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Inem Coker Passion Ambition Education. Inemesit Michael COKER Leading Race Driver 2014 Junior Rotax Champion (HKRC)

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1 Inem Coker Passion Ambition Education

2 Inemesit Michael COKER Leading Race Driver 2014 Junior Rotax Champion (HKRC)

3 It’s not about advertising space… it’s about a partnership It’s not about company logos... it’s about building a future It’s not about CSR... it’s about creating history

4 2014 Junior Rotax Max Champion at Kimbolton, UK

5 Some of Inem’s trophies

6 Karting is the foundation for motorsport Most Formula 1 drivers started in karting Ambition is to compete at the highest level of motorsport Also hoping to help develop young drivers (already mentoring some drivers in Campfield Racing team)

7 Born 1997 Competes in British Kart Championships Healthy balance between school and racing Top set at school in Maths and Science in secondary school Aiming for the top through Passion and Education

8 With Danny Shittu, Nigerian international footballer With Johnny Herbert, former F1 driver

9 Inem (48) leading a race at Rye House circuit

10 Inem’s interest in racing started from a very young age Around the age of 7, he started pestering his parents about racing The parents had no idea of where to start and simply ignored him Then one day whilst in a taxi, he started talking about racing again The taxi driver pointed out that there was an indoor track in the town Inem was already 9 years old and insisted on being taken there He was entered in the cadet championship at Indikart indoor circuit And that’s how the story began… THE VERY BEGINNING

11 Inem raced indoors for 2 years at the Indikart Indoor Circuit in Colchester, UK. In his first year, he finished 5 th in the winter season and 3 rd in the summer. In addition, he won the Parents’ Award, which was voted for by parents of the drivers and was conferred on the driver who had impressed them the most during the year. He moved up to Pro-cadets in his second year and won the winter championship. He missed out on winning the summer championship only as a result of a race disqualification in the final round. THE INDOOR YEARS

12 Inem made his first foray into outdoor racing in 2009 when he was 11 years old. Although the 160cc restricted karts are the same as those used indoors, there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor racing. He competed in both the 8-13 and 11-16 age group Junior club championships at Buckmore Park in Chatham, Kent, UK. Buckmore prides itself as the circuit where both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button honed their skills. THE OUTDOOR YEARS

13 details one of Inem’s finest races, underlining his potential Race report highlights his record of winning all 3 heats, and the Final and setting fastest lap: THE OUTDOOR YEARS (2)

14 Inem’s career has always shown progress and improvement season after season. The table below shows the results of his outdoor races in the 160cc pro- karts at Buckmore Park. ChampionshipPosition Junior Club Summer 2009 11-16 age group * Junior Club Summer 2009 8-13 age group 14 th Junior Club Winter 2009 11-16 age group 4 th Junior Club Winter 2009 8-13 age group 3 rd * Did not do enough races in this class to feature in the results THE OUTDOOR YEARS (3)

15 Inem’s Rotax racing career began with the Winter Round 3 race at Buckmore Park in March 2010 He raced in the MiniMax class He had passed his ARKS test earlier in the month to qualify for racing He was already 12 years old We hired a kart for the weekend at a cost of £500 Inem achieved a creditable lap time of 44sec that weekend First Race THE ROTAX YEARS

16 Given the big jump into Rotax racing, this first year was basically for learning to race the restricted 125cc Rotax karts Focus was on two tracks – Buckmore Park in Kent, and Rye House in Hoddesdon – that were good for developing driving skills THE ROTAX YEARS 2010

17 A decision was taken in 2011 to focus primarily on one track and Rye House was chosen mainly because this was where Hamilton focussed on However, as part of Inem’s development, he raced occasionally at other tracks, including Buckmore Park and Whilton Mill, two of the most demanding tracks in the UK Racing in MiniMax, Inem finished 5 th in Rye House championship 2011 THE ROTAX YEARS

18 Despite having less than two years experience of Rotax racing, Inem entered both British National Karting championships: Super One (S1) and Formula Kart Stars (FKS) Limited finance meant he had to pull out of S1 after only 2 rounds He finished 10 th overall in FKS, winning the Round 2 Final at Kimbolton Driver of the Day award (most impressive driver), Round 2 FKS 2012 Sterner Stuff award (most determined driver), Round 6 FKS 2012 2012 THE ROTAX YEARS

19 Finished 3 rd in the Rye House championship 3rd in Brazilian Cup at Whilton Mill in August Winner of his last official MiniMax race at Buckmore Park in Dec, after placing 3rd and 2nd in Oct and Nov respectively Won 17 trophies in a very successful year OHTV made a documentary following Inem’s progress and achievements 2012 (2) THE ROTAX YEARS

20 Crossing the line to win the Round 2 Final of FKS April 2012

21 Inem was one of a few drivers given a special invitation to the F1 paddock at Silverstone June 2013 as a reward for their performance in the British Karting Championships (FKS) in 2012

22 Inem moved up to JuniorMax in 2013 Heavier kart, faster engines (restricted 125cc) Registered for the national British Karting championship Super One (S1) Struggled at the beginning of the year and had bad results first two rounds of S1 Started a gym regime to improve stamina and upper body strength Limited finance meant he missed the 3 rd round of S1 Marked improvement in Rounds 4-6 as reflected in results 2013 (1) THE ROTAX YEARS

