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ETX-1300 Version 2.0 – General Availability April-2013 Eran Kovalsky

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1 ETX-1300 Version 2.0 – General Availability April-2013 Eran Kovalsky
Product Line Manager

2 Agenda Introduction Applications Product overview
Main features and benefits Management Summary

3 ETX-1300 Product Introduction
High density Ethernet aggregation device NNI: 4xGbE Combo ports UNI: 32xFE RJ-45/SFP ports Resiliency LAG G.8032 ERP OAM IEEE 802.3ah HW design Compact design – 1RU Dual Power supply 36 Ethernet ports in a 1-RU 19” enclosure Aggregation of 32 fiber optic or electrical Fast Ethernet interfaces into four Gigabit Ethernet streams with link aggregation per IEEE 802.3ad Link resiliency and service continuity using Ethernet ring protection per ITU G.8032 with sub-50 msec link switchover Quality of Service with queue mapping per port, P-bit, DSCP, or ToS Ethernet bridging and switching with VLAN-aware, VLAN-unaware, and VLAN stacking modes Link-level Ethernet OAM per IEEE 802.3ah for network monitoring and troubleshooting

4 ETX-1300 Physical View Redundant pluggable power supply and fans units
32xFE ports Copper (RJ-45) or Fiber (SPF) 4xGbE Combo ports Alarm Relay port Out Of Band Eth Management port Station clock (in/out) Redundant pluggable power supply and fans units DC: 24/48VDC AC: 100–240VAC, 50-60Hz

5 Market Segment Service Providers Carriers Basement managed device
Fiber aggregation Saving expensive ports on PE Carriers Simple, robust and secure L2 Access network Traffic separation to VLANs Resilient Ring Topology Dual Power supply Synchronization

6 Multiple business services in MTU
Customer Equipment FE FE ETX-1300 FE FE GbE G.8032 Ring Metro ETX-1300 ETX-1300 High port capacity Small footprint Robust design Ring or linear topology QoS The ETX-1300 acts as a basement equipment for Multi-Tenant Unit, providing FE services for multiple customers with Vlan differentiation and QoS per customer based on TOS, DSCP, P-Bit ot Vlan. The device provides link OAM for service administration and maintenance and robust service with dual PS and ring or LAG network protection.

7 Access Aggregation Access built from Linear and ring topologies
ETX FE PSN ETX-5300 ETX-5300 ETX-1300 GbE ETX-1300 ETX FE GbE G.8032 Ring ETX FE ETX-1300 Link OAM Access built from Linear and ring topologies Small footprint Link OAM Timing capabilities The ETX-1300 provides a small aggregation device when building an Ethernet access network. It can distribute timing to synchronized devices based on SyncE clock coming from the network port or external clock source. The network topology is a resilient ring or linear based on G.802 or LAG.

8 Ethernet over T3 aggregation
RICi T3 FE RICi RADview T3 FE ETX NxMIRICi-T3 SONET PSN GbE T3 RICi T3 FE Aggregating up to 32 MIRICi-T3/FE to GbE network Interoperability opposite RAD RIC products Fully managed solution (single IP) High-Power PS required

9 Ver 1.1 Features 36 Ethernet Ports 4xGbE (SFP/UTP) 32xFE (SFP or UTP)
Description Customer Benefits 36 Ethernet Ports 4xGbE (SFP/UTP) 32xFE (SFP or UTP) Mix of Fast and Gigabit Ethernet ports for flexible connectivity ERPS ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet ring protection switching per G.8032 Up to 16 nodes in a ring Sub-50ms switching time Enables link resiliency to ensure high survivability and service continuity Detects and recovers link failures in sub-50ms assuring instant switchover to the alternate link without service interruption Suitable for small-network connectivity, such as university campuses, hospitals, and multi-buildings, corporate or enterprises Standard solution Ethernet Bridging and Switching 802.1D switching (VLAN-unaware) 802.1Q switching (VLAN-aware) 802.1QinQ (VLAN stacking) Internal bridge operating in VLAN-aware and VLAN- unaware modes for transparent bridging Flexible bridging configuration supporting any Layer 2 network

