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Why Social Networking Websites Are Bad By Alex and Simon.

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1 Why Social Networking Websites Are Bad By Alex and Simon

2 BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT YOU POST Even with the most private privacy settings, people can still repost your stuff and others will see it eventually. Even saying something like, “i liked the party last night” can have unseen consequences. Don’t take the risk. Don’t post. In fact, don’t go online at all.

3 They are a waste of time Sure, you could spend all weekend on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Google+, etc. or, you could do something that actually matters. You could get a job, invent something, mass-produce and sell that invention, get rich, retire at 50, and live on a huge yacht in luxury for the rest of your life. Instead you choose to update your status. You could be the one to cure cancer if you don’t spend every waking moment waiting for your friends to post something completely meaningless.

4 Weirdos The world is full of dark, twisted individuals. They could look at your facebook page, find out where you live, watch you in your sleep, and follow you 24/7

5 Spam Companies are always trying to get people to buy their products in strange ways including posts by fake people.

6 You’re missing the opportunity to meet these people in person You could meet the people whom you follow in person, but instead, you pretend to talk to your pretend friends through your stupid website. GO GET SOME REAL FRIENDS. You disgust me. YOU SUCK MORE THAN GOOGLE+!!!!!! This is your best friend right now, waiting for you to talk to him

7 ‘nough said

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