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TI Sitara™ AM37x Microprocessors Featuring ARM® Cortex™-A8

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1 TI Sitara™ AM37x Microprocessors Featuring ARM® Cortex™-A8
Quick Overview August 2010

2 Embedded processing portfolio
TI Embedded Processors Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM®-Based Processors Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) 16-bit ultra- low power MCUs 32-bit real-time MCUs 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 MCUs ARM Cortex-A8 & ARM9™ MPUs DSP DSP+ARM Multi-core DSP Ultra Low power DSP C2000™ Delfino™ Piccolo™ Sitara™ ARM Cortex-A8 & ARM9 C6000™ Stellaris® ARM Cortex-M3 DaVinci™ video processors C6000™ C5000™ MSP430™ OMAP™ 300MHz to >1Ghz +Accelerator Cache RAM, ROM USB, ENET, PCIe, SATA, SPI Floating/Fixed Point Video, Audio, Voice, Security, Conferencing $5.00 to $200.00 24,000 MMACS Cache RAM, ROM SRIO, EMAC DMA, PCIe Telecom test & meas, media gateways, base stations $40.00 to $200.00 Up to 300 MHz +Accelerator Up to 320KB RAM Up to 128KB ROM USB, ADC McBSP, SPI, I2C Audio, Voice Medical, Biometrics $3.00 to $10.00 Up to 25 MHz Flash 1 KB to 256 KB Analog I/O, ADC LCD, USB, RF Measurement, Sensing, General Purpose $0.25 to $9.00 40MHz to 300 MHz Flash, RAM 16 KB to 512 KB PWM, ADC, CAN, SPI, I2C Motor Control, Digital Power, Lighting, Ren. Energy $1.50 to $20.00 Up to 100 MHz Flash 8 KB to 256 KB USB, ENET MAC+PHY CAN, ADC, PWM, SPI Connectivity,Security, Motion Control, HMI, Industrial Automation $1.00 to $8.00 375MHz to >1GHz Cache, RAM, ROM USB, CAN, SATA, SPI, PCIe, EMAC Industrial automation, POS & portable data terminals $5.00 to $25.00 Software & Dev. Tools MPUs – Microprocessors 2 2 2 2

3 Performance Line (> 1200 DMIPS)
Sitara Cortex™-A8 and ARM9™ MPU roadmap AM389x Cortex-A8 Maximum performance Advanced connectivity Production Sampling Development AM37x Cortex-A8 Up to 1GHz 3D Graphics LPDDR1 OMAP35x Cortex-A8 Up to 720MHz 3D Graphics LPDDR1 Performance Line AM387x Cortex-A8 Increased integration AM386x Cortex-A8 Peripheral enhancements Performance Line (> 1200 DMIPS) AM335x Cortex-A8 Cost optimization Increased features AM35x Cortex-A8 Up to 600MHz 3D Graphics 10/100 Enet CAN DDR2 AM383x Cortex-A8 Performance increase AM17x ARM9 Up to 450MHz 10/100 Enet PRU SDRAM Value Line (≤ 1200 DMIPS) AM18x ARM9 Up to 450MHz 10/100 Enet PRU SATA LPDDR1/DDR2 Value Line 1H10 2H10 1H11 2H11 Speeds shown are for commercial temperature. Dates approximate initial samples. Not all peripherals shown. 3 3

4 AM37x microprocessors are ideal for:
Applications such as Design requirements High processing power (1GHz+) Immersive 3D graphics acceleration Low power consumption Device scalability Headroom for future growth Software compatibility Package flexibility End to end HW solutions Multiple operating system and GUI support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support Low-cost development tools Portable data terminals Point of service Single board computers Medical Portable, low-power devices Navigation Home/building automation Smart displays Gaming

5 Video Processing Front End
AM3715/03 Cortex™-A8 based processors Cores Up to 1GHz Cortex-A8 with NEON™ coprocessor 3D graphics accelerator (3715) Memory ARM: 32kB I-Cache; 32kB D-Cache; 256kB L2 On Chip: 64kB SRAM External interfaces: LPDDR1 and NAND Peripherals USB HS Host x3 USB 2.0 OTG MMC/SD card interface x3 Display subsystem with LCD controller and dual 10 bit DAC’s 1.8V I/O’s Power Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) Total Power: 735mW (800MHz) Standby Power: 0.1mW (600MHz) Package CBP: 12x12mm PBGA, 0.4mm pitch, 515-ball, Package on Package (PoP) CBC: 14x14mm PBGA, 0.5mm pitch, 515-ball, PoP CUS: 16x16mm PBGA, 0.65mm pitch. 423-ball. Utilizes Via Channel™ array technology with 0.8mm pitch plus design rules Benefits 2000DMIPS for OS’s like Linux, Win CE, RTOS Up to 30% reduction in power 20M polygons per second for robust GUIs Sample Applications Smart connected devices Patient monitoring Single board computers Low power PC ARM® Cortex-A8 L3/L4 Interconnect 3D Graphics Accelerator (3715) AM3715/03 Processors 12-bit Video Input Video Processing Front End Memory Interface Connectivity Display Subsystem 10 bit DAC LCD Con- troller Video Enc USB HS Host x3 USB OTG I2C x3 WDT x2 LPDDR1 Timers MCSPI x4 McBSP x5 MMC/SD/SDIO x3 GP x12 UART w/ IrDA HDQ/ 1-wire UART x3 Serial Interface

