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Industrial Statistics In Afghanistan Economic Statistics Division Central Statistics Organization(CSO) Afghanistan 1.

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1 Industrial Statistics In Afghanistan Economic Statistics Division Central Statistics Organization(CSO) Afghanistan 1

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7  Implementation of recent industrial Statistics standard in Afghanistan  Maintenance of business  Recent experience  Future Plan 7

8 Afghanistan CSO collecting industrial data quarterly with public and private sector. we publish the data annually in statistical year book. Methodology of data collection : CSO in every provinces have PSUs. every quarter we send the questioner to provinces, our provincial surveyors contact to industries collect the data and sent to main office. 8

9 After checking the forms we analyze the data with ISIC (Version 2) code classification. 9

10 Data preparation : All industrial questionnaires received would undergo editing and coding process. Editing process includes comparing data and average unit price for reference year with the data of the previous year.Any substantial change would need clarifications and confirmation. Queries would be made through telephone call. 10

11 Data Processing : After undergoing some editing checks, selection fields from the questionnaires are captured using PCs.The data are than validated with the assistance of computer edit specifications. Clean survey results at state offices level are then sent HQ. we processes the data by workers and activities and also we analyze the data by product,sale, expenditure and value added. 11

12 DATA QUALITY MEASUREMENT Two stages of data quality control being applied First, in state offices: range of main variables such as ratio of input/output, output/employment wages/employment, value added/employment will be checked thoroughly by editor and supervisors. List of commodities and its average price range also being supply to state offices for the purpose of quality checking. Beside that, state offices also supplied computer edit specifications to check any irregularity during data entry. Second, in HQ, check any error from the report produced by IT division including “force accept value” from state offices. Subject matter division also conducts data analysis. 12

13 This survey was a sample survey, and implemented in all Afghanistan by supported of Asian Development Bank( ADB). The country of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces. Out of these 34 provinces, 32 provinces have both rural and urban areas while the remaining 2 provinces, namely, Nuristan and Panjsher have only rural areas. All the provinces were kept under the survey coverage of IBES 2009 13

14 The fieldwork commenced on 16 th May 2009 and it continued till middle of June 2009. Organizing the Fieldwork :A team of 117 primary field workers and 42 supervisors and controlers, all posted in statistical offices of various provinces under the direct control of CSO, was engaged for the fieldwork and supervision. 14

15 For contraction 40 and more than 40 For services 30 and more than 30 workers 15 For implementation of this survey we choose cut-off. For industries 50 and more than 50 workers

16 In 2013 we plan to do the second round IBES survey in Afghanistan. The preliminary plan is finished in August 2013 we plan to implement this survey. This survey is supported by World bank. 16

17 Index of Industrial Production (IIP) 17

18 A summary indicator that measures the short-term changes in the volume of industrial production during a given period with respect to that in a chosen base period. 18

19 Used extensively by Government Departments, Industrial Associations, Research Institutes, Academicians, etc. for research and policy making. To facilitate comparative studies on performance of the countries in the industrial sector. An indicator used in the advanced and quarterly estimates for estimating Gross Domestic Product from the manufacturing sector 19

20 The general scope of the index of industrial production recommended by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD): o Mining and quarrying, Manufacturing, Electricity, as well as water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities. The scope of general index of industrial production in Afghanistan: o Mining, Manufacturing and Electricity. 20


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