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Emily Fan Katrin Marquez Louise To.

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1 Emily Fan Katrin Marquez Louise To

2 Timeline 1996 - Hana Yori Dango (Japanese anime)
Meteor Garden (Taiwan) Hana Yori Dango (Japan) 2009 Jan.- Mar.- Boys Over Flowers (Korea) 2009 Aug.- Let's Go Watch A Meteor Shower! (China)

3 Asian-ness Japan vs Taiwan vs Korea

4 Discussion Party! Money/Display of Luxury Family Power Dynamics
Westernization F4 & girl Fashion  Some theme music for your entertainment...

5 Money/ Display of Luxury
Competition Material wealth  Clothing Production focuses How did the countries differ in their display of wealth and money?  Why did each of the dramas have different focuses or methods of displaying the wealth?  Like Taiwan didn't really have fancy homes, they just went and spent money on fancy food. Literally putting the bills on the bar. Also didn't have fancy clothes Budget differences Why do you think there was a shift in this focus on beautiful scenary, beautiful clothes, material wealth? Instead of the potentiality for it? 

6 Family Filial Piety Levels/ reasons for support Face, Reputation
Confucian Values  also displayed in school Deliberations  All of them wanted daughter to go to that school help their reputation/status/ face.  Korean family- didn't have to pay for her to go to school there Japanese- was already in the school, couldn't leave because she felt a sense of filial piety, parents worked hard for her to be there Taiwanese- already in the school    College, not high school..why? Confucian values- filial piety     Taiwan class- the mention of confucian value of 

7 Power Dynamics Guy's mother vs. girl's mother Matriarchy? Gender Roles
Submissive vs. Domineering Father's role? 

8 Westernization Anime characterization English Aesthetic references
Ways of socializing Propaganda   oh-my-god! Ginger! Sunny! Miranda!

9 F4 and Girl The leader, the prince,the player, the gangster Status
Dichotomies Power dynamics

10 Fashion Performance  Aesthetics Display of status

11 Consumption/ Commercialization
Popularity: Rankings Merchandise Who were these dramas made for? What for? Who is consuming? What does the commercialization and consumption of these dramas mean? Can only find the Korean and Taiwanese necklaces for sale online..  Couldn't find the numbers but I'm sure these shows are the highest grossing dramas, certainly the most popular  Consumption by who? Who were these dramas made for?  we see it ranges from young adults to 70s women? are men consuming?  - from the Re-Imagining a Cosmopolitan ‘Asian Us’ article-

12 Fantasy It's a love story, baby just say yes Defying all odds Love square What does the girl represent? Is this at all realistic or just playing to girls' deepest desires? What are they trying to convey about power and gender roles?

13 Fulfilling the Fantasies...
What's real and what's not? Korean Tourism Which F4 boy is for YOU? Fan Clubs  Appeal Aspiring to be the characters through fashion, hairdo, lifestyle  Difference between what girls like and what girls want?

14 Is there reality? Social Issues Gossip Girl meets Survivor
Gossip Girl meets Survivor What do the characters, plots say about problems and positives of their respective countries?

15 Globalization Role of Economics National Identity Cultural Exchange
 Taiwanese F4 MV

16                     SURPRISE!                                   ANOTHER ONE!

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