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Templates in EMISWeb NUG Conference 2013. Outline (1) Why Data, – Codes as opposed to free text Why is a template helpful? – Data entry & Retrieval What.

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1 Templates in EMISWeb NUG Conference 2013

2 Outline (1) Why Data, – Codes as opposed to free text Why is a template helpful? – Data entry & Retrieval What are its limitations? How do all these compare with LV/PCS How to import templates from LV/PCS

3 Past Data Display LV Good – Can view all codes from the picking list historically with limited free text PCS Poor – Shows latest code but not free text – Can show all past codes from the template with free text but unsorted (Previous data button) EMISWeb Good in parts – Shows latest code and all previous of it, with text and values – Only shows free text 1 at a time – Only shows historical presence of latest code in a picking list

4 F4 will bring up further items on this long picking list

5 Free text limited but secure


7 Limited and strictly chronological data in ‘Previous data’ in PCS

8 Does show free text and values

9 Information as shown in EMISWeb Past data 1 code at a time in R hand panel but shows history Of that code and any free text/ values


11 Uploading LV templates to EMISWeb Open Web from LV Go to System Tools: Non patient data transfer.


13 As in LV

14 Same template as it appears in EMISWeb NB you will have needed to remove any local codes and some EGTON Codes from the template before uplaoding to EMISWeb

15 Example of PCS template

16 ? Various items shown as Removed when imported to EMISWeb Hyperlinks and main items import, order Can be altered however. Labels lost.

17 Outline (2) Using Templates in EMISWeb: – Good things – Present limitations – Examples of various features Building and Editing Templates – Use of library items (pros and cons) How to share, copy and edit templates – Rules/ permissions in sharing

18 Page resolution 1280 * 1024 is an ideal screen resolution Some long read codes run over box on lower resolution Test boxes become too long and thin. Pages panel on the right can be collapsed to assist, also make sure the past data panel on the R collapsed when not needed

19 Template Speed Large, multipage templates take longer. – Much quicker than when I did presentation 2y ago Start taking the BP while waiting for ‘Hypertension, Lifestyle and CVD Risk template to load’. Faster on re-use in day. KMP templates: – Asthma 7secs > 3seconds (3pp template) – Hypertension/Lifestyle 17 secs (11pp) 5secs – Elderly 15 secs (9pp) 5secs

20 Template Strengths: Ease of launching them – Prompted by problem – Run Template button (remembers last used) – F12 protocols to launch common templates – Can be accessed from pathology etc via F12 Split into pages and sections – Clarity – Consistency – Ease for updating Easy to guide the user: – Prompt names unlimited length – Tooltips can further clarify – Help Boxes with clear layout – Hyperlinks to web sites, – (Unfortunately not mentor pages, but can access documents in

21 Template Strengths: All system can be navigated while in a template Summary panel and resources visible Past data quite easy to access with its free text (compare PCS/LV) (some limits see next slide) Picking lists allow free text with items Picking lists can allow multiple entries Can use browse easily to prevent v big pick list – E.g. occupation, contraception issued… Problem Title can be added (1 prompt per section. Can’t save template if 2 or more used) Can add text to consultation…non coded data. – Use for comments re advice given, medico legal..

22 Template Problems Past diary does not show diary but past code (Fix testing) Past data from pick list only shows past examples of last code used. – E.g. ex smoker 2010, 2008 but not fact that was a smoker in 2007 – E.g. poor sleep 2010 and 2008, but no excessive sleep 2009 or good sleep 2007 Some values unclear e.g. cig smoker and ex-cigarette smoker both say e.g. 3/day

23 Features 1 Code Browser – Oral Contraceptive given (Contraceptive template) Choose more than 1 item from Pick list – DXA scan hip and lumbar – Accompanying persons on Child Protection template) Non Read coded prompts (Pre-defined Text) – Target symptom for antipsychotic (Dementia page on Elderly template – Advice re risks of oral Contraception – BMI at booking (Ante-natal template)

24 Features 2 Section or Page Visibility – Properties of page allow it to use a pre-existing concept for visibility. (EMIS or local) – Women of Child bearing age in Epilepsy template (Concept = female, age 15-55) – Advice Section on CKD in Blood Results template. (Concept = Patient has CKD 3-5) Past data Annotation Calculating values GPPAQ etc.

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