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Students in Temporary Housing (STH) ATS Training Manual Office of Youth Development and School-Community Services March 2004.

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1 Students in Temporary Housing (STH) ATS Training Manual Office of Youth Development and School-Community Services March 2004

2 2 OVERVIEW OF STH3 3270 Pool Opening Screen4 ATS Sign On Screen 5 ATS Security Screen6 ATS Primary Menu7 Supplemental Services Menu8 Students In Temporary Housing Menu9 First Screen In Input History (#1, STHU)10 Student Move-In/Move-Out Data Entry Screen11 Student Bio Information, Filled Out12 Important Codes To Use In The Input Screen13 Helpful Hints14 Entering Move-In Data15 Entering Move-Out Data16 Domestic Violence Move-In/Move-Outs18 Family Intake and Move-Out Record Sample Page (at end) Table of contentsPage #

3 3 Tasks that can be accomplished while in STH: Update or create new temporary housing records: Move- In/Move-Out Report View any prior temporary housing records Run a Facility Roster Report: name of the student and the facility where the student is living and the date the student arrived; where the student goes to school; and the student’s attendance rate at school by % of days attended to days absent while they are living in the facility. Previously all the Students in Temporary Housing information was contained in the “bio-file” in SIS (the Student Information System). This information now resides in ATS, and all related functions can be carried out in ATS. OVERVIEW OF STH

4 4 3270 POOL OPENING SCREEN To access the STH data base enter the letters “ats” and press RED ENTER* at the above screen. * To RED ENTER press the control [ctrl] button or the enter button on your computer’s number pad. ATS does not recognize the regular enter button on the key pad.

5 5 ATS SIGN ON SCREEN Enter your ATS user I.D. and password and press RED ENTER.

6 6 ATS SECURITY SCREEN Press RED ENTER to continue.

7 7 ATS PRIMARY MENU Select the Supplemental Services Menu by typing the number “2” (SVCS) and press RED ENTER to access the Supplemental Services option.

8 8 SUPPLEMENTAL SERVICES MENU Select the Students in Temporary Housing option by typing the number “17” (STHM) and press RED ENTER to access the menu.

9 9 STUDENTS IN TEMPORARY HOUSING MENU 1)To enter Move-In/Move-Out data select the Temporary Housing update option by typing the number “1” (STHU) and press RED ENTER. 2)To access and print a Facility Roster choose #2 (RTHR). 3)To access and print a High School Report choose #3 (RTHH).

10 10 FIRST SCREEN IN INPUT HISTORY (#1, STHU) Before and After Entering Student Identification Number Enter the student’s nine digit student identification number and press RED ENTER to access the student’s profile and temporary housing history. The screen will display the student’s permanent information in yellow* and the student’s temporary housing history will be displayed below the dotted lines. If the student has a temporary housing history the information will be displayed chronologically according to the date of entry starting with the most recent entry at the top of the screen. * The information in yellow text at the top of the screen refers to the student’s permanent information at the time of initial enrollment in the NYC Public Schools System. This information will not be affected by the student housing data and can only be changed a pupil accounting secretary.

11 11 STUDENT MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT DATA ENTRY SCREEN Before and After Input The screen on the left is a display of a student’s information when F5 (for new record) is pressed; the screen on the right is the result when U (to update a record) is selected. This is the screen where all Student in Temporary Housing information is entered. You can either add new information or change information as necessary. Once all information is entered, press F2 to save. PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING PAGES FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO FILL IN THIS SCREEN.


13 13 Important codes to use in the Input Screen Once the Student ID number is input, the F4 key will allow you to see a table of codes. F5 to create a new record for the student OR, FOR STUDENTS WITH A HISTORY IN TEMPORARY HOUSING ALREADY: U = update S = List of siblings V = view a record D = delete F5 = create a new housing record (“move-in”) If you’re ready to move on to a new student, press F9 to clear the form and start over.

14 14 Helpful hints: The ATS database is user friendly. At the bottom of the screen there is list of command keys that tell you what options are available in the present screen or menu. When in doubt try the F4 option to lookup codes and screen options. If you are entering or updating data, press F4 in the code field and a list of options will be displayed, if available. To select an option tab down to your selection and press F2 to make your selection. Press F8 to move forward and F7 to move backward in F4 code option menu.

15 15 ENTERING MOVE-IN DATA Press the F5 key at the Temporary Housing History Menu. The screen will change to the “STH Intake/Move Add/Update” screen. To complete a Move-In you must check and enter the following information: –Case Number –Date of Entry (the date the family moved into the facility) –Intake SCR CDE – (this field refers to the source of the information which is “F” for family) (F=family, H=HRA tape, M=Monthly Attendance Roster, S=school, V=verified) –Facility # –Scatter Site Code (if applicable)* –Apt #* –Parent’s last name* –Parent’s first name* –IM (Income Maintenance) center #* –IM Worker (last name, first name and phone # if provided)* –Emergency Contact information (last name, first name, phone #)* –Emergency Contact relation code* Once you have completed the information, press F2 to save the record that you just created. *any fields in italics are optional.

16 16 ENTERING MOVE-OUT DATA The cursor will automatically appear in the field just before your most recent temporary housing history record. Check the entry data on your Move-Out sheet to make sure that it corresponds with the record you are selecting. Select the record by typing “U” and press RED ENTER. * If you are entering a Move-Out for a record that has yet to created, you will have to F5 to create a new record and fill in the Move-In and Move-Out information. (continued on next page)

17 17 ENTERING MOVE-OUT DATA (continued) To complete a Move-Out you must enter the following information: –Review the update screen and update or correct any missing or erroneous data such as the Case Number, Apartment Number, IM Center # and Emergency Contact information. –Move-Out Date –Move-Out Code (F4 for code options; F2 to select the desired option) –If the child has moved to another shelter, DV shelter in another district, or returned to the EAU the facility code will be listed in the F4 menu option. Select the appropriate code and go directly to the source code field. Do not enter any information in the code type –If the child has moved to permanent housing then you must enter “999” at the Move-Out Code option. (This code is not listed in the F4 code option list) –Move-Out Type – This option is only available if you are entering a “999” Move-Out code. (F4 for code options; F2 to select the desired option) –Source code (enter “F” for family) –If you entered “999” as the Move-Out code and the new address has been provided, enter the new address in the fields provided. Once you enter an address all of the information must be provided. If you do not have a zip code you can use “00000” as substitute. However, the family worker should be providing all of this information. Press F2 to save the record.

18 18 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUTS Domestic Violence entries are CONFIDENTIAL and therefore contain minimal information. NEVER ENTER THE ADDRESS OF A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FAMILY. To complete a domestic violence Move-In/Move-Out enter only the following information: Move-In: –Case Number –Entry Date –Intake Source Code (“F” for family) –Facility #: ENTER ONLY THE DV FACILITY DISCTRICT CODE. This code can be found by selecting the F4 menu option or by placing the number “9” in front of the District Code. For example, District “10” would be entered as “910”. If you have a single digit place a “90” before the District number. For example, District “4” would be District “904”. –Parent Information Move-Out: –Move-Out Date –Move-Out Code: Only a DV district code if applicable. –If you enter “999”, select a Move-Out Type Code. DO NOT ENTER THE NEW ADDRESS. –Enter the appropriate source code (“F” for family) Press F2 to save and close the record.

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