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FVO, Unit F5 – Giovanni Saccarola

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1 FVO, Unit F5 – Giovanni Saccarola
Introduction to the new audit series on organic farming and PDO/PGI/TSG FVO, Unit F5 – Giovanni Saccarola Food and Veterinary Office, Health and Consumers Directorate-General

2 Background The FVO carried out between 1999 and 2004 in total 16 audits on organic farming: 7 MSs and 9 TCs. Special Report of the ECA(1) on OF: "The Commission has not given enough priority to supervision activities, including audits, to ensure the proper functioning of the Member States’ control systems." "As regards imports, the Commission should ensure adequate supervision of the countries included in the list of those recognised as being equivalent for organic production" (1) Special Report No

3 Background Based on a Memorandum of Understanding between DG SANCO and DG AGRI the FVO started a new series of audits on organic production and PDO/PGI/TSG (Geographical Indications – GIs) First pilot audit on OF to Austria: Nov First pilot audit on GIs to Hungary: Dec Audits in 2012: OF: Portugal, Poland, India PDO/PGI/TSG: UK Audit Programme 2013: OF: 10 audits (7 MSs, 2 TCs, 1 CB) PDO/PGI/TSG: 3 (all MSs)

4 Planning and performance of OF audits
Duration:8-10 working days. FVO team: 2-3 FVO inspectors + National Expert Scope of the audits: 2 Control Bodies: headquarter level. Importer and CAs in charge of import controls and import authorisations. Visits to certified operators in at least two regions covering: production, processing and trade. Traceability exercise for 1-2 organic product.

5 Planning and performance of GIs audits
Duration:8-10 working days. FVO team: 2-3 FVO inspectors + National Expert Scope of the audits: 2 regions where at least one product with GIs has been entered into the relevant register In these regions, meetings with responsible service(s) Visits to producer, processor and preparer of product with GIs Visit to retail outlet of product with GIs

6 EU legislation on organic farming and GIs and Reg. 882/2004
The control systems for organic farming and GIs are placed under the umbrella of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 on Official Food and Feed Controls. Article 41 concerning the MANCP is relevant. However, information concerning the control system for organic farming and GIs in most cases not available or dispersed.

7 What a MANCP should include?
General information on the structure and organisation of the system of official controls. Description of the designated CAs, their responsibilities and resources available Information on delegated control bodies Description of the supervision activities of delegated control bodies Coordination arrangements in case of more than one control body/authority involved Description of the risk base approach used

8 What an annual report should include?
Information about the implementation of the control system Any relevant change occurred during the previous year List of operators and control bodies involved Official controls planned and delivered (routine controls and additional ones) Non compliances found and follow-up Result of supervision activities Conclusion on the control system (overall performance)

9 More info concerning MANCP and annual reports (for organic farming):
EC Working Document on official controls on organic sector (July 2011): section 12 on "reporting requirements regarding official controls performed in the organic sector".

10 Thank you! FVO contact points (Unit F4)
Bernd Winkler (organic farming) Mary Fitzgeral (PDO/PGI/STG):

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