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Eurotherm Report5000 Explained Neville Child Applications Engineer Eurotherm Ltd.

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1 Eurotherm Report5000 Explained Neville Child Applications Engineer Eurotherm Ltd.

2 1 Excel Techniques Ctrl+C –Copy selected data Ctrl+V –Paste data from clipboard F4 (on cell range) –Convert from relative to absolute cell addressing (A1 to $A$1) Edit – Fill – Series –Fill a column/row of cells with incrementing numbers Ctrl+Alt+F9 –Refresh the worksheet Ctrl+Home –Moves to the beginning of the worksheet (A1) Ctrl+End –Moves to the end of the used part of the worksheet Alt+F11 –Opens Visual Basic Excel Help gives a complete list of shortcut keys by searching on “Keyboard Shortcuts”

3 2 Excel Techniques Producing the ability to print barcode data –Install a barcode font to the PC. A simple Code39 font is on the CD (\Samples\ –Select the cell(s) with the data you require viewed/printed as a barcode and change the font for that cell to the barcode font –123456 = 123456 –Ideal for batch reports to produce documentation/labels for the next process stage –The Excel function UPPER converts text to upper case for use with the above barcode font eg If cell E5 contains "yield", then: UPPER(E5) equals "YIELD"

4 3 Techniques – UHistoryQuickStart.xls The Report5000 Product CD contains an Excel workbook (\Samples\UHistoryQuickStart.xls) that works through many of the simpler techniques –Name(s) of Instruments in the Review Database –Names(s) of the Groups in the Review Database –Names of the Channel Tags in the Review Database –Batch selection from the Review Database –Start/end time for data in the Review Database –Selecting specific data in the Review Database –Example Batch and Date/Time reports

5 4 Techniques – UHistoryQuickStart.xls We will now work through the UHistoryQuickStart.xls file to understand how that works –This file can be found on the Report5000 CD \Samples\UHistoryQuickStart.xls

6 5 Techniques – Visual Basic Using Visual basic programming (with the UH_*Column commands) will normally give a much smaller workbook file (.xls) than entering formulae into each cell separately Visual Basic programming gives huge flexibility in the specification and programming of functionality

7 6 Techniques – Visual Basic Ensure that Report5000 UHistory is accessible to Visual Basic by ticking the Visual Basic TOOLS- REFERENCES and tick the UHistory box –Access Visual Basic from Excel using Alt+F11 or via the toolbars

8 7 Techniques – Visual Basic Ensure all formatting is EXACT – VB doesn’t work if not –Ensure string format has quotation marks (“x”) around it –Ensure date string has hash marks (#00:00:00#)around it Function parameters can be put onto separate lines by adding a space and underscore on the previous line –Previous parameter, _ Next parameter, _ Next parameter –Aids readability

9 8 Techniques – Visual Basic Change location of the Review database –Use the function UH_SetArchivePath using Visual Basic –Place this in the Workbook Open module –Each time the workbook is opened it will take data from the Review database file specified

10 9 Techniques – Visual Basic Refresh the Review database using a button click –Use the function UH_RefreshData when a command button is pressed –This can also be used in the Workbook Open module

11 10 Techniques – Visual Basic Fill a column with data using Visual Basic function calls –UH_GetBatchNameColumn –UH_GetMessageCategoryCol umn –UH_GetMessageTextColumn –UH_GetMessageTimestampC olumn –UH_GetChannelStatusColumn –UH_GetChannelValueColumn –UH_GetDigitalChannelValueSt ringColumn –UH_GetRawSampleChannelV alueColumn –UH_GetRawTimestampColum n

12 11 Techniques – Visual Basic Auto-print at the end of a batch. –Available if both Review is running (configured to ‘auto-backup and transfer’ at the end of a batch) and the Excel workbook is running –Print ‘any’ data to ‘any’ printer(s) with any number of copies –Configured using Visual Basic

13 12 Now to produce a ‘Real’ Report It is important to ensure that you rename your sheets before you start using the functions It is important that the Visual Basic ‘Tools - References’ to UHistory are set up before you start

14 13 Daily Steam Energy Report We are now going to produce a Steam Energy Report Based on:- –5000 series data files found in the folder \SteamEnergyData on the course CD –The paper sample template being handed around Please work at your own rate and ASK –Don’t be afraid we’ve been there!!!!

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