23 30JUN2013: Climbed from 30th to 14th in Final 1 of Round 4 of Super One, the British Karting Championship (7th in Heat 1, 6th in Heat 2) 07JUL2013: Winner of all four JuniorMax races at Rye House (fastest lap each race) 14JUL2013: 3rd place in JuniorMax Final at Kimbolton (fastest lap) 21JUL2013: Winner of JuniorMax Final at Shenington (fastest lap in 2 out of 4 races) 26-28JUL2013: Finished 13th out of 45 drivers, Round 5 of Super One in Larkhall, Scotland 2013 (2) THE ROTAX YEARS

24 04AUG2013: Won two out of four races (including the final) at Rye House, setting fastest lap in all four races 24-25AUG2013: finished in the top four in all 8 races of the weekend at Whilton Mill, Daventry, setting fastest lap in four races 01SEP2013: Finished 2nd in London Cup, Rye House 28-29SEP2013: Finished 11th out of 42 drivers (setting fastest lap in Final 1), Round 6 of Super One in Shenington, Banbury, Oxfordshire 20OCT2013: Finished in the top four in all 4 races at Shenington, Banbury 24NOV2013: Fastest lap in the final at Whilton Mill, Daventry 01DEC2013: Finished top four in all 3 races at Shenington, Banbury 15DEC2013: Won the JuniorMax Final at Buckmore Park, Kent 2013 (3) THE ROTAX YEARS

25 Top of the podium at Rye House 07JUL2013 Winner at Shenington 21JUL2013

26 Junior Rotax Max Champion, Hunts Kart Racing Club, Kimbolton, UK 14DEC2014: Won my first-ever Senior Rotax race 09NOV2014: Winner of Junior Rotax final at Kimbolton, thereby winning the 2014 championship with one round to spare 12OCT2014: Winner of Junior Rotax final at Kimbolton 07SEP2014: Winner of coveted London Cup at Rye House – won all four races (fastest lap in three races). Past winners include Lewis Hamilton 13JUL2014: Winner of JuniorMax final at Kimbolton (fastest lap in the final) 08JUN2014: Winner of prestigious East Anglian Cup at Kimbolton track 2014 (1) THE ROTAX YEARS

27 Winner, London Cup 07SEP2014

28 19JAN2014: Won Junior Rotax Max final at Buckmore Park, making it three consecutive wins at the track! 09FEB2014: Finished 2 nd in Junior Rotax Max Final at Kimbolton – fastest lap in two races and second fastest in the 3 rd race 02MAR2014: Won the Junior Rotax Max Final at Rye House 09MAR2014: Won the Junior Rotax Max Final at Kimbolton, and set a new lap record 23MAR2014: Set fastest lap in the final at Whilton Mill 06APR2014: Won Josh O’Malley memorial trophy at Rye House 13APR2014: Broke the Kimbolton lap record he set in March! 26APR2014: Pole position (out of 49 drivers!) in Junior Rotax Max at Round 1 of Super One, the British National Karting Championships 2014 (2) THE ROTAX YEARS

29 Pole position at Round 1!!! THE ROTAX YEARS

30 The primary aim is to step into single-seater racing, which is naturally the next step in his career path. We have identified Formula 4 as the ideal single-seater series to sustain his push towards Formula One and the option is the new FIA F4 series or, alternatively, BRDC F4 series. If karting, the focus will be on Super One, the British National Karting Championships, and if schedules permit, attempt to win the Kimbolton Senior Rotax crown after winning the Junior Rotax crown last year. He has been specially invited to participate in the proposed Nigerian Rotax Series. 2015 (1)

31 FIA F4 Option 1 for single seater racing in 2015 is this new series which is the official British F4 championship. It has been designed as a first step for drivers moving from karting. The grid is for 32 drivers split between 12 teams. Competition does not start till first weekend of April but driver places are fast disappearing as many teams want to finalise their driver line-up and get enough practice sessions in before April. As shown in the picture below, there is ample space for sponsor advert on the F4 car. 2015 (2)

32 BRDC F4 Option 2 is the more established BRDC F4 series which has been running for about four years. Lower age limit for this series is 16 years. As with the FIA F4 series, driver places are fast disappearing. Some teams have started testing, with some of them going to Spain for pre-season testing in Feb. First instalment is due when the driver is signed on by the team. Some teams allow the balance to be spread over six months but the final instalment can be no later than the 1 st of Oct 2015, October being the month of the final round of races in the series. The amount covers team management fees, standard test days, hotels and travel costs but does not cover additional track days that may be required. 2015 (3)

33 Karting Option 3 is to continue karting - if we are unable to raise the funds required for single seater racing – in which case Inem will race Senior Rotax Max. He won his first-ever race in this class in Dec 2014, and is expected to continue the impressive performance in 2015. As good as he is in karting, we feel that this option is a last resort for him, especially if he is to fulfil his potential and reach the pinnacle of motorsport. 2015 (4)

34 9 Farriers End Stanway Colchester Essex CO3 0YE U.K. +44 1206 580550 +44 7866 526610 Inem Coker Racing @InemCokerRacing /user/InemCokerRacing Coker Motorsports CONTACT

35 Thank You

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