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What IF?.

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1 What IF?

2 Objectives Identify the 3 parts to an IF Statement
Know when an IF Statement is used Apply If Statements to Excel exercises This is going to be FUN! I should take some notes!

3 The IF Function Excel uses the IF function to make decisions based on the data stored in the spreadsheet. The IF function makes a decision based on a comparison.

4 The Comparison…. What’s That?
The Comparison looks at information in the database and compares the information with a condition. If the comparison is true, one answer is displayed in the cell—the true statement; if the comparison is false, a second answer is displayed—the false statement.

5 Relational Operators The following are operators which Excel uses to compare data
= equal to < less than > greater than <= less than or equal to >= greater than or equal to <> not equal to

6 3 Components EXAMPLE: =IF(C4<E7,10,20)
=IF (comparison, true statement, false statement) EXAMPLE: =IF(C4<E7,10,20) True Statement False Statement Comparison

7 Examples If Statement using values =IF(A1<=25,50,100)
If Statement using a value and a formula =IF(B2<D2,0,B2*10%) If Statement using labels =IF(E1>70,“Plenty”,“Reorder”)

8 IF IF I get more than $100 for my birthday, I will buy a Ipod, otherwise I’ll just buy CDs. The total for my birthday is in cell A9 Comparison A9>100 True Statement “Ipod” False Statement “CDs” =IF(A9>100,“Ipod”,“CDs”)

9 IF You are taking some friends and some neighbor children you are babysitting to the movies. Movie prices for children under 13 are $5.50, otherwise the price is $ The ages of people going to the movie start in D7 Comparison D7<13 True Statement 5.50 False Statement 8.00 =IF(D7<13,5.50,8.00)

10 IF IF the concert tickets are less than or equal to $45 I will go to the Rascal Flatts concert, otherwise I’ll watch it on TV. The concert price is in cell C2 Comparison C2<=45 True Statement “Concert” False Statement “TV” =IF(C2<=45,“Concert”,“TV”)

11 IF IF my current stock price is greater than $15 per share, I’ll sell it, otherwise I’ll keep it. Our current stock price is in cell E3 Comparison E3>15 True Statement “Sell” False Statement “Keep” =IF(E3>15,“Sell”,“Keep”)

12 IF I’m a car dealer. If I sell a car that is more than $20,000 I receive a 6.5% commission, otherwise I receive a 4% commission. The prices of the cars I have sold start in F4. Comparison F4>20000 True Statement F4*6.5% False Statement F4*4% =IF(F4>20000,F4*6.5%,F4*4%)

13 Let’s Review The IF function makes decisions based on a comparison.
The IF function takes this form =IF(comparison,true statement, false statement) Use relational operators in the comparison = < > <= >= <>

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