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© 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice Getting Started With T4 Tom Cafarella.

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1 © 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice Getting Started With T4 Tom Cafarella OpenVMS Boot Camp September, 2011

2 April 17, 20152 Outline T4 History What is T4? What are its components? How is it distributed? What is its support status? Advanced Topics How to install it How to run it

3 April 17, 20153 T4 History Idea conceived by Steve Lieman in 2001 −For troubleshooting customer performance problems. Visual element missing from existing free tools After-market products difficult to access inside HP Prototype written in DCL by Tom Cafarella in 2001 Most T4 original code and TLViz visualizer written by Ian Megarity. Now maintained by Kernel Tools team and Office of Customer Programs. −See Mandar Chitale this week with questions Used heavily by Performance Team −See Rafiq Ahamed K and Kevin Jenkins this week.

4 April 17, 20154 What is T4 ? It’s the preferred system-level data collector for OpenVMS Engineering customer performance engagements. And a low-overhead, basic performance tool for our customers. Data collector only! −To visualize data, use its PC companion tool, TLViz −TLViz and Case Studies sessions after this one It’s an “umbrella collector” −Uses other low-level data collectors

5 April 17, 20155 What is T4 ? Runs on OpenVMS Integrity and Alpha only −Versions V7.3 through V8.4 and beyond A single PCSI kit contains all versions It is officially UNSUPPORTED −but many of our customers depend on it −and so do we, when performance issues arise

6 April 17, 20156 T4’s Niche Mainly a performance troubleshooting tool −Both within OpenVMS Engineering and at our customer sites. Run it all the time −Keep history −You never know when issues will arise −Always need to know what the baseline is So we can see what changed. Not designed for capacity planning −But could be used for that in a basic way.

7 April 17, 20157 T4 Data  Powerful Visual Stories Dramatic proof of higher throughput following upgrade

8 April 17, 20158 How do you run T4? @T4$SYS:T4$CONFIG Submits batch job that runs for one full day −… and schedules batch job for the next day Spawns a process for each component collector At end of day, converts data files to CSV files CSV files packaged into few.ZIP’s for xfer to PC Data files packaged into a separate.ZIP file Analysis done on PC using TLViz

9 April 17, 20159 T4 Collection Intent is to provide a low-overhead comprehensive, but not exhaustive overview of system statistics. Comprised of several individual collectors And your own!

10 April 17, 201510 Worrying about T4 Overhead? It’s Not a Problem T4 coexists with other high powered performance management and capacity planning tools T4 defaults  low overhead – typically less than 1/2 of 1% with 60 second sampling High resolution possible at 10 seconds or less with reasonable overhead

11 April 17, 201511 T4 Collectors MONITOR or TDC XFC (SHOW MEM / CACHE) Dedicated lock manager (Busy %, Request) TCPIP traffic system wide (pkts, mbs) Network adapter (0,1, or more) Login/Logout extraction from accounting log FCMon (if Fibrechannel disks present) VevaMon (if EVA present) SPL (Spinlock Tracing) (if T4$EXPERT non-zero)

12 April 17, 201512 T4 Components Collectors written especially for T4 −T4$LCK73_MON.EXE Lock Management statistics −T4$NET_MON.EXE Data-link level network statistics −T4$XFC_MON, T4$XFC_POST and T4$XFC_STAT XFC statistics

13 April 17, 201513 T4 Components Collectors written especially for T4 (continued) −T4$ACLG.EXE Accounting login statistics −T4$FC_MONITOR.EXE Fibrechannel statistics Runs if Fibrechannel devices present on system −T4$SPL_TL.EXE Spinlock usage statistics Runs when the logical name T4$EXPERT defined to any non- null value

14 April 17, 201514 T4 Components Collectors provided by other engineering groups −TCPIP$EXAMPLES:TCPIP$TCP_MON.EXE TCP network statistics −VEVAMON.EXE EVA performance statistics Runs if EVA is located on the system VEVAMON_V2_3_ALPHA.EXE and VEVAMON_V2_3_IA64.EXE

15 April 17, 201515 T4 Components Other collectors T4$RDB2CSV.EXE −Rdb statistics −Designed to run if Rdb present on the system −Tried it for a while, but was “not ready for prime time” You may see the image, but it has been disabled. T4MEM.EXE −Memory usage statistics. −Being considered for future inclusion

