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Dangers of Technology You will be disturbed….. go to downloads.

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1 Dangers of Technology You will be disturbed….

2 go to downloads

3  D.A.R.E. Officer Adam Gongwer  11 years with Ontario Police (Ohio)  6 years as SRO  HNT Member (2006)  DARE Class #61 (2009)  Central Regional Rep ‘13-’15  Ohio SRO Assoc. (  Previous Experience: JV Corrections Officer Youth Minister (91-93)  Family: 4 Kids (7, 15, 15, 17) Married 22 years 2014

4 Review (BL) Cloud / Internet Modem (CenturyLink, TWC) Router (more than a switch) Gateway (both) Packets, TraceRoute, IP Addresses OPEN DNS Logs and stats Parental Controls (Verizon, etc)

5 Trace Route Review

6 Dangers of Technology Geo Tagging photos (turn this off!)

7 Apple iPhone

8 Android

9 Backberry






15 End of the day…. Kid uploads a photo Pedophile runs it through Exif Inputs GPS coordinates into Maps Learns habits of your child

16 Dangers of Technology Anonymous chat, snapchat, etc

17 Various Apps and Websites Snapchat / Fancysnap (temp pics & video) Vine (looping videos) Thumb (rate yourself/opinions) Kik (messenger app) & Path (like facebook) Omegle / Chatroulette / MeetMe (random) Tinder (Blendr/Grindr/Down/Skout/Swoon/Pure) (some age 13+) –You like their photo, if they like yours, then it connects you…. Dropbox / Skydrive / iCloud (off-site)

18 Snapchat Up to 24 hours Usually 10 sec or less Is it really deleted?

19 Chat Roullette

20 Dangers of Technology Sexting is Child Porn

21 Sexting Pandering obscenity involving a minor. Obscene, Minor in photo, publicly presented or possessed –F2 (or F3, F4) Disseminating matter harmful to a minor. Harmful to minor but not obscene: –M1 Obscene, observing minor is 13+: –F5 Obscene, observing minor is under 13: –F4

22 Texting Lingo Menacing cases KYS = Kill yourself DB = Drink Bleach (& Die) Drug & Alcohol cases 420 = Marijuana AFU = All F’d Up I&I = Intercourse & Inebriation

23 Dangers of Technology Phishing


25 Dangers of Technology Misc

26 Additional topics Fake FB pages Cyberbully Know Online Merchants/Apps No public wifi for shopping

27 Questions? Download this powerpoint: (click on downloads) Officer Adam Gongwer Ontario, Ohio Police

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