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Managing Utilities The Katy Freeway Reconstruction Program

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1 Managing Utilities The Katy Freeway Reconstruction Program
Ken Stayer PBQ&D AASHTO/FHWA 2005 Right of Way and Utilities Subcommittee Conference May 18, 2005

2 Project Limits Overview

CLAY RD. HEMPSTEAD ADDICKS RESERVOIR BLALOCK 290 FRY RD. MASON BARKER CYPRESS S H 6 ELDRIDGE FRANZ FRANZ WILCREST BELTWAY 8 GESSNER BINGLE WIRT KIRKWOOD ANTOINE COLONIAL PKWY DAIRY ASHFORD WESTVIEW POST OAK ECHO VOSS PARKWAY GRAND ROSENER BARKER CLODINE MEMORIAL CHIMNEY ROCK HIGHLAND KNOLL BRIAR FOREST SAN FELIPE Preliminary Subject to Change BARKER RESERVOIR WESTHEIMER RICHMOND WEST PARK Construction Package Contract A B C1 C2 D E1 E2 F G Utility Cost Estimate $3 Million $41 Million $18 Million $25 Million $71 Million $56 Million $42 Million $62 Million TBD Proposed Letting Date 7/2003 5/2003 3/2005 12/2004 7/2004 1/2005 2/2005 1/2007 End of Construction 7/2006 6/2006 8/2008 12/2008 11/2008 12/2007 3/2009 Construction Cost Estimate $83 Million* $208 Million* $153 Million* $84 Million* $250 Million* $204 Million* $158 Million* $263 Million* $38 Million The seven proposed construction contracts were jointly designed by ten engineering design companies, all working to develop the final plans. Break points between projects were selected to optimize constructability of any transitions that might be needed. *Actual Low Bid Amount Texas Department of Transportation Vegetative Landscaping, Aesthetic Walls and Final Signing/Striping will be awarded as separate contracts.

4 Looking East at Kirkwood
Typical Freeway Condition Looking East at Kirkwood

5 The Reconstruction Program
Reconstruction of 25 miles of Interstate Freeway under traffic; including 2 miles on I-610 2 Freeway-Freeway Interchanges 27 Grade Separated Intersections One of the Largest Highway Construction Projects in the State’s History First Project in the Nation to Construct Toll Lanes on an Existing Interstate Highway Nine Major Construction Contracts $318.4 Million of Utility Adjustment Cost

6 Program “Firsts” Largest TxDOT Project
Use of Major Investment Study (MIS) Process Corridor-Wide Program (Not Individual Projects) Use of General Engineering Consultant (GEC) for Design and Construction Inspection Fast Track Implementation of Program Addition of Toll Road in Median of Interstate Twice the Normal Lettings Schedule Outsourcing ROW Acquisition Activities on Corridor Basis

7 Role of the GEC for Utilities
Phase I - Design Be a Surrogate for TxDOT Establish Project-wide Standards & Criteria Coordinate Utility Designs with 10 Roadway Section Design Consultants (SDC) and 32 Utility Companies Distribute Design Plans and Host 30%, 60%, 70%, 90% and 100% Utility Design Coordination Meetings Provide Utility Agreement Review as Requested by TxDOT Develop and Coordinate ROWD Approval of Utility Exceptions to Policy Develop and Maintain a ROW and Utility Adjustment Status Tracking Documents Develop and Maintain the Utility and ROW Sections of a Project Website

8 Existing Utilities @ Beltway 8 From Level B SUE

9 Early Conceptual Section

10 Proposed Utilities @ Beltway 8

11 Proposed Section West of Beltway 8

12 Proposed Section @ SBC Manhole West of Beltway 8

13 Role of GEC for Utilities
Phase II – Construction Be a Surrogate for TxDOT Utility Inspection Services Submit Weekly Inspector Diaries, SW3P Reports, Construction Progress Reports, Survey Information Photographs and Maintain Redline Plan Sets. Establish Project-wide Standards & Criteria Coordinate Utility Field Change Reviews with SDC’s and Potentially Affected Utilities Host and Attend various Utility Construction Coordination Meetings Distribute Weekly Utility Conflict List and Schedules for Partnering Meetings

14 Role of GEC for Utilities
Schedule Utility Attendance at Weekly Partnering Meetings as Required to Update Schedules Develop and Coordinate Solutions for Utility Conflicts Identified During Construction Develop and Maintain ROW Status Tracking for Vacate Dates, Utility Disconnects/Reconnects, ACM Testing and Contractor Removals Maintain the Utility and ROW Sections of Project Website for Roadway Change Order Transmittals Maintain Utility and ROW Composite Mapping Provide Inspection of 48 to 52 Utility Contractors Working on the Corridor Weekly

15 Challenge & Issues TxDOT Use of GEC for Utility Inspection
Temporary Utility Adjustments Potential Impacts of Construction Delays Maintenance of Milestone Schedules Consistency Across Projects ROW Acquisition, Testing, Disconnects and Clearing Impact to Adjacent Properties Permanent Utility Relocations Construction Sequence Traffic Maintenance

16 CenterPoint Transmission Temporary Adjustment

17 CenterPoint Transmission Permanent Adjustment

18 Composite Cut Sheet 67

19 Composite Cut Sheet 74

20 Roadway Contract Schedule
Schedule of ROW Entry / Utility Relocation Parcel No. Prep ROW Util Relo Rdwy Const /14/ /14/ /1/05 /28/05 3/28/ /1/05 /14/05 3/14/ /14/05 /14/05 3/14/ /1/05 /14/05 3/14/ /14/07 /15/05 6/15/ /4/07 /1/ /1/ /1/07 /1/05 9/1/ /4/07

21 Construction Cost “Drivers”
Time Constrained Schedule ROW Acquisition Tight Border Width for Utilities Limited Work Forces Magnitude of Traffic Handling Material Shortages Scope Changes Labor Rate Increases

22 GEC Tools Bi-Weekly Status Meeting with District Senior Staff
Weekly Roadway Contract Partnering Meetings Bi-Weekly Utility Coordinator and Inspector Meeting Bi-Weekly ROW Team Meeting Project Solve Web Site Extensive Project Contacts Database Excellent Working Relationships Dedicated Inspection Staff 30 Minute Rule

23 SBC Katy Freeway Construction Facts
Copper Sheath Feet 938,641 (178 miles) Million Conductor Feet (MCF) 2, Fiber Sheath Feet 510,291 (97 miles) Derived RT Pairs 97,028 Copper Pairs Terminated CO. 109,700 Fiber Strands Terminated at CO. 6,168 Conduit Trench Feet 232,797 (44 miles) Proposed New Manholes 383

24 Major Investment Study
Project Development Process 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 Public Participation & Outreach Public Participation & Outreach Advanced Planning Advanced Planning ROD Preliminary Design Preliminary Design Reevaluation Major Investment Study Environmental Studies Environmental Studies We Are Here Detailed Design Detailed Design ROW & Utilities Roadway Construction

25 Program Contact Information Visit Our Website: Call or Visit: Katy Public Information Office 11757 Katy Freeway, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77079 The Public Information Website ( is accessible to interested viewers world-wide. It will play a major role keeping the public informed as the Program goes forward.

26 Thank You! Questions?

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