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GN3 Plus NA3-T3 Recommendations for TF-MSP Andrew Mackarel GN3+ NA3 T3 16th September 2014 Workshop Budapest.

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1 GN3 Plus NA3-T3 Recommendations for TF-MSP Andrew Mackarel GN3+ NA3 T3 16th September 2014 Workshop Budapest

2 2 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Agenda for this talk Green Team Members Work Activities Posters The Business Continuity Plan / Climate Change Preparation Survey Dissemination to Higher Education Pointers from earlier Green workshop

3 3 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The GN3Plus NA3-T3 Team NA3 Activity Leader John Dyer (TERENA) Task Leader Andrew Mackarel (HEAnet – Ireland) Team Members Vasiliki Giannikopoulou (GRNET - Greece) Magnus Stromdahl (NORDUnet, UNINETT – Norway) Tamàs Maray (NIIF – Hungary) Josef Vojtech (CESNET – Czech Republic) Milan Kuzelka (AMRES – Serbia) Belgrade University Jelena Prodanovic Nikoletta Tsioroli (CYNET – Cyprus) Albert Hankel (SURFnet - Netherlands) with University of Amsterdam partners Please consider joining the team in GN4 and encourage support for our work. Tell us the areas that you see environmental challenges in your daily activities

4 4 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Some Active Test Cases / Best Practices (Posters outside ) Some Active Test Cases / Best Practices (Posters outside )

5 5 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The Business Continuity Plan Climate Change Preparation Survey Results

6 6 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate BCP survey results 1. Do you as an NREN document risks as part of each large activity in network or service development and deployment? Yes 65% No 35% 2. Does your NREN maintain a Business Risk Register ? Yes 24% No 76% 3. Do you as an NREN have an active Business Continuity Plan? Yes 53% No 47% 4, Do you think that having BCP is important for an NREN? Yes 94% No 6 %

7 7 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate BCP survey results -2 5. Have you experienced any major network outages because of severe weather disturbances? Yes 24 % No 76% 6. Have you as an NREN ever had to consider the location of some of your network equipment due to irregular climatic operational problems, extreme heat or cold, humidity/ flooding or seismic activities? Yes 24 % No 76% 7. Electrical supply in Europe will change radically in the next 10 years due to the increase in use of renewable energy technologies and interconnection of these technologies into the distribution grids. Do you as an NREN track national planning and implementation activities in this area? Yes 24 % No 76% 8. As part of the normal NREN operational activity do you check that each of your PoPs have Power Resilience Yes 94% No 6%

8 8 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate BCP survey results -3 9. Have you implemented full diverse path resilience for fibre connectivity in your network to your major PoPs? Yes 76% No 24% 10. As an NREN do you offer the opportunity for staff Teleworking/ Remote Working? Yes 82% No 18% 11. Are you collaborating with other organisations (such as commercial telco’s) to reduce the risks (such as sharing infrastructure when disaster strikes)? Yes 47% No 53 % 12. Would your NREN like to be kept informed of any Green Team initiatives in the area of Business Continuity or Climatic Change Planning? Yes 88% No 12%

9 9 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Electrical supply in Europe changing The impact switching to Renewable Energy sources which power our networks. Grid Technologies to support this radical shift have to be designed yet. - Frequency change mitigation - Supply surges in areas => Trip outs locally

10 10 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GEANT Green Team Climate Change Planning Future Establish how many NRENS have Business Continuity Plans Survey out of 17 NRENs, just over 50% have a BCP Ask NRENs to document fully o Level of Resilience supported in their Network o Location, Power, Path, Equipment Some answers in survey o all PoP GPS co-ordinates including Altitude o Identify if earthquakes or natural disturbances are common occurrences o Identify if any large water sources or mountains etc are close to PoPs o Establish where national energy supplies are obtained and what are any potential threats or disruption to these supplies Suggest solution is for GEANT Environmental team to build a template of how this data is presented and produce sample reports Model impact of climate change in parts of GEANT area and present to NREN audience in 2015 – Scheduled start is Feb 2015

11 11 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Some National Climate Change policies EC Document  Irish Climate Change Policy document  wnLoad,32467,en.pdf wnLoad,32467,en.pdf Some GEANT team which already identified equivalent Policy documents the UK, France, Czech Republic and Cyprus.  Most of these place an obligation on you as a Service Provider to protect your services against climate change UK have a Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) since 2008.

12 12 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Higher Education Dissemination work

13 13 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Higher Education Dissemination International Program called eco-University targeting 3 rd Level Campus Student promoted activity with college management support The seven steps of the programme are: Establishing a Green Campus committee incorporating and staff representatives. Undertaking an environmental review. Implementing an action plan. Monitoring and evaluating actions carried out. Linking the programme to learning on campus. Informing and involving the campus and wider community. o Joint Workshops with other Green Campus members o Participate in An Taisce ( Co-ordinator) Events Develop a Green Charter.

14 14 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Green Campus Areas of Focus These seven steps focus on areas such as Litter and waste prevention. Reduction / management. Energy conservation/reduction. Water. Travel. Biodiversity. Procurement and Environmental risk. Remember to Switch off and Plug out all unnecessary electrical equipment in offices, classrooms and labs. You not only save electricity and money required to pay the bills - you also help reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Always think WASTE PREVENTION

15 15 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Useful Sites for FEE Green schools Federation for Environmental Education 61 Countries Eco-schools site 3600 schools in Ireland 82% have Green Flag Status 17,000 schools registered in UK and again over 70% have some level of Green Flag Status

16 16 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Pointers from Green Workshop Discussion Good work being done in the Green Team but how to get the message out? Ec02meter and Sustaining Policy Template essential More communication through various fora such as TF-MSP Microsite / theme-site on Green ICT for NRENs More best practices Student Flying audit team for Green practices and Audits Have green team members participate in other GN4-tasks Green sticker / label for NRENs? Additional future topics Advise how to best organize Green ICT for NRENs Show examples of Green ICT adoption in NRENs Expand business continuity and disaster recovery plans with climate change

17 17 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Thanks Thanks to Martin and John and all the TF-MSP members for letting us engage with you at your meeting & Thanks for all your attendance at our earlier workshop and all the input we received which we will translate into our work plans

18 18 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate System complexity If you are not convinced; is greening bad?

19 19 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Questions

20 20 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate | | Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Thank you

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