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Complete Close Top Coral Reef Systems

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1 Complete Close Top Coral Reef Systems
Red Sea MAX® C-Series Complete Close Top Coral Reef Systems

2 So, What’s New…

3 MAX® C-Series 90° Corner with replaceable Trim Kit

4 MAX® C-Series New Cabinet Look

5 MAX® C-Series Detachable Surface Skimmer

6 MAX® C-130 Filtration Optional Optional

7 MAX® C-250 Filtration Optional

8 MAX® C-130 Skimmer (MSK 600) Self-leveled 3:1 water to air ratio
x3 Aquarium turnover

9 MAX® C-250 Skimmer (MSK 900) Self-leveled 3:1 water to air ratio
x3 Aquarium turnover

10 MAX® C-Series Skim Adjuster
Easy water level adjustment for optimal skimmer performance under changing water conditions

11 MAX® C-Series Skimmer Silencer

12 MAX® C-Series Dual Fan Unit

13 MAX® C-Series Media Rack

14 MAX® C-130 New Circulation Pump
European Eco pump 1550 l/h Multi-directional water outlet

15 MAX® C-250 REEF-SPEC® T5 lighting

16 Why is Red Sea not yet using a complete LED lighting system?
The promise of a MAX® coral reef system is that it provides a complete, plug & play, reef spec® aquarium for all levels of hobbyists without having to worry about the choice, compatibility and suitability of the equipment. All of the products that Red Sea develops for reef hobbyists, including the MAX systems, start with understanding the biological needs of the corals. This approach has enabled us to develop our "Reef-Spec" which defines the environmental conditions necessary for successfully maintaining SPS corals in a reef aquarium. Lighting is an important part of the Reef-Spec definition and our research over many years has clearly shown that T5 fluorescent lighting provides all of the needs of corals in a simple and safe way. Furthermore, T5 usage requires no expertise or understanding by the hobbyist and will support all of the major species of SPS corals in all areas of the MAX aquarium.   The move from Metal Halide and Fluorescent lighting to LED lighting for aquariums in general (and reef tanks in particular) has not been driven by the needs of the corals, but by the move within the lighting industry towards more energy efficient systems. Without getting into the technical details, it is sufficient to say that there are significant differences between LED lighting and T5, and unless LED light is applied knowledgeably to an aquarium it can cause harm to the corals. Many hobbyists are investing  a lot of time in learning how to adapt the LED lights that are available on the market to their reefs, with various levels of success. In keeping with the lighting industry's advances in this field, Red Sea's goal is to be able to provide MAX aquariums with LED lighting that can safely ensure at least similar coral growth, coloration, vitality and longevity to that currently achieved in our T5-driven MAX systems. Red Sea's development team is currently evaluating LED lighting for use with the MAX aquariums and we hope to be able to offer a reef safe LED lighting solution within the near future.

17 MAX® C-Series New in cabinet Power Center
7 individually switched power sockets for all system electrical sub-components with integrated circuit breaker

18 MAX® C-Series Plastic corner protector
Ensures silicone edge protection from glass scrapers

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