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Information Systems Services SAP Upgrade Familiarisation Session November 2007.

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1 Information Systems Services SAP Upgrade Familiarisation Session November 2007

2 Session Objectives By the end of the session you will understand The reasons and benefits of the SAP Landscape Upgrade The installation procedure of the new SAP GUI The Upgrade timetable and the effects on SAP Users The generic differences in the new version of SAP Specific differences for all functional areas SAP Upgrade Familiarisation Session

3 Agenda Upgrade Process Upgrade Timetable Generic Differences between 4.7c and ERP2005 Purchasing HR Finance MIS Any Questions? SAP Upgrade Familiarisation Session

4 SAP Landscape Upgrade Project Scope SAP Like-for-like upgrade from 4.7 to ERP 2005 MIS like-for-like upgrade to Netweaver 2004s SAP GUI upgrade to 7.10

5 SAP Landscape Upgrade Benefits No more upgrades until 2012 Avoid additional costs when current version goes out of support. Reduce support effort −Integrated platform for Records Management, MIS, CRM Enhanced functionality for future projects: −Latest version of the SAP Portal for ESS/MSS - reduce SAP licensing costs and improve system usability. −Latest version of Plant Maintenance for Maximo project −Enhancements to MIS functionality.

6 SAP Landscape Upgrade Project Plan 2007 2008 MayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFeb Development System Testing User Acceptance Preparation User Acceptance Testing SAP Upgrade Go-live Mon 3 Dec 2007

7 Software Upgrades - SAP The new SAP system requires updated software on your PC: The New Version will be 7.10 The current version is 6.40 This will be installed in one of two ways:- Automatically if your PC is supported by ISS Manually by your local (departmental) IT Support Further details can found at

8 Software Upgrades - MIS The new MIS system also requires updated software on your PC: This will be delivered with the SAP upgrade package (via either method) To verify this has happened – you should see the following on your PC menu: To run MIS Reports you need to use the ‘3x’ Analyzer

9 Either upgrade process (local or remote) will have the same on-screen messages: Software Upgrades - SAP

10 After it has been completed you will see this message and need to restart your PC Software Upgrades - SAP

11 New Logon Pad Software Upgrades - SAP

12 Go Live - SAP Go live weekend: System shutdown Wednesday 28 November 2007 at 5pm Upgrade and testing over weekend GO/NO-GO decision taken New system available Monday 3 December 2007

13 Go Live - MIS Go live weekend: No initial change to MIS functionality New MIS reports will become available as data is loaded from upgraded SAP System MIS Users should use the ‘3x’ Analyzer at all times once it has been installed

14 SAP Familiarisation

15 SAP ERP 2005 When you first launch …. Your current logon details (username and password) will be the same in the new system Your Favorites will be transferred into the new system Passwords are now case sensitive in the new system

16 Differences – Old vs. New Old Logon ScreenNew Logon screen

17 Differences – Menu Screen Old Menu New Menu

18 Differences – Selection Screen Old Selection ScreenNew Selection Screen

19 Differences - Reports Old Report: New Report:

20 Differences – Variants Old Variant New Variant Screen layout has changed

21 SAP Familiarisation

22 Differences – Purchasing 1 Old ME21N New ME21N ‘Tracking No’ has been renamed to ‘Requirement No’

23 Differences – Purchasing 2 Old MIGONew MIGO

24 Differences – Purchasing 3 Old MIRO New MIRO

25 Purchasing Satellite Systems SIPR – No Access after SAP Shutdown Purchase Card – No Access after SAP Shutdown Science Warehouse – End User access but no orders will be processed until after SAP Go-Live

26 SAP Familiarisation

27 Differences – Finance 1 Old FV50New FV50

28 Differences – Finance 2 Old FBL1N New FBL1N

29 Differences – Finance 3 Old KOB1 New KOB1

30 SAP Familiarisation

31 Differences – HR Old PA30New PA30 ‘Pers assig’ renamed to ‘Contract’

32 Differences – HR 2 Old PP01 New PP01 ‘Business Event’ has been renamed to ‘Course’ in the PP01 screen for TEM

33 Differences – HR 3 New Manager’s Desktop

34 SAP Familiarisation Old Menu ScreenNew Menu Screen

35 Differences – MIS Current Selection Screen New Selection Screen

36 Differences – MIS 2 New Selection Screen Explained Selection Options (greater than/less than etc) Data Entry (in this case grant number) Search Box (F4) – Here there is a search for the start and end ranges Clear line Multiple selection (can enter multiple distinct values or ranges or exclusions) Personalisation button has moved to the left

37 Due to the nature of MIS, initially (Go-Live day) there will be no change As data is loaded into the new system, the new reports will be released Users should log on as normal to access the current system. Once the new reports are available, an email will be sent out to inform users of this, along with guidance on how to access them. Please visit the MIS website for more information Differences – MIS 3

38 SAP Familiarisation Any Questions?

39 SAP Familiarisation

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