to identify customers Hard to manage customers Hard to manage customers Dialogue Dialogue One-to-one marketing One-to-one marketing Real-time Real-time Dynamic Dynamic Collaborative Collaborative Segmented Segmented Rich customer interaction Rich customer interaction Rich customer data Rich customer data Customer Customers Supplier Internet Mobile Web SMS/Text SEO/SEM Mobile Mrkt Social Media E-mail

7 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ The B2 Group Marketing Platform The B2 Group Platform allows you to better target customers with your product and services and increase revenues by marketing to them on their mobile phone, computer, or any other device! B2 Group offers womb to tomb delivery of your campaigns including the complex setup and provisioning of keywords and short-codes with the carriers, campaign design, technical delivery, site setup, social media placements, SEO & SEM placements, and data base management. We offer the total solution!

8 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Technology Services B2 Group offers extensive services around technology sourcing and project management. We also offer extensive services around analytics development for digital marketing platforms, mobile website development – our team has the ability to build mobile websites and host these very cost effectively for your company we also offer cutting edge platforms like, for local marketing and advertising. – Analytics – Technology Consulting – Mobility Platforms – Specialized Platforms for GEO Location – System Integration – Application Development – Website & WAP (Mobile) Site Development – Emerging Technologies Development – Proprietary Platforms (

9 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ The easiest and fastest way to find, call, visit, and share locations! ® … We help Your Customers Reach You Our geo link platform, engaging consumers!

10 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Meets the Needs for Fast and Easy, Mobile Social Media and Location Based Services Patented short, permanent and readable GeoLink™ URLs for including in all digital media and communications (Tweets, SMS and email marketing) Scannable GeoLink™ QR Codes for including in print and display ads Brandfind® “Find the Closest” GeoSite™ Special Purpose “Go, Call or Share Now! GeoSite™ Mobile Website with specials, custom, real-time information and more Real-Time publishing tools, including coupons, specials, open APIs and analytics

11 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Mobile Brandfind® GeoSite Auto-locates the end users, Then lists the closest locations One touch Calling One touch directions Links to GeoSite for each Location

12 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ GeoSite™ For Each Location Landing PageMore Info.Directions One Touch Sharing Daily Coupons Search Nearby Public Transit ParkingTips And More: Merchants also get easy, aggregated reporting and GeoAnalytics™ GeoLink™ URLs and QR codes link to each of your locations’ GeoSites that instantly provides real- time, “go, call and share now” and services dedicated to that location. Leads with One Touch Directions and calling Automatically locates user and provide directions. Keep users on Merchant’s GeoSite™ Provides robust real-time “Direct from the Source” information

13 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ More from Sample Mobile GeoSite™ Daily SpecialsEasily Share on Social Media Easy yet powerful real-time Couponing Engine Easy and fast social networking User can select and modify customized ‘quick text’ message or type custom message Scan GeoLink QR Code from the Phone for Instant Sharing

14 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Note: Easy Fast Social Media Sharing Typical Online GeoSite™ Easy Local Search around Destination Fully Interactive Map and Traffic Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid Views Available Flexibility to add/ delete almost any additional tabs More Info. Request a Quote What’s Nearby Copies to Clipboard QR Code Connects anyone to this GeoLink You can adjust map to show your precise location!

15 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Using GeoLink URLs and QR Codes

16 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Can create Dedicated Favicon for Brandfind GeoSite Each Location’s GeoSite™

17 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Advantages of v. Other Sites

18 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ v. Other Sites (continued)

19 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Real-Time Reporting

20 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™’s Organic Search Results Ranking from’s unique SEO efforts  Within 1 week was getting great SEO results on All Sites are:  Optimized for SEO  Compliant with new structure for Google, Bing and Yahoo  Updated content and information and customer usage helps SEO  Results from our design, efforts and use will get better over time

21 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Example and’s Case Study Ruby’s included Links and QR Codes in their email blast for a fairly new store. Included coupon Drove over 3,000 click throughs and 200+ requests for directions

22 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ FTD & Yellow Pages Media Using

23 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ SEO SERVICES We use organic SEO to build a great presents for your brand and products on the web. We also provide SEM tactics when the client so desires. SEO has to be designed or re-designed into your websites (mobile or web) and SEO practices have to be used daily to drive traffic to those sites. There are no magic bullets in SEO, just hard work and daily maintenance. We provide this for you.

24 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ SEO Programs from B2 Group  Optimize your website with our SEO services  Drive more traffic to your brand and your specials  Integrate Landing Pages and Offers  We will write articles and mine articles to assist in promoting your business  Be easily found by using our technology – –

25 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ App Splash Page DTC Splash Page Linked back to the Holiday Inn Home Page as well as the App Stores noting keywords Click on link → Consists of RSS feeds from consumer reviews Should consists of a comment section for real-time feedback Incorporate a video – or talking head – demo Sample Splash Page

26 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Outbound Campaign Through multiple channels, including our SoCalText site, B2 Group has obtained access to millions of opt-in mobile numbers. As a client, you have access to send mobile offers using our database. B2 Group Programs contain a minimum database of Opt-In clients to start marketing to. There is a small premium for additional names, but it is a great way to start. Eventually you will build your own mobile database. Once patrons have opted-in to receive future messages, you can send targeted messages to a client base who is interested in your restaurant.

27 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Become Digital and Viral! Make it easy to be discovered by increasing the number of locations your restaurant information and links can be seen (e.g. Facebook, Google+, blogs….etc) and by enabling others to easily spread the word of mouth about your establishment. B2 Group can build out, manage, and manage content additions in social media for you!

28 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Just a few Social Media objectives: Improve internal communication Change perception Customer service Generate leads Build awareness Thought leadership New ideas (crowdsource) Reach a new audience Research & market intelligence NOT: “because everyone else is”, “we need a Facebook page”, “it’s cheap”, etc.

29 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Target a Niche Audience | Mobile Sites & Campaigns

30 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Creative Design – Innovative Interaction with Clients

31 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Multiple Approaches For Social Media Multiple Managed Pages – Providing Specialized & Relevant Promotions & Information

32 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Customer Touch | Messaging Blogs

33 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Integrated Social Media

34 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Social Media It’s a BIG WORLD – We can Help you Navigate it!

35 Where Preparation Meets Opportunity™ Harnessing Human Interaction


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