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Getting to “More than Backup” Using Cloud Technologies Effectively ARCserve on the EDGE of Cloud Storage.

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1 Getting to “More than Backup” Using Cloud Technologies Effectively ARCserve on the EDGE of Cloud Storage

2 PAGE 2 Abstract Getting to “More than Backup” using Cloud technologies effectively: Cloud technologies offer new computing options for any size enterprise. The cloud can enable new business opportunities as protection problems are solved using the cloud as a new destination for data backups and application hot sites. Don Kleinschnitz presents a practical and architectural view of how cloud technologies can be used in conjunction with on premise technologies to enhance the protection of data and applications. Finally, the data movement and economic characteristics of the cloud when used to solve various backup and DR solutions are examined and compared. Learn how CA’s advancements in ARCserve capabilities leverages the cloud to create “more than backup” solutions for partners and customers.

3 PAGE 3 Agenda Customer Context The Evolution of Cloud Storage Cloud Storage for Data Protection Cloud Performance The Economics of Cloud Storage for Data Protection Optomizing Cloud Storage The ARCserve EDGE

4 PAGE 4 More than Backup Why customers need than Backup More data More places More users Need to manage data More access to critical data More availability of applications More protection against data loss Need to increase availability More syndicated management More integrated technologies (virtual) More storage destinations (cloud) Need to employ new technologies

5 PAGE 5 Evolving Data to the Cloud On-Premise Off-premise Disk backup Why change? A second data copy A second data copy Volume & File backup Offsite DR Business applications move to web Application data Application data Centralized primary data Data Totally Off Premise Blended Data location Application Replication Offsite Application Continuity Application replicas Application replicas The EDGE

6 PAGE 6 Cloud Storage as Data ProtectionCloud Tape NAS/SAN Disk Off Premise On Premise Local Attached Network Attached Tape

7 PAGE 7 Cloud Storage as Data ProtectionCloud Tape NAS/SAN Disk Off Premise Local Attached Network Attached

8 PAGE 8 Storage: recovery point characteristics 8 Tape Direct Attach Disk Appliance NAS/SAN Off-premise Tape Cloud Location independence Cost Recovery Performance Cost Risk

9 PAGE 9 Daily Cloud Bandwidth 1 MB = 1024 KB * = Download speeds only. Upload speeds are much less.

10 PAGE 10 Site DR Transfer Time In Days Source: IDC’s SMB Survey, 2007 100 User SMB has 5 Servers 500 User SMB has 22 Servers 1000 User MB has 24 Servers Server Instance Average

11 PAGE 11 Backup Costs- 3 Year TCO 0-200 Gig Cloud connected storage is cost effective. 200-2000 Gig Utilize a combination of generic DAS and cloud storage > 2 TB Use On premise backup T3E3 Cable E1T2 One server/day recovery

12 PAGE 12 Optimizing Cloud Storage Diskdrive/Tape seedingDiskdrive/Tape seeding Incremental updateIncremental update Diskdrive/Tape downloadDiskdrive/Tape download CLOUDCLOUD LocalLocal DATADATA Local disk/tapeLocal disk/tape Selective file backupSelective file backup Remote ManagementRemote Management Application replicationApplication replication Hot standbyHot standby Application replicationApplication replication Remote ManagementRemote Management APPLICATIONSAPPLICATIONS HYBRIDHYBRID Snapshot seedingSnapshot seeding Infinite IncremetnalsInfinite Incremetnals Remote ManagementRemote Management Virtual VolumesVirtual Volumes

13 Go FAST and FAR with CA ARCserve D2D and CA ARCserve Replication D2D does the: Fast, simple local recovery Bare metal restore to any hardware ARCserve Replication : Makes a continuous copy of files Hot standby of applications Stores Recovery points remote in virtual form D2D Replication Meanwhile

14 FAST, BROAD FAR Go FAST, BROAD and FAR with CA ARCserve Backup, D2D and RHA ARCserve D2D speeds up local recovery ARCserve High Availability continuously works remotely ! ARCserve Backup makes centralized protection manageable! BackupHAD2D The ARCserve is the only family of data protection products to offer solutions that range from BMR to HA!!!

15 PAGE 15 MSP Business Model Evolution Pricing Done Metering API Standards Product retrofit Billing API standards Multi- customer Multitier

16 PAGE 16 THE ARCSERVE EDGE Extended Data Global Environment

17 PAGE 17 Taking ARCserve to the leading EDGE Media & Archive Data Capture Replication Disk Snapshot High Availability Backup Cloud Apps Cloud Storage ProvisioningProvisioning SRMSRM ROBOROBO ArchiveArchive SearchSearch Global Recovery EDGE ARCserve Today Social Channels BillingBilling MeteringMetering HSMHSM

18 PAGE 18 ARCserve EDGE Devices Manages backup and recovery from media for archive Local capture remote copy with high speed disk recovery Application Replication and Failover s Central configuration, policy and workflow EDGE Apps Manages backup and recovery from disk CA Confidential

19 PAGE 19 ARCserve EDGE ARCserve EDGE Expanding your investment Web Srvcs/WSDL Data Config Connector Virtual Creator Search & Replace HomeHome Add on apps Recovery Central Workflow Designer ARCserve EDGE EDGE APPS Return to on premise Virtual S3 Other CA applications EDGE Capture Data Capture Go off premises

20 PAGE 20 CA ARCserve® R15 Family of Products GO FURTHER ?

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