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Mapping Requirements & Processing T-4 Forms Pipeline Safety Division

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1 Mapping Requirements & Processing T-4 Forms Pipeline Safety Division
Lori Mireles - Mapping Requirements Bruce Waterman – T-4 Permits

2 Mapping Requirements Pipeline Safety Division Lori Mireles

3 Presentation Overview
Digital and Hard Copy Submission Requirements How to Avoid Digital Data Rejections by Exploding the Data Projections Helpful Resources Steps to Search Pipeline Permits

4 Pipeline Mapping Digital Submissions
Pipeline Safety – Mapping – Digital Submissions Steps to Set up an FTP account (File Transfer Protocol) The software that enables files to be transmitted over data lines from one computer to another Submit to Request an FTP Account should contain: FTP Request Contact Person and Title Company Name Address Phone Number Sample to Request an FTP Account should be sent to:

5 Pipeline Mapping Steps to Instructions for Submitting and Receiving Digital Data via FTP Instructions for Submitting Digital Lower case “t” Maximum of 8 characters Required files: .shp, .dbf, .shx and .prj Sample for an FTP Submission Subject: Pipeline operator name Body: Operator Name and Address Type of Submission Type of Datum T-4 Permit/Mapping Contact

6 Pipeline Mapping Steps to Attribute Definitions Attribute Definitions
Be sure to add all the *Required Fields in Red A T-4 Amend code should be listed for each line segment Steps to Commodity List Commodity List Commodity Description (Butane/Butylene), Commodity (HVL), Systype (Q) Steps to Vendor List Vendor List Software Vendor List for Submitting Digital Data All vendors on this list have been approved to submit the required data

7 Pipeline Mapping Steps to Hard Copy Map Submissions
Hard Copy Submission Requirements 7.5 minute USGS Quad – 24X29 in. – 1 to 24,000 scale Operator name T-4 Permit Number System names Counties Date created Numbered quads T-4 Permit/Mapping contact person and phone number Maps should have this essential information: Coordinates, Quad Name Border notation, County/State Line, City Name/Limits, Roads & Map Scale, One permit per Map

8 Pipeline Mapping Sample Email to Request Digital Data
Labeling Pipelines (Option 1) – Label diameters, Specify multiple lines using same R.O.W., UseT4 amendment codes to color code pipelines. Labeling Pipelines (Option 2) – Highlight all changes, Mark intersections/attributes with a dot. Identify the change. Sample to Request Digital Data Operator name and Address T-4 Permit number Contact information Sample from RRC to Operator The name of the file to download is p _1.tar.gz Extracted data for t4 permit 09999 Retrieving Data from the Railroad Commission Original FTP instructions *See Instructions for DOS FTP for visual reference of instructions at the end of this handout

9 How to Avoid Digital Data Rejections by Exploding the Data
Pipeline Mapping How to Avoid Digital Data Rejections by Exploding the Data Explode your Data using Advanced Editing Tools

10 How to set up Advanced Editing Tools

11 Identifying Multi-Part Features

12 Identifying Multi-Part Features
Explode Multi-Part Feature

13 Identifying Multi-Part Features
Update your shape file with these new changes You are now ready to send your digital to the FTP site

14 Projections Wrong Projection UTM/State Plane Projection
Correct Projection Geographic Coordinate System Check your Coordinates Verify your coordinates at the bottom of your window.

15 Pipeline Mapping Steps to Public GIS Map Viewers
Enhanced Public GIS Viewer Legacy Public GIS Viewer Steps to Data Online Research Queries Steps to Search T-4 Pipeline Permits - Enter your permit number – Click on Search Go down to Actions – View this document – Documents appear Steps to Print T-4 Pipeline Permits Click on Download to print all pages Click on Download Page to print page of interest only Additional Helpful Information: Instructions for using FTP Software – FTP Password for Sending and Retrieving Digital Data – Instructions for DOS FTP - FAQ’s

16 Pipeline Safety Division
T-4 Permitting Pipeline Safety Division Bruce Waterman

17 Permitting Rules If a pipeline leaves the lease…
Regulated and Non-Regulated lines Permits may have only one fluid… Pipeline should be continuous… Permits should be amended… If pipelines are regulated…

18 Permitting Pipelines

19 Permitting Pipelines

20 Pipeline Permitting & Mapping Standards

21 Pipeline Permitting & Mapping Standards

22 Pipeline Permitting Forms

23 Pipeline Permitting Forms
PS-48 form needed 30 days before construction starts 24 hour notice for any lines over 100 ppms of H2S


25 New Construction Report

26 Pipeline Permitting Forms
T-4 needed for any amendment except cancellation of a permit T-4B pipeline transfer needed for: Change of operator (A sells to B) Operator name change (ABC LP becomes ABC LLC) Partial transfer to another operator T-4C permit renewal form Annual renewal with NO changes to the pipeline system. T-4A is “the permit”.

27 ABC Pipeline Company 223456 P.O. Box 234 Austin, TX 78701
Jane Smith Pipeline Company T4 X X X Hydrogen X X X X X X X X Mark Smith 6/10/13 Mark Smith

28 PS8000A form needed for: Pipeline Permitting Forms A new permit
Mileage being added to permit When requested by RRC

29 P S 8 A ABC Pipeline Company 09000 20.00 20.00 12.75 0.38 X52FBE X ABC
A ABC Pipeline Company 09000 20.00 20.00 12.75 0.38 X52FBE X ABC Pipeline System X Refined Products 1 Travis

30 T 4 B John Smith ABC Pipeline Company 123 Operating Company
X Jane Wilson Jane Wilson 123 Operating Company X John Smith Pipeline Company 5 miles Hydrogen John Smith John Smith

31 Sample Cover Letters & Overview Maps

32 E-mail:
Contact Information Kristi Schulz (512) Operators A-D (plus Enbridge & Enterprise) Bruce Waterman (512) Operators E-L (plus Copano) Brent Mosby (512) Operators M-Z Digital Submissions Lori Mireles (512) Colby Broadway (512)

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