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Green Maps Czech Republic. How we did it Downloading information from,, Coloring map with the different.

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1 Green Maps Czech Republic

2 How we did it Downloading information from, Coloring map with the different shades of colours Making the legend

3 1. Czech republic This map shows regions of the Czech Republic with their capitals. The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south and Germany to the west and northwest.

4 2. Waters This map shows rivers that flow in the Czech Republic. There are 15.3 thousand kilometers of water streams. Important for the Czech Republic are artificial lakes, which were built in enclosed river valleys. There are 150 artificial lakes and 22 rivers in the Czech Republic. There is of course a higher number (approximately 21,000) of fishponds. One of the reasons for the establishment of these was the lack of natural lakes.

5 3. Forests This map illustrates the surface of forests in the Czech Republic. There are 80% of coniferous forests and 20% of deciduous forests in the Czech Republic. Types of forest holding: State forests – 63,4 % Municipal forests – 14,5 % Private forests – 22,1 %

6 4. Use of water This map shows how many liters of water we use daily per person in each region. Water consumption decreases in households due to prices increases and cost-saving appliances. Average price of litres of water (which is 1 m 3 – 1 cubic meter) in the Czech Republic is 65 Czech crowns, which is approximately 2,5 €.

7 5. Air Pollution This map shows concentration of polluted air in each region. Electrical energy is produced in thermal (66%), nuclear (30%) and hydroelectric (3.7 %) power stations.

8 6. Agriculture This map shows farmland in each region of the Czech Republic. Types of agriculture: livestock production (cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, fish, bees) crop production (cereals, root crops, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fiber plants, hops, vines)

9 7. Protected area This map ilustrates national parks and protected areas of the Czech Republic. There are: - 4 national parks - 25 protected areas and national nature forests national nature monuments natural monuments

10 8. Karlovy Vary Region These maps show Karlovy Vary Region and its location within Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary Region is located to the west of the Czech Republic. The region is world famous for its spas (Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and others). It is named after its capital – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad in English). It consists of Cheb District, Karlovy Vary District and Sokolov District.

11 9. Forests, waters and farmland in Karlovy Vary This diagram shows percentage of forests, waters and farmland in Karlovy Vary Region. The main part of forests in the nearby spa town has an area of ​​ approximately 1870 hectares of forests and Rybáře forests with an area of ​​ 318 ha, and other, smaller parts of the forests in Stará Role, Andělská Hora, Cihelny and Počerny. There are 3 main rivers in Karlovy Vary Region (Ohře, Teplá and Rolava) and many little streams. Agriculture: potato, oilseed rape and cereals cultivation - wheat, barley, flax and corn. Breeds of dairy cattle, poultry and pigs.

12 10. Protected area, natural monuments in Karlovy Vary This map shows protected area, natural parks and national nature monuments. There are: 1 protected area (Slavkovský les) 6 national nature forests (Kladské rašeliny, Pluhův bor, Soos, Velké Jeřábí jezero, Velký močál, Božídarské rašeliniště) 7 national nature monuments (Komorní hůrka, Křížky, Lužní potok, Skalky skřítků, Svatošské skály, Upolínová louka pod Křížky, Železná hůrka) 25 natural monuments (for example Prachomety in Karlovy Vary District, Goethova skalka in Cheb District, Studenec in Sokolov District) 10 natural parks (for exaple Vladař, Vysoký kámen, Rathsam)

13 Conclusions 1.There are 13 regions in the Czech Republic and Praha (Prague in English), which is capital city of the Czech Republic. 2.Waters in Czech Republic: 22 main rivers, 150 artificial lakes, 21,000 fishponds and many streams. 3.Forests, mostly coniferous, contain 33 % total area of country. 4.Water consumption in households decreases due to price increases and cost- saving appliances. 5.The biggest sources of air pollution are thermal power stations and vehicular traffic. 6.Crop production predominates over livestock production in the Czech Republic. 7.There are 4 national parks, 25 protected areas, 110 national nature forests, 102 national nature monuments and 1180 natural monuments. 8.Karlovy Vary Region is located to the west of the Czech Republic which consists of three districts. 9.There are 3 main rivers in Karlovy Vary Region, many forests and agriculture consists of both livestock production and crop production. 10.There is 1 protected area, 6 national nature forests, 7 national nature monuments, 25 natural monuments and 10 natural parks in Karlovy Vary Region.

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