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Slovenia Initiative Innovation for Life Quality – Slovenia Living Lab: What Next? Jože Gričar eCenter Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of.

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1 Slovenia Initiative Innovation for Life Quality – Slovenia Living Lab: What Next? Jože Gričar eCenter Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of v Maribor

2 European Commission Involvement in the Living Labs Development Living Labs for user-driven open innovation Draft version An Overview of Activities, October 2008 Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media Unit F4 New Infrastructure Paradigms and Experimental Facilities

3 OISPG Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group Members BT Group European Commission France Telecom - Orange HP Labs IBM Europe, Middle-East and Africa Intel Items International Living Labs Portfolio Group NESTA Policy & Research Unit Nokia Corporation Philips Research SAP EMEA Research Sitra University of Maribor

4 Some Opportunities for the Cross-border eRegion Development in the Living Labs Environment Growing interest in the innovative Cross-border eRegions development (EU Presidency, DGs INFSO, REGIO, INDUSTRY, INTERNAL MARKETS) European Network of Living Labs Country-wide Living Lab Initiative eInvoicing & eProcurement Initiative eHealth & eInclusion Initiative Disaster eResponse Initiative Centre for eGovernance Development (South East Europe)

5 Presidency Roadmap for European Network of Living Labs Finnish Presidency launching ENoLL and Helsinki Manifesto 1st wave, November 20 2006 Portuguese Presidency Renewing Lisbon strategy for people 2nd wave ENoLL, October 17 2007 German Presidency emphasising Regional innovation (Bremen & Munchen LLs), Spring 2007 Slovenian Presidency Challenging cross-border and Pan European level Open Innovation 3 rd wave LL, Brussels April 8 2008 French Presidency bringing Innovation to citizen level Lyon, November 26-28 2008

6 Cross-border Baltic Region Development Sweden is one of the strongest advocates for a special EU Baltic strategy, and I am pleased to tell you that the strategy is one of my government's top priorities in the discussions with France and the Czech Republic for our common presidency work programme. Malmström, Cecilia: An EU strategy for the Baltic Sea region. Speech: European Parliament, Strasbourg, 12 December 2007,

7 2009 European Year of Creativity and Innovation Europe needs to boost its capacity for creativity and innovation for both social and economic reasons. nproposes2009tobecomeEuropeanYearofCr eativityandInnovation_000.doc

8 European Network of Living Labs - ENoLL First Wave, Finland - Helsinki, November 20, 2006 Second Wave, Portugal – Brussels, October 17, 2007 Third Wave - France, Lyon, November 26, 2008

9 Innovation for Life Quality: Slovenia Living Lab Slovenia’s Country-wide Initiative, July 2007 Focusing on few research & development projects of the highest relevance to the country. Gaining practically useful high added-value solutions by pilot implementations. Providing for interoperability of the existing technology platforms. Improving a long-term oriented collaboration with the most developed countries. Obtaining political support for the initiative accomplishment where, and when the government support is needed.

10 eInvoicing & eProcurement Initiative Innovative experimenting in the Cross-border eInvoicing: Invitation to possible joint actions Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine – PEPPOL EU Funded Project - Pilot

11 eHealth & eInclusion Initiative Infrastructure development for tracking all health related activities and integration with a regular e-health record. & Creation of an environment where the elderly community with vast experience and knowledge can become a significant asset http://eCenter.FOV.Uni- ngLabInitiative.pdf

12 Disaster eResponse Initiative Draft Memorandum of Safe and Secure eRegion Ljubljana, July 2005 Virtual Cross-border Disaster Response Living Lab in the eRegion November 2007

13 eGovernance Development for South East Europe Centre for eGovernance Development (CeGD) Ljubljana, Slovenia

14 Living Labs in Slovenia eLivingLab ICT Technology Network Slovenian Automotive Living Lab


16 Sea Entrance to Central Europe

17 A L A D I N ALpe ADria INitiative Universities’ Network Universities: Budapest, Hungary KF Graz, Austria Medical Graz, Austria TU Košice, Slovakia Maribor, Slovenia BW München, Germany Novi Sad, Serbia BU Prague, Czech Rep. Rijeka, Croatia Trento, Italy Trieste, Italy George Washington, USA

18 Innovative Cross-border eRegion Development in the Living Labs Environment November 12-14, 2008 The 6th Workshop on the Cross-border Disaster eResponse in the eRegion: Interoperability of Information Systems of the Organizations Involved The 5th International Workshop on LivingLabs in the Innovative eRegion Merkur Day 2008 The 10th Undergraduate and Graduate Students eConference & 16th Business & Government & Diplomacy Executive Meeting on the Innovative Cross-border eRegion

19 Opportunities in Open Innovation & LLs Experience Sharing in the eRegions  Which components, solutions, or LLs operations successful in one eRegion could be copied, which could be followed, and which are not applicable at all in another eRegion?  Can some guidelines for successful copying be defined and generalized for better understanding of the potential of the LLs as a concept and as a practice in an eRegion?  How relevant are the outstanding business, government, and academic leaders to the LLs & eRegions awareness creation, policy making, or solutions implementation?  Can the neighboring countries facing tensions or conflicts gain benefits if helped in, or pushed into an eRegion development and innovative experimenting in the LLs?

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