6 It’s all about the software!
Sitara™ AM37x MPUs Innovative software – NRE and royalty-free Full software development kit including: Base port to multiple industry leading Operating Systems Linux kernel BSP Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Full peripheral driver library Demos: QT, graphics, benchmarking, touch screen and more Flashing, pad configuration, and PinMux Utilities These are just a few of the many features TI provides to start your application development Key takeaway: And let’s not forget about the software with the Sitara AM1x MPUs. For the new devices – these Contributing a lot of ecosystem contributing to Linux Active open source community and large ecosystem of developers: 6

7 Cortex™-A8 software summary ARM® Cortex-A8 + graphics
TI Base SW/Components TI HW/Libraries 3rd party/Customer Application Level Software User Interface Browser/ Media Players “Applications” Application Frameworks – Java, Qt, GStreamer, Flash, Android, DShow, Direct Draw Board Support Package Linux – Open Source – TI Developed Android – Open Source – TI Funded Windows Embedded CE – TI Owned, Developed by Microsoft Gold Partner Commercial Linux and Android – Many Partners RTOS – QNX, VxWorks, Nucleus, Integrity etc. Video, Imaging, Speech, Audio Codecs and Frameworks on NEON™ OpenGL ES and OpenVG Library On SGX 2D Graphics Library On NEON OS Kernel ARM Cortex-A8 with on chip USB, High End CAN controller (HECC) and Ethernet MAC Accelerators – SGX 530 and Neon OMAP35x, AM35x, AM37x

8 AM37x development tools Start developing today!
AM3715 evaluation module Beagleboard-XM AM/DM37x evaluation module $1495 $179 $1495 Community board 1GHz Cortex-A8 800MHz C64x/IVA 4-port USB Hub Ethernet 1GHz Cortex™-A8 POWERVR™ SGX TPS power module WL12171 Wi-Fi/BT Touch screen LCD Peripheral access Expansion Linux SDK w/ UI and demos Same as AM3715 EVM plus: 800MHz C64x/IVA Updated Linux SDK including video codecs and demos Windows® Embedded CE Supports all 37x iterations Key Takeaway: Customers can get started immediately with development tools. Available in June’10 8 8

9 Why Sitara™ ARM® microprocessors
TI’s Sitara family of highly-integrated ARM9™ and ARM Cortex™-A8 microprocessor portfolio offers various combinations of high-performance and low power levels providing the ability to create an array of products using a common hardware and software platform Reduce system risks and accelerate time to market using standard and comprehensive ARM-based software development tools TI is the largest ARM core licensee supporting all major high-level operating systems For more information: Sitara home page: ARM home page: TI Embedded Processor Wiki: Forums: Open Source Software Portal: Training:

10 Backup

11 AM37x processor orderables

12 AM37x and OMAP35x simplified comparison
Feature AM37x OMAP35x ARM Version Cortex™-A8 R1P3 Cortex-A8 R3P2 ARM Frequency 600MHz (1.1V nom) 800MHz (1.2V overdrive) 1GHz (1.35V overdrive) 550MHz (1.27V) 600MHz (1.35V overdrive) 720MHZ (1.35V overdrive) L1 Cache 32kB 16kB SDRC/L3 Frequency 200MHz 166MHz POWERVR™ SGX Graphics Acceleration (AM3715 only) Yes 20M poly/sec 192MHz 10M poly/sec 110MHz Power Total: 735mW (800 MHz) Standby: 0.1mW (600 MHz) Total: 835mW (600 MHz) Standby: 0.5mW (600 MHz) MMC1 4 bit 8 bit UARTS 4 total 3 total POWERVR SGX 3D engine is licensed from Imagination Tech. Ltd.

13 Application example: Patient monitoring (medical)
Tools and Software Selection and Solution Guides Design Considerations Product Bulletin & White Papers News Releases & Authored Articles Similar End-Equipment Solutions Application Notes Reference Designs Support & Community Block Diagram Click on the colored blocks to view or sample recommended solutions AM37x Cortex™-A8 Processor

14 AM37x for medical applications
Benefits High-performance Cortex™-A8 can support OS and applications without performance degradation Suitable for portable/mobile equipment provides product scalability Optional 3D graphics engine further improves application performance with next generation UI possibilities Complimentary TI solutions for power, connectivity and analog

15 Application example: Portable data terminals
Touch Screen Control NAND Flash Clock mDDR RAM Output to Touch Screen Display Camera GPMC EMIF ISS/VPFE SPI SDIO Sitara™ Cortex™-A8 LCD Controller Power Management Microphone 3G Modem SPI Control Audio/ Video Codec Speakers McBSP ARM Cortex-A8 McBSP Data 3D Graphics Accelerator* USB2.0 OTG HS USB Transceiver USB Protection SDIO Shared Memory Control DMA I2C Power Manager UART LED Boot/ Secure/ROM USB2.0 Host Keypad Battery Charger

16 AM37x for portable data terminals
Benefits High performance Cortex™-A8 provides ample performance with drop-in options to provide long-term application growth and customization POWERVR™ SGX 3D graphics engine delivers eye-catching, immersive graphical user interface options Low power options suitable for both wired and battery operated terminals VPFE for parallel camera/2D barcode scanner input Pre-validated wireless solutions including WiFi and Bluetooth (WL1271) Low-cost PDT Development platform (

17 AM37x high-end remote control

18 AM37x for high-end remote controls
Benefits High performance Cortex™-A8 allows for UI and PC functions (Decode/Facebook/Twitter/Browser) USB2.0 Host / OTG for remote connectivity WiFi/BT solutions pre-integrated Popular OS support Windows® Embedded CE/Linux/ Android 3D UI possibilities with touch/multi-touch Ultra low-power possibilities to maximize time between charges (DVFS)

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