10 Ver 1.1 Features cont. Feature Description Customer Benefits QoS 4 priority queues configurable to strict priority and WRR Classification per: Port Pbit IP Precedence DSCP Ingress/Egress Rate Limit User traffic can be classified according to VLAN P-bit to distinguish between higher and lower priority traffic ETX-1300 is equipped with 4 separated queues to prioritize user traffic and allow mission critical applications to be served first SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol support for retrieving time & date from an SNTP server Network-wide time reference for effective troubleshooting No need for manual time configuration of each new device on the network Centralized management of daylight saving time changes Link Aggregation (LAG) 802.3ad compliant link aggregation (LAG), with/without LACP Enables redundancy on network port and LACP for easy interoperability opposite other devices 802.3ah OAM Ethernet link OAM based on 802.3ah (IEEE 802.3‐2005) Conformity with other network equipment Passive link layer OAM, responds to loopback requests

11 Ver 1.1 Features cont. Security SSH RADIUS
Description Customer Benefits Security SSH RADIUS • ETX-1300 features security access features: Secured Telnet access via SSHv2 and RADIUS authentication system. Management Menu driven terminal TFTP SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c Statistics collection Out-of-band mgt port In-band mgt

12 Bridging and Switching
Working modes: VLAN-unaware bridging VLAN-aware bridging (802.1Q and 802.1p) MAC entries: 8K Static and/or dynamic learning Frame support up to 2048 bytes Transparent to all Ethernet control protocols except Flow control can be peered or discarded

13 Quality of Service 4 Classes of Service per port Mapping to CoS per:
IP Precedence DSCP Queues scheduling: Strict priority Strict priority and WRR Rate Limitation Ingress/Egress User or network ports

14 System Timing Clock sources
Internal GE (SyncE Rx line clock) External The system clock has master and fallback sources. External Clock Interface Input (station) clock signal Output clock. Interfaces: Nominal clock frequency: MHz RJ-45 connector. Two BNC connectors

15 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
Feature Benefit G.8032v1 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) Standard solution enabling link resiliency to ensure high survivability and service continuity Sub-50ms switching time Assuring instant switchover to the alternate link without service interruption Up to 16 nodes in a ring Suitable for small-network connectivity, such as university campuses, hospitals, and multi-buildings, corporate or enterprises ETX-1300 Supports reverting mode with configurable restore time (5-12 min) GbE G.8032 Ring ETX-1300 ETX-1300

16 Broad Perspective. Direct Control.
Management RADview-EMS is a unified carrier-class management platform for RAD devices using a variety of access channels as SNMPv1/3, HTTP/S, TFTP and Telnet/SSH. In addition, it features third-party device monitoring capabilities Broad Perspective. Direct Control.

17 Management, Benefits & Features
Turnkey system including hardware and software! Fully compliant with TMN standards Client/server architecture with multi-user support Interoperable with third-party NMS and leading OSS systems IBM Tivoli’s Netcool®/OMNIbus™ plug-in Minimize integrations costs associated with new NE additions Key features Ensures device health and congestion control Topology maps and network inventory Advanced FCAPS functionality Software & configuration management Business continuity - High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Handover between operators

18 RADview-EMS advanced FCAPS
Fault management Detects and isolates faults in network devices, initiates remedial actions and distributes alarm messages to other management entities in the network. Configuration management Enables operators to configure, install and distribute software to all devices across the network. In addition, the system tracks version changes and maintains software configuration history Accounting management Manages individual and group user accounts and passwords, generating network usage reports to monitor user activities. Performance management Supports real-time monitoring of QoS and CoS, producing real-time and periodic statistics. The statistics collector compresses data to minimize bandwidth use for management traffic and exports CSV files to OSS or third-party management systems Security management Allows network administrators to track user activities and control the access to network resources with a choice of security features

19 Device Management ETX-1300 supports the following management capabilities Device Management SNTP Menu driven terminal TFTP SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c Statistics collection Out-of-band mgt port In-band mgt

20 Value Proposition Network Resiliency Ethernet Ring Protection
Link Aggregation Carrier grade design Redundant Power supplies External Alarm Relay Replaceable fan tray Timing interfaces Robust Ethernet service User traffic prioritization for assuring SLA of mission critical applications Optimized product configuration, monitoring and maintenance using in-band or out of band management Clock distribution


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