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Change the Rules Distributed data apps with.NET Zlatko Knezevic Developer Evangelist Microsoft

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1 Change the Rules Distributed data apps with.NET Zlatko Knezevic Developer Evangelist Microsoft

2 Data options in.NET world

3 Some history included Native interfaces ODBC as a abstraction layer OLE DB ADO.NET as a wrapper with.NET – With factories in 2.0 world ORMs as of 3.0

4 Today, things are different Client-server is a past paradigm Services talking to one another Distribution of data, applications, infrastructure TDD/DDD/BDD as a development practice

5 SQL Server SQL Azure Visual Studio“Quadrant” SQL Server Modeling Services Entity Framework ADO.NET“M”/EDM Data Services …

6 Change the Rules ENTITY FRAMEWORK 4.0

7 Entity Framework 1.0 had too many pain points The designer! Model First not supported Poor support for Stored Procedures No Pluralization/Singularization Foreign Keys hidden Lazy Loading not supported Missing LINQ Operators vs LINQ to SQL Generated SQL unreadable No support for Plain Old CLR Objects N-Tier difficult

8 New in Entity Framework 4 Model-first development Automatic pluralization Foreign keys in models POCO class support (Add-in) Lazy loading T4 Code Generation Template customization IObjectSet Virtual SaveChanges ObjectStateManager control Self-tracking entities SQL generation improvements More LINQ operator support LINQ extensibility ExecuteStoreQuery ExecuteStoreCommand SPROC import improvements Model defined functions WPF designer integration Code-First development (Feature CTP)

9 Better Tools and Design Experience Model First Templated code generation Stored Procedures Pluralization/Singularization Complex Types Better delete and search

10 More powerful/flexible runtime Deferred Loading (aka lazy loading) Foreign Keys surfaced More complete LINQ implementation ExecuteStoreQuery EntityFunctions and SqlFunctions Improvements to generated SQL

11 Persistence Ignorance First class support for Persistence Ignorance No modifications to your classes!

12 N-Tier Self Tracking Entities

13 Code Only database modelling All above is nice, but you still need the edmx file What if you want the code to be “the truth”? Code-only modelling means just that Currently only in CTP

14 Change the Rules DEMO

15 Change the Rules ODATA (WCF DATA SERVICES)

16 oData? What is it? Why should we care? How are we supposed to use it?

17 A little bit of history… MIX07 was a birthplace of “Astoria” Later renamed ADO.NET Data Services Requirements for web data services – Plain HTTP – Uniform patterns – Focus on data – Abstract

18 Basic idea The basic idea is simple You already have this HUGE platform and API thing Why not build on top of it?? In a way that is friendly and automatic??





23 OData Uniform way of representing structured data – Atom, JSON formats Uniform URL conventions – Navigation, filtering, sorting, paging, etc. Uniform operations – Addressability – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE always mean the same

24 Expose Any data over HTTP Through either JSON or XML (Atom) Your source needs to be IQueryable Works like a charm for Entity Framework contexts

25 Data Source Options Data Services Runtime HTTP traffic Entity Framework Provider Reflection Provider Custom Provider.NET Classes [+ LINQ provider] Entity Framework Database Data Source Custom providers: - IDataServiceMetadataProvider - IDataServiceQueryProvider Updates: - IDataServiceUpdateProvider Special features: - IDataServiceStreamProvider - IDataServicePagingProvider

26 Consume Data on any platform Bindings and POC code for – PHP – Java – JavaScript Client libraries for.NET Power Pivot and other means


28 business logic store service interface

29 oData point: SharePoint 2010 SharePoint needed 2 things in this space Flexible data interface – Maximize reach, minimum barrier of entry – Data centric, but enforcing business logic Developer story – Libraries for as many clients as possible – Great Visual Studio integration

30 oData consumer: PowerPivot “Self-service business intelligence” – Let people find and use their own data – …but where’s the data? Broad direct database access is impractical – OData feeds expose data over application logic – PowerPivot can handle OData natively Reports often represent the best data sources – All reports in Reporting Services are now OData feeds

31 Servers WCF Data Services SharePoint 2010 SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 SQL Azure IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Microsoft Media Room WCF RIA Services Services Netflix Mix 2010 Nerd Dinner Vancouver’s vanGuide Open Government Data Initiative Open Science Data Initiative Microsoft Codename “Dallas” City of Edmonton Clients Excel + PowerPivot LINQPad OData Explorer Client libraries.NET Silverlight Windows Phone 7 Series Javascript Java Objective-C PHP

32 Change the Rules DEMO

33 Change the Rules SQL SERVER 2008 R2

34 SQL Server 2008 at a glance A lot of improvements for next-generation apps Beyond rational data types – Spatial Data type – Hierarchy data type Improvements in rational engine – FILESTREAM data type – New DateTime functions Support for sparse columns Better management And a lot more…

35 SQL Server 2008 R2 Adding on the solid foundation that is SQL 2008 Improvements in management, reporting and federation StreamInsight™ Support for oData in Reporting Services Better business insight with new BI advances – PowerPivot

36 Visual Studio 2010 & SQL Server 2008 R2 Continued “DB professional” support – Offline database projects – Provides a place for the DB in ALM cycle New T-SQL IDE and developing features Data-tier Application projects

37 Data-tier Applications Improved Transact-SQL IDE Supports offline development, refactoring, versioning, policy Builds single unit of deployment containing all database objects (DACPAC) Registered with SQL Server when deployed

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