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E.Clément Novembre 2011 2010  LNL 5TC 2012  GSI/FRS 5TC+5DC 2014  GANIL/SPIRAL2 15TC AGATA D.+PRISMA AGATA + VAMOS + EXOGAM2 FRS Total Eff.

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Presentation on theme: "E.Clément Novembre 2011 2010  LNL 5TC 2012  GSI/FRS 5TC+5DC 2014  GANIL/SPIRAL2 15TC AGATA D.+PRISMA AGATA + VAMOS + EXOGAM2 FRS Total Eff."— Presentation transcript:

1 E.Clément Novembre  LNL 5TC 2012  GSI/FRS 5TC+5DC 2014  GANIL/SPIRAL2 15TC AGATA D.+PRISMA AGATA + VAMOS + EXOGAM2 FRS Total Eff. InFlight ~ 10% Total Eff Nominal. ~ 14% Total Eff. CloseConfig ~6%

2 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Gamma-ray spectroscopy of very neutron-rich nuclei populated in Deep Inelastic collisions or induced fission using VAMOS to identify the reaction products in Q, A and Z.  Spectroscopy of heavy elements towards SHE and N=Z nuclei populated by fusion – evaporation with VAMOS in gas-filled mode.  Spectroscopy of p-rich nuclei at the N=Z line using the N-wall  Spectroscopy using existing and new SPIRAL1 beams GANIL physics cases  Ensuring these physics cases with the appropriate ancillaries detectors  The mechanical integration has to take into account this broad list of configurations

3 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Beam: MeV/u, (i ~ 2pnA) Target : 9 Be, 12 C, 48 Ca, 70 Zn, 198 Pt … (1 mg/cm 2 )  Full identification of the heavy recoil in VAMOS  Shell evolution toward 54 Ca (M. Rejmund et al )  lifetime measurement with a plunger in n-rich nuclei beyond 68 Ni ( J Ljungvall et al; A Dijon et al, I. Celikovic et al)  Delayed and prompt gamma spectroscopy around 68 Ni (A Dijon et al)  Transfer induced fission reactions (F. Farget et al, M. Rejmund et al. A. Görgen et al.)  Spectroscopy of heavy element Os (J. Valient-Dobon et al) EXOGAM coupled to VAMOS: Spectroscopy of n-rich nuclei

4 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Vacuum mode : 22 Ne Au  214 Ac Gas filled mode : 48 Ca+ 198 Pt  244 Cf  VAMOS + EXOGAM+MUSETT  Vamos at 0 degree used as separator  Prompt spectroscopy after Recoil decay tagging (  -decay) in MUSETT MUSETT array EXOGAM coupled to VAMOS+MUSETT: Spectroscopy of SHE nuclei Not yet fully funded and operational  French grant Agency for Research 2013 request (Saclay -GANIL)  energy keV  energy keV

5 E.Clément Novembre 2011 C. Schmitt et al NIM A 621 (2010) 558–565 VAMOS in gas-filled / Vacuum mode Rejection > Measured in the 40 Ca+ 150 Sm reaction Unique opportunity to couple AGATA -1  with a separator in fusion induced reaction Prompt spectrocopy with  tagging at the focal plane (MUSETT) Spectroscopy beyond Fm: the shell model towards SHE

6 E.Clément Novembre 2011 M. Sandzelius et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, (2007). VAMOS in gas-filled with AGATA and MUSETT (Island of  -emitter) Onset of collectivity induced by np pairing near N=Z and closed shells ?  Prompt spectroscopy of light Xe,Te,I isotopes   and  emitter Gas filled mode : 54 Fe+ 54 Fe  106 Te +2n (25 nb) 54 Fe+ 58 Ni  110 Xe +2n (50 nb) 54 Fe+ 58 Ni  109 I +p2n (10  b) Collectivity in N≈Z nuclei: Enhancement from T=0?