16 April 17, 201516 Advanced T4 Topics Add your own collector Use T4$EXPERT logical name Multiple concurrent collections Run a “one-off” collection starting NOW Use @T4$NOW to collect today’s stats “so far” Use T4ABORT to cleanly stop collection ahead of schedule Keep a historical archive of collected data Customize T4 command procedures Use T4EXTR to convert any MONITOR file to T4 format Collecting RMS statistics

17 April 17, 201517 T4 Style Collectors Add your own! Easy to add your own collector to T4 and have it display along with existing stats. Simply have it output a CSV file in “T4 style” Slides describing this technique will be posted soon at T4 website. Then use T4APRC utility to combine your data with other system data. −Follow T4APRC example in T4$COLLECT.COM

18 April 17, 201518 Advanced T4 Collection Sample rate −60 seconds default, 10 second minimum Can go down to 1 second if T4$EXPERT logical name set to non-null value. −DEFINE /SYSTEM /EXEC T4$EXPERT 1 −Will also enable SPL (Spinlock Tracing) collection if desired.

19 April 17, 201519 Multiple T4 collections Overlap 2 or more T4 collections Ad hoc trouble shooting at higher resolution −Runs for short duration, −Launch only when needed Or, zoom in on known peak period −E.g. you know the system tends to get especially busy between 9:30 and 11:30

20 April 17, 201520 Special T4 Collections Start “NOW” & do not resubmit −Input parameters when launching T4 session −Quick response to slowdown −Running quick ad hoc Benchmarking tests −Getting the feel for T4 launch procedure −Estimating data storage requirements −Couple this with higher resolution time

21 Process Accumulated Statistics NOW Use the @T4$NOW feature to capture stats from currently running T4 collection. Creates a composite CSV file entitled *_xxxx.CSV, where xxxx is time of day. T4 collection continues uninterrupted. Lets you see what’s happened so far today. May also want to do a MONITOR playback on the T4 MONITOR.DAT file for a quicker look. Restriction: Only composite file created −No DISK, SCS, FCM or EVA data Issue: @T4$SYS:T4$NOW April 17, 201521

22 April 17, 201522 Stopping T4 Gracefully T4ABORT (utility included in kit) −Stops collection −Produces standard CSV files −Gracefully terminates all collectors −Let’s you select which T4 sessions to stop Stop high resolution Leave daily history running −Issue: $ SET COMMAND T4$SYS:T4$ABORT.CLD $ T4ABORT /ID=pid

23 April 17, 201523 Initiating T4 Historical Archive Define system logical name T4$DATA Choose disk & directory for output files carefully – make sure sufficient disk quota Avoid using the system disk Test run to gauge size of output

24 April 17, 201524 T4$CONFIG.COM and T4$COLLECT.COM DCL – so it’s customizable to your needs −Can comment out collectors −Can add your own integrated collectors Response, throughput, database, … −Can adjust who receives mail −Can transfer resulting files (e.g. FTP) −Can change the MONITOR command Change Processes list

25 April 17, 201525 Advanced T4 Output Options Monitor data is processed with T4EXTR −Input: *any* MONITOR DAT file −Output: CSV file. Default = three separate runs of T4EXTR −Composite data (not including SCS or Disk) −Detailed disk only −Detailed SCS only

26 April 17, 201526 Other Uses of T4EXTR Use MONITOR to re-record data Shrink down data set Zoom in on peak period Only focus on certain stats (e.g. lock, page) Change the reporting interval (60 to 600) Then run through T4EXTR to create CSV Create multiple CSV outputs per session

27 April 17, 201527 RMS statistics Turn on RMS statistics for selected files MONITOR RMS Then T4EXTR /CLASS=(NOALL,RMS) Recommend keeping these separate

28 April 17, 201528 Where to get T4 and TLViz kits OpenVMS Website: − − file. It contains: T4 V4.3-1PCSI kit T4_README.TXT Starting with V8.4, same files available in SYS$ETC:T4_V43_KIT.EXE −Self-extracting image file. Simply RUN it to produce above files. −Contains an extra fix to correct FCMON problem.

29 April 17, 201529 Quick “How To Install & Run T4” Guide Obtain T4 kit PRODUCT INSTALL T4 DEFINE/SYS/EXEC T4$SYS SYS$SYSDEVICE:[VMS$COMMON.T4$SYS] DEFINE/SYS/EXEC T4$DATA disk:[directory] −Not system disk! Create batch queue @T4$SYS:T4$CONFIG.COM −Answer prompts

30 April 17, 201530 Questions and Feedback Thank you for your attention! Send questions/feedback/suggestions to T4@HP.COM T4@HP.COM Working on V4.4!

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