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Northern Ireland Clinical Research Networks Judy Bradley PhD MCSP Reader in Physiotherapy Joint Clinical Lead NICRN (Respiratory Health)

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1 Northern Ireland Clinical Research Networks Judy Bradley PhD MCSP Reader in Physiotherapy Joint Clinical Lead NICRN (Respiratory Health)

2 Objectives Background to Clinical Research Networks (CRN) and the NICRN UKCRC and NICRN Infrastructure of NICRN Study Adoption The NICRN and the AHP Forum

3 Why do we need Clinical Research Networks?


5 The NICRN NICRN Co-ordinating Centre Clinical Director Senior Manager Network Co-ordinators x3 NICRN interest groups 9 in total Clinical Lead(s) Nodes (Trusts) Research Office(s) Research co ordinators(s) Other supporting staff CRF R&D Office Funding

6 Site PI’s & Clinical Research Staff Coordinating Centre at CRF C M G’s of each Themed network NICRN Steering Committee Recruiting & managing patients Research Methods & Processes, Databases, Communications Topic-specific scientific direction & performance Overall scientific direction & performance Components of the NICRN

7 NICRN Themed Groups

8 NICRN Coordinating Centre NIHRCRN CC Methodological expertise Data management ICT coordination & support Monitoring Training Admin support UK linkage Clinical lead Prioritise studies Study design Recruit participants Study management UKCRN NIHR CRNs Local Topic Specific Network Links with the UK

9 Functions of NICRN  Maintain a portfolio of network studies  Assist with processes involved in setting up a study, in particular ethical, regulatory and local research governance approval for clinical trials  Communications hub  Promote the work of the NICRN and disseminate NICRN publications and information material.

10 Functions contd.  IT & administrative support  Provision of Training & Education  Proactively manage the topic network budget ensuring that research opportunities are maximised within available resources

11 Staffing Levels TrustWTE Fund WTE Post RespirStrokeCrit Care DiabetDemen1ary Care Cardiov as VisionChild BHSC T 0 0.0/1. 0 1.0/1. 0 0.6/2. 0 2.0/2. 0 1.0/1. 0 0.2/2. 2 2.0/6. 1 0.0/1. 0 SEHS CT 2.51.5NA0.5/0. 5 NA 0.0/1. 0 NA NHSC T 4.01.0NA0.5/1. 0 0.5/0. 5 0.0/1. 0 NA 0.0/1. 0 NA0.0/0. 5 WHSC T 2.51.0NA0.5/0. 5 NA0.5/0. 5 NA 0.0/1. 0 NA0.0/0. 5 SHSC T 2.50.0NA0.0/1. 0 NA 0.0/1. 0 NA0.0/0. 5 Total 30.813.80-2.50-2.400-6.0-4.1-2.5

12 NICRN Study Adoption Process  The adoption process is carried out by the relevant CMG supported by NICRNCC and in liaison with sponsor/PI/CI  Adoption forms completed by PI and submitted to CMG for consideration

13 NICRN Study Adoption Process Studies that are funded by: –A UKCRC partner –Commercial organisations –Non-UKCRC partners Provided that: –Funding is nationally competitive –Studies are independently peer reviewed –Studies fit within remit of a themed group To be adopted studies must be fully funded

14 Benefits of Adoption  Coordinated, efficient access to a large and diverse patient population across a range of clinical services/trusts and demographics  Add value for both researchers and funders, ensuring projects are set up quickly and remove the administrative burden for financial, ethics and governance arrangements  NICRN staff assist in recruitment/execution  Adverse event reporting  Efficient start up and roll out of studies making sure they can be completed on time

15 Performance Matrix Portfolio of studies Accrual Timelines (set up, completion) Data quality

16 Portfolio GroupAdopt BHSCT SEHSCT NHSCTWHSCTSHSCT PIPELINE Respiratory 8800005 Stroke 3122007 Crit care 6530002 Diabetes 6631115 Dementia 2200005 1ary care 0000005 Cardiovas 11111024 Vision 4400000 Childrens 7700006 Total3734(9.8)9(1.5)4(1.0)2(1.0)1(0.0)59

17 Studies Different groups have very different studies Commercial Studies vs non commercial studies Single site vs multicentre Local/National/International studies

18 NICRN (Respiratory Health) Clinical Management Group Members (CMG) Co- Leads  Dr Lorcan McGarvey (Consultant Physician RVH and QUB)  Dr Judy Bradley (Reader in Physiotherapy BCH and UUJ) Clinical Management Group  Dr Liam Heany (Consultant Physician, QUB and BCH)  Prof Stuart Elborn (Consultant Physician, QUB and BCH)  Dr Martin Kelly ( Consultant Physician, Altnagelvin)  Anne Marie Marley (Nurse Consultant, Matter)  Jackie Meggary (Clinical Physiologist, BCH)  Dr Joe Kidney ( Consultant Physician, Matter)  Dr Brenda O ’ Neill (Physiotherapy Lecturer, UUJ) Principal Investigators

19 The NICRN (Resp Health) Staff 3 Staff – 1 research nurse –1 clinical physiologist –1 physiotherapist Staff currently based at Belfast Trust City Hospital Site Submitting a proposal for additional staff/? Based at other trusts

20 The NICRN (Resp Health) Portfolio 9 studies adopted (5 in pipeline) 8 commericial Studies and 1 non commercial study (Charity) 1 Single site and 8 multicentre 1 Local and 2 UK and 6 International studies

21 THE FUTURE……….  Increased participation in studies  Improved accrual to studies  Enhanced Communication  Better Co-ordination of resources  Consistency of practice & performance  Quality of research  More patients benefit from clinical research  Improving the health & well being of patients

22 The AHP Research Forum and the NICRN  Getting research supported that is important to you  Get to know key players in research in NI and at your site  Job opportunities within the NICRN  Opportunity to support national & international multi-centre trials

23 CONTACT DETAILS NICRN Co-ordinating Centre Room 2007 K.E.B. Royal Hospital Belfast BT12 6BA Tel: 028 90636367 Email:

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