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Briefing on Sec 2NT Streaming Saturday 15 March 2014.

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1 Briefing on Sec 2NT Streaming Saturday 15 March 2014

2 Outline of Briefing Promotion Criteria Subject Combinations 2015 Streaming Process Post Secondary Education

3 Promotion Criteria

4 Pass in two subjects, one of which should be EL or Math Sec 2 Normal (Technical) to Sec 3 Normal (Technical)

5 CRITERIA FOR PROMOTION FOR SEC 2 N(T)  YES NO Sec 2 N(T) Pass in two subjects, one of which should be EL or Math Sec 2 N(A) Sec 3 N(T) 70% or higher in the average of all subjects AND deemed able to cope with N(A) course Repeat

6 Subject Combinations for 2015

7 Compulsory Subjects for Secondary 3 Normal (Technical) Basic English Language Basic Mother Tongue Language Basic Mathematics Computer Applications

8 Design & Technology Science Elements of Business Skills Music Other Subjects

9 Option Code Basic English Basic Mother Tongue Basic Mathematics Computer Applications Elements of Business Skills Design & Technology Music Science Number of Subjects T1√√√√√ √ 6 T2√√√√√√6 T3√√√√√√ 6 T4√√√√√ √6

10 Streaming Process

11 Streaming depends on Number of places available in each subject combination Your options Specific additional criteria

12 Streaming is based on MERIT! Your overall results matters! CA1 (20%) + SA1 (20%) + CA2 (20%) + SA2 (40%)

13 Streaming Exercise On-line Option Forms will be made available to students in Term 4 (after end-of-year exams) Make use of all your options. Results of Streaming will be released in early November (during school holidays)

14 There is no best combination for all students. When choosing the options, do consider the following factors: - Career Aspirations - Interest - Aptitude - Ability Points to Note

15 Post-Secondary Education

16 Institute of Technical Education Full-time Training –Higher National ITE Certificate –National ITE Certificate Traineeship scheme

17 ITE Now! ITE College Central ITE College West

18 Benefits of an ITE Education Provides knowledge, skills & work attitudes for productive employment and careers Choice between full-time study or apprenticeship programme Possibility of upgrading Practical application Good job prospects & salaries

19 National ITE Programme (for “N” & “O” Leavers) Applied Food Science Chemical Process Technology Nursing Beauty Therapy Service Skills (Tourism) Digital Animation Interactive Media Design Electronics Aerospace Avionics Mechantronics Rapid Transit Technology Asian Culinary Arts Pastry & Baking

20 Entry Requirements Based on aggregate of best four GCE “N” subjects, including pre-requisite subjects and bonus points where applicable Subject to availability of vacancies

21 Nitec Course Entry Requirements Nitec Courses by SchoolEntry Requirements Nursing3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A-D) in English Language, Mathematics and Science Aerospace Avionics3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A-D) in Mathematics and two other subjects Service Skills (Office, Retail, Tourism) 3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A–D) in English Language and two other subjects Attractions Operations3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A–D) in English Language and two other subjects Food & Beverage Operations3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A–D) in English Language and two other subjects Interactive Media Design3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A-D) in Mathematics or Science and two other subjects Info-Communications Technology 3 GCE ‘N’ Passes (Grade A-D) in Mathematics or Science and two other subjects English & Mathematics Are IMPORTANT!!!


23 Traineeship Scheme Immediate entry into the career of your choice. Receive a monthly salary ($600 - $1000). Enjoy the same benefits as the other employees in the company. Receive a nationally recognised certificate at the end of training. Gain relevant work experience which would give you an edge in terms of job prospects.

24 Others Specialised Training –Art Schools ( LaSalle-SIA, NAFA) –Computer Schools (Informatics...) –Tourism & Hospitality (SHATec, CTRS)

25 If I am unsuccessful in first choice subject combination, how does it affect my chances of getting the second choice? FAQs It does NOT affect your chances of getting into your second choice. Streaming is based on merit – the best students get streamed into their choice of subject combination first.

26 Does ITE have any cut-off points? There are minimum criteria for entry into various courses in ITE. As number of places are limited, entry is subject to competition among applicants.

27 Nitec Courses Based on an aggregate of best 4 GCE 'N' subjects, including pre-requisites and bonus points January 2013 Joint Intake Exercise (JIE 'H') Indicative Cut-Off Points S/NS/N Nitec CourseCampus Cut-Off Points 1Aerospace Avionics ITE College Central 5 2Pastry & Baking ITE College West 8 3Applied Food Science ITE College East 8 5Service Skills (Tourism) ITE College West 6Aerospace MachiningTechnology ITE College Central 6 7Service Skills(Office) ITE College 6 Source :

28 Computation of Best 4 GCE ‘N’ Level Subjects SubjectGrade Basic EnglishC (3 pts) Basic ChineseB (2 pts) Basic MathematicsB (2 pts) Computer ApplicationsD Science (NT)C (3 pts) Design & TechnologyC Aggregate for best 4 ”N” subjects10 Eligible for Applied Food Science and Pastry and Baking (with 2 bonus points). Not eligible for Aerospace Avionics, Aeropspace Machining Technology or Service Skills (office). Grade A – 1, Grade B – 2, Grade C – 3, Grade D - 4

29 Useful Websites issions/jae/files/jae-info.pdf issions/jae/files/jae-info.pdf Briefing slides will be uploaded into the school website by next week.

30 Thank You

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