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E VERY L IFE H AS A P URPOSE… Ultima ® X3 Gas Monitor.

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1 E VERY L IFE H AS A P URPOSE… Ultima ® X3 Gas Monitor

2 Ultima X3 Technology  ModBus output  Multisensing  Up-to 3 sensors per transmitter  Signal Boost

3 Ultima X3 ModBus Output  ModBus RTU  Industry standard  More available data than any sensor / transmitter on the market  Over 200 datum  Prosoft Tested  Certified  Compatible with Allen-Bradley PLC

4 Ultima X3 Multi-Sensing  Up-to 31 monitors on one network  Up-to 3 sensors per monitor  Total of 93 sensors on one bus network  Half duplex  Multi-drop

5 Ultima X3 Power Parameters

6 Ultima X3 Network Topography

7 Ultima X3 Maximum Sensor Combinations ElectrochemicalCatalytic BeadInfrared

8 Ultima X3 Without Remote Power Only One Catalytic Bead sensor allowed with Infrared sensor ElectrochemicalCatalytic BeadInfrared

9 Ultima X3 Examples

10 Ultima X3 Main PCB  Same sensor to main PCB wiring scheme  Total of three sensor connectors  100 ft - 4 wire  2 power  2 comms  3000 ft – 5 wire  2 power  3 comms

11 Ultima X3 Signal Boost Requirements  Signal converter PCB added to main enclosure if signal boost needed for any sensor

12 Ultima X3 Signal Boost Requirements  Signal converter PCB required at each remote sensor  External power supply required for remote sensors

13 Ultima X3 Display Sequence  Similar display sequence as standard X  Gas type  Gas reading  Sensor flag details sensor number

14 Ultima X3 Fault Condition  Fault message appears for particular sensor  Display locks  Condition must be acknowledged before display will cycle.

15 Ultima X3 Alarm Condition  Alarm flag is displayed  Display locks  Display clears  Unlatched alarm clears  IR / push-button reset after latched alarm condition goes below set point

16 Ultima X3 Relay Configurations  Standard (as shipped)  Each sensor alarm tied to different relay

17 Ultima X3 Relay Configurations  Optional setting through Controller  Each sensor tied to different relay  One alarm set point per sensor

18 Ultima X3 Calibration  Will require a two man calibration with increased remote sensing distances  Sensor exchange program available  How the program works  Replacement modules are shipped at pre-determined intervals of 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months.  Sign a program agreement for your choice of 1, 2, or 3 years.  Receive a pre-calibrated sensor module plus complete calibration documentation in a returnable, pre-labeled container  The shipping container, which identifies the sensor type, is used for return of the old sensor module.

19 Ultima X3 Technology  ModBus RTU output  Multi-sensing capabilities, allowing up- to three sensors to one monitor  Signal boost option, allowing for up-to 3000ft. between remote sensor and monitor

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