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Dangers of Technology You will be disturbed….. go to downloads.

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1 Dangers of Technology You will be disturbed….

2 go to downloads

3  D.A.R.E. Officer Adam Gongwer  11 years with Ontario Police (Ohio)  6 years as SRO  HNT Member (2006)  DARE Class #61 (2009)  Central Regional Rep ‘13-’15  Ohio SRO Assoc. (  Previous Experience: JV Corrections Officer Youth Minister (91-93)  Family: 4 Kids (7, 15, 15, 17) Married 22 years 2014

4 Review (BL) Cloud / Internet Modem (CenturyLink, TWC) Router (more than a switch) Gateway (both) Packets, TraceRoute, IP Addresses OPEN DNS Logs and stats Parental Controls (Verizon, etc)

5 Trace Route Review

6 Dangers of Technology Geo Tagging photos (turn this off!)

7 Apple iPhone

8 Android

9 Backberry






15 End of the day…. Kid uploads a photo Pedophile runs it through Exif Inputs GPS coordinates into Maps Learns habits of your child

16 Dangers of Technology Anonymous chat, snapchat, etc

17 Various Apps and Websites Snapchat / Fancysnap (temp pics & video) Vine (looping videos) Thumb (rate yourself/opinions) Kik (messenger app) & Path (like facebook) Omegle / Chatroulette / MeetMe (random) Tinder (Blendr/Grindr/Down/Skout/Swoon/Pure) (some age 13+) –You like their photo, if they like yours, then it connects you…. Dropbox / Skydrive / iCloud (off-site)

18 Snapchat Up to 24 hours Usually 10 sec or less Is it really deleted?

19 Chat Roullette

20 Dangers of Technology Sexting is Child Porn

21 Sexting 2907.32.1 Pandering obscenity involving a minor. Obscene, Minor in photo, publicly presented or possessed –F2 (or F3, F4) 2907.07 Disseminating matter harmful to a minor. Harmful to minor but not obscene: –M1 Obscene, observing minor is 13+: –F5 Obscene, observing minor is under 13: –F4

22 Texting Lingo Menacing cases KYS = Kill yourself DB = Drink Bleach (& Die) Drug & Alcohol cases 420 = Marijuana AFU = All F’d Up I&I = Intercourse & Inebriation

23 Dangers of Technology Phishing


25 Dangers of Technology Misc

26 Additional topics Fake FB pages Cyberbully Know Online Merchants/Apps No public wifi for shopping

27 Questions? Download this powerpoint: (click on downloads) Officer Adam Gongwer Ontario, Ohio Police 419-529-2115

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