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WP3 report and session Péter Stefán Date: 8 November, 2006 Place: Oslo, Norway.

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1 WP3 report and session Péter Stefán Date: 8 November, 2006 Place: Oslo, Norway

2 WP3 in general WP purpose: standards and interoperation 5 tasks, all of them are running. Participants: Oxana, Daniel, Balázs, Steffen, Alex Konstantinov, Kosice, Copenhagen, Uppsala, Ferenc, Zsombor, Gábor, Péter Stefán. Results so far:  concept justification feedback from gLite  ARC interoperability,  standards roadmap (D3.3-1),  interface survey work,  interoperability dissemination events: GGF18, EGEE06, SC06, e-IRG, local media.

3 T3.1 - interoperation survey Purpose: survey interoperation-capability of different pre-standard grid middleware solutions Challenges:  OGF-GIN,  read middleware documents and raise unclear questions to authors,  comparison table,  test-bed,  D3.1-1 due on the end of 2006!  document content. urgent work is needed!!!

4 T3.1 - interoperation survey

5 T3.2 - grid gateways Established gLite  ARC middleware (non- KnowARC result! Michael’s and Christian’s work). Purpose: establish ARC  gLite direction. Ongoing challenges:  determine the scope of interoperability (GIS, GSI, data transfer, JM),  input from T3.1 (data models, protocols, transformation),  activity breakdown. Related work: EUChinaGrid - gLite interoperation work (e-mail list subscription).

6 T3.3, T3.4 - standards Purpose: T3.3. to build a software that matches standards, T3.4. to initiate standards improvement, iteration D3.3-1 deliverable: standards conformance roadmap OGF, OGSA, WEB, hopefully emerging RTE standards, commonly accepted practice Ongoing challenges:  standards implementation feedback,  who represents this work on which forum? which are the most important forums for us?

7 T3.5 - policies Purpose: mutually represent interests in KnowARC - EUGridPMA, KnowARC - TERENA, KnowARC - e-IRG and other European policy making groups. Challenges:  get known by each other,  scanning for new policy-making groups? e-IRG recommendations on e-infrastructures:  generic services replacing project results,  application neutrality,  interoperability and conformance to standards.

8 Remarks about the future work My personal expectation:  better coordination from myself,  higher activity from participants,  better communication (say, to establish communication policy within tasks and the WP),  keep deadlines (I know it is hard). EU and project expectations:  know what’s going on in other tasks,  deliverables on time. Next WP meeting? Action items: who does what?

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