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Engineering Systems Design. We live in an increasingly complex society.

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1 Engineering Systems Design

2 We live in an increasingly complex society

3 ESD is the study of large-scale complex systems …

4 … to solve big societal challenges Energy Environment Food Health Water Liveability Transportation Security

5 You will study … Process design and engineering of operations Manufacturing / service operations management Evaluation and improvement of processes Managing constraints and risks Efficient resource allocation What to make When to make How much to make Managing flows Material flows Information flows Financial flows People flows

6 … with emphasis on  Process and business model innovation through engineering new ways of producing, distributing, and consuming  Leveraging data to make smart business decisions  Consumer data, financial data, trade data, traffic data, energy consumption data  Drawing insights from economics, policy, business and social science

7 Alignment to core strengths of Singapore  Logistics & supply chains  Infrastructure systems  Transportation and mass transit  Financial services  Healthcare  Natural resources management  Retail  Hospitality & entertainment

8 You will be taught by world-class faculty

9 A unique curriculum Analytics  Optimization  Probability & Statistics  Simulation  Network Science  System Dynamics Fundamentals  Mathematics  Physical sciences  Biological Sciences  Humanities Economics, Management & the Social Context  Economics  Financial Decision Making  Operations Management  Quality and Reliability  Organizations & People  Project Management

10 Course sequence

11 7 focus tracks in which to specialise

12 Multiple industry project experiences  Introduction to Design (freshmen year)  Engineering Systems Design (sophomore year)  Operations Management (junior year)  Capstone (senior year, 2 semesters)  Internships (sophomore and junior years)

13 Examples of industry projects completed by students Cost & benefits of recycling vs. incinerating food - NEA When is the best time to buy budget airline tickets - Handstand LLP Crowd management at MRT stations - Accenture Improving taxi boarding operations - Changi Airport Warehouse space optimisation - SBS Transit Optimising preventive maintenance schedule for buses – SBS Transit Improving order-picking efficiency - Redmart Workflow optimisation for warehouse - PSA Which products sell well with each other in a store? - Google Tunnel fire and smoke detection of a driverless train system - SMRT Selection of Air Curtains for T1 and T4 - Changi Airport Improving runway inspection process - Changi Airport Predictive model for air freight volume/ pricing in Asia - Panalpina Improving packing process in distribution centre - Infineon

14 Taxi boarding efficiency at Changi Airport By Delphine Ang, Jia Shenfeng, Lee Guanhua, Wei Wei (Class of 2015) Queuing theory to analyse interaction between passengers and taxis Statistical analysis of historical waiting times Multivariate linear regression to estimate taxi demand Methods/ Tools Separate taxi holding area at T2 South Implement taxi demand prediction feature in the Cabs@Changi app to provide taxi drivers with information on expected passenger demand Solutions Problem Statement Improve efficiency of taxi service at T2 South, Changi Airport Case Study 1

15 Crowd flow modelling at subway station By Sherman Tan Xian Loong, Wang Bolun, Zhang Zhenhuan (Class of 2015) Case Study 2 Implement obstacles and pillars at specific exit points to funnel crowd away from hotspots Momentary pause between walking to mounting escalator – explore possible elongation of escalator Solutions Analyse historical data to determine net flux of people moving through unpaid areas over different time periods Relate data to people’s activities to identify overcrowding hotspots Simulation to identify patterns at the macro level Analysis and simulation Problem Statement Analyse crowd flow at unpaid areas of the subway station, and provide solutions to mitigate crowding effects

16 Internships at world- class organisations

17 Opportunities for research

18 Synergy with SUTD- SMU dual-degree programme  Double degree in Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business Management in 11 terms  Engineering Systems Design provides the blend of technical knowledge and management exposure that aligns strongly with the dual degree programme

19 Partnership with SMU’s International Trading Institute (ITI@SMU)  Earn the ITI@SMU/SUTD Trading Associate Certificate and be well equipped for a career in trading  Courses are taught by senior practitioners in the field Courses offered jointly with SMU

20 Achievements by ESD students  Winners of Frost & Sullivan Case Challenge, beating 40 submissions across all tertiary institutions in Singapore  Developed solutions for Nairu (fictional country) to help her develop a nation-wide manpower strategy to ensure future demands of workface are met, while simultaneously balancing the need for economic growth  Cash prize and internship positions at Frost and Sullivan Ian Martin Teoh, Zhu Xiaohan and Poh Wen Ya (Class of 2015)

21 Careers

22 Graduate studies in SUTD ESD graduates will qualify for the following programmes:  Manufacturing (Master of Engineering in Manufacturing)  Supply Chain Management (Master of Engineering in Logistics)  System Design and Management (Master of Science in Engineering and Management)

23 Graduate studies in other schools  Operations Research  Industrial Engineering  Systems Engineering  Business Schools (Operations Management, Finance, Marketing)  Economics  Statistics  Public Policy

24 ESD graduates are in high demand Nikhil Jain, Amazon Chen Zhuling, Roland Berger ConsultingTeo Yi Linn, PSA

25 Prominent figures trained in engineering systems Timothy D. Cook CEO, Apple Inc. Mike Duke Former President & CEO, Walmart Joe Forehand Former CEO, Accenture

26 Video: ESD from the students’ perspective

27 Join us!    6499 4788 ENGINEERING SYSTEMS & DESIGN ESD

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