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Meeting Agenda Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014.

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1 Meeting Agenda Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

2 Agenda Brief Reporting Market Analysis Conference OSS Inventory Sample startups/spin offs 2

3 Reporting: Technical and Financial Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

4 YU Technical Role in OSSCOM – Recall YU role will focus all individual efforts on building an in-campus community in OSS that can also ultimately incur a change in the region Its leading role will be in 2.3: OSS Survey report, 4.2: Inventory of learning OSS material, and 6.4: business incubator 4

5 Travel Costs – Tentative as of 31/05 OriginDestination Date of travel Reason of Travel DurationExpenditure (€) Name Country Code Short name Country Code Short name Month N° of Days Total Travel costs Total Costs of stay Total travel costs and costs of stay Mwaffaq Otoom JOYUDEBRSU26-3-2014 Kickoff Meeting0312634231686 Mwaffaq Otoom JOYULBNDU14-5-2014 Administrative Meeting02203434620 Adnan Al-Smadi JOYUDEBRSU26-3-2014 Kickoff Meeting0312034231626 Hisham Almasaeid JOYULBNDU14-5-2014 Administrative Meeting02203434620 5

6 Staff Costs – Tentative as of 31/05 Beneficiary short nameWP1 Name and SurnameActivity Task Worked hours (Catagory2) TotalFunded Mwaffaq OtoomKickoff7.5141 Mwaffaq OtoomAdministrative7.5141 Adnan Al-SmadiKickoff7.5141 Hisham AlmasaeidAdministrative7.5141 Baha AlsaifyQuestionnaire (2.3) Hisham AlmasaeidInventory (4.2) Mwaffaq OtoomConference (2.4) 6

7 Market Analysis T2.3 Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

8 Goals As an input for: – a blueprint for the implementation of the technology centers in GJU and LU (T3.2), – a set of training workshops on OSS that are of great interest to the community (T3.4), – a set of teaching courses to be included in the curriculum of the diploma program (T4.5), – the set of OSS tools to be kept in the repository of learning resources (T4.2), – a vision of what the start-up business model would look like (WP6), and finally – a strategy plan to be shared with HE structures to promote the awareness and usage of OSS (OVERALL GOAL) 8

9 Progress Online questionnaire – includes three sections: general information about the institution, awareness and acceptance of OSS, and usage and teaching of OSS – Arabic: x.php/survey/index x.php/survey/index – English: x.php/159473/lang-en x.php/159473/lang-en Literature review on OSS 9

10 Issues The first batch of data gathered on June 19 th shows a less-than-expected participation – only 52 participants filled-in the online questionnaire ACTION: A newer version of the questionnaire is deigned and distributed to include: – fewer questions and – Arabic translation 10

11 Future Plans Data will be analyzed and included in a report The report will be circulated among partners next month during the expert meeting in Spain The report will be formally launched during OSSCOM 1st annual conference on April of 2015 in Amman, Jordan The report would also be published in a specialized journal 11

12 OSS Inventory T4.2 Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

13 Content comprises curricula, course material, information, links, open source products, local content, material, expert forums, and support information for life long learning in society at large The portal will run an open source Wiki to facilitate dynamic entry of content PC institutions will develop OSS course material with EU partner support 13

14 Course Material Game/Animation Development – Blender (3D graphics) – Unity (3D game engine) Mobile Development – Android 14

15 Future Plan Continue the development of other material – Survey outcome would help define the trends Upload these material on the portal and share it with other partners for discussion TAGITI will work on developing a wiki page to upload this material 15

16 Sample startups/spin offs T6.4 Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

17 Future Plan Send out a call for business plan Form an evaluation committee Select one plan from each country 17

18 Conference: OSSCOM’15 T2.4 Mohammad Aldaoud, GJU Mof Otoom, YU (Contact person) Sankt Augustin – 21/08/2014

19 Concept – OSSCOM’15 It will bring together innovators, leaders, scientists and businessmen from all over the world to discuss and debate – new models of innovation, – integration of OSS, – policies for sustainable development in OSS education and learning, and – world-wide OSS deployment to tackle today's challenges 19

20 Topics– OSSCOM’15 Track 1: Systems Software – Operating systems (Distributed, Embedded, mobile) Track 2: Applications and services – environment, education, health, climate, water, agriculture, biology, economy, medicine … Track 3: networking, and security – Simulation, management, testing … Track 4: Open Source Development and Support – Business models, challenges, perspectives … 20

21 Website: 21

22 IEEE Technical Co-sponsorship A local steering committee has: – Filled in an online application (on June 3 rd ) – Contacted IEEE Jordan section – Worked hard to adhere to the sponsorship criteria of the IEEE Sponsorship approved! (on August 19 th ) 22

23 Summary Info Name: – International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM) Dates: – September 10-13, 2015 Venue: – Premises of GJU Technical Sponsorship: – IEEE 23

24 What’s missing? CFP Distribution (High Priority) Invite experts as program co-chairs Online registration and payment Include speakers from outside OSSCOM! Solicit financial sponsors???? 24

25 Thank you! Questions…

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