7 E.Clément Novembre 2011 J=9 Pd J=9 J=7 92 Pd, exp. 92 Pd, SM (2 + ) (4 + ) (6 + ) A new Spin-aligned pairing phase in 92 Pd B Cederwall, et al, Nature 469, (2011) EXOGAM coupled to the NWall Prompt Spectroscopy of N=Z nuclei

8 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Charged particle array for transfer reaction MUST2/TIARA : (d,p) etc … program with SIB and RIB  Charged particle array for prompt tagging : DIAMANT  Neutron detector (Nwall)  Charged particle array for Recoil Decay Tagging : MUSETT  Scintillator : BaF2 array, LaBr3  Future detector : NEDA (n), GASPARD ( ?), PARIS (LaBr3) In G1 coupled to VAMOS (+ EXOGAM2): SIBs, RIBs AGATA 1  at GANIL : Ancillary devices At 0° as separator (vaccum/gas-filled) Angles >10 deg for fission & MNT Cryogenic target ? We ensure the coupling to AGATA through the VME AGAVA card

9 E.Clément Novembre 2011

10  Design done by STFC Daresbury in close collaboration with GANIL  An important work of integration is on-going  Final design review 1 st week of December  Projection T  9 months of construction estimated On-going discussion with the IPHC workshop for the construction of the support Workshop for the extended plateform not yet defined

11 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Which configuration for which physics ? GANIL is designing a new target chamber, target holder and beam pipe to ensure most of the experiments (DIC,fission, fusion) Nominal configuration Compact configuration

12 E.Clément Novembre 2011 ~150 k€ ~17k€ Processing room 019 Upgrade ~ 85k€ Detector lab infrastructure ~15 k€ Cryogenic upgrade, connection ~25 k€ Total investment cost ~360 k€ Optical fibers links ~70k€

13 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Collaboration : Local project manager : E.Clément Campaign spokesperson announced : S. Lenzi Call for LOI sent : dead line 25th January st workshop 18 th to 20 st of February organized at GANIL First draft of the working together document sent to AMB ~ 4ETP are working in 2013 on the project ≈20 persons involved at GANIL

14 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Budget : Total cost investment ~300k€ 237 k€ guaranteed by GANIL for 2013 to be completed in the 2014 request IPHC requested 90k€ from IN2P3 AP for the mechanic ANR (French Research Funding Agency) request for the gaz-filled mode to be submitted by the Saclay group (Ch. Theisen et al) Loan of material from LNL & GSI (cooled cabinet, racks, water distribution, Optical link to be carefully evaluated)

15 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Schedule (assuming that material from GSI arrive on Jan-Feb 2014) Gas-filled installation expected in mid-2015 GANISOL beam available for physics beginning of 2016 We request the host of AGATA until end of 2016 at least with ≥6 months beam time T2-12T3-12T4-12T1-13T2-13T3-13T4-13T1-14T2-14T3-14T4-14…T4-16 Mechanics STFC Design GANIL Impl IPHC construc Mounting Infrastructure det GANIL Studies Collecting items Installation LN2, AF GANIL Studies Collecting items InstallationTest DAQ Hardware GANIL Studies Collecting items InstallationTest DAQ Software Preparatio n Test Processing Room Renov Aire Proj AGATA infra Detector Mounting Source & Commi Expt …

16 E.Clément Novembre 2011 J. Ljungvall (CSNSM) for the AGATA collaboration - Preliminary × ~ 1.25 × ~ 1.5 AGATA nominal 233 mm EXOGAM nominal 145 mm Performance of the array

17 E.Clément Novembre 2011  =12% More than efficiency, AGATA provides higher sensitivity × ~ 4.7 × ~ 12  performances under simulations

18 E.Clément Novembre 2011

19 Performance simulations :on-going (final release expected February) Electronic coupling: on-going (several meeting already done or scheduled) Data flow, DAQon-going (several meeting already done or scheduled) Mechanic design : on-going (final design review 1 st week of Dec.) Optical link on-going (purchase order expected on April) Data analysis starting (first meeting on the first week of Dec.) AutoFill-cryogenic infrastarting (meeting soon with Saclay crew) Infrastructure on-going (needs identified, final design review on going) Local organization done (STP, BE, GAP,SPE, GVC already working) Task distribution done GANIL project method: Set of spec delivered, management dvpt for Christmas Installation description for DIRC01 : 1 st draft released to the QSE, risk analysis beginning of 2013

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