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2015 Discovery Projects Monique O’Callaghan Leah Mount 23 January 2014

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1 2015 Discovery Projects Monique O’Callaghan Leah Mount 23 January 2014
The University of Melbourne MELBOURNE RESEARCH 2015 Discovery Projects Monique O’Callaghan Leah Mount 23 January 2014

2 Presentation Overview
MR Submission dates and service provided 2015 Discovery Projects overview Major Eligibility Changes Project Personnel Application components (inc Budget) Questions

3 Submission dates and service provided
MR Submission Policy for ARC/NHMRC grants Policy approved and endorsed by: - Associate Deans (Research) - Faculty Research Managers - DVCR, Prof Jim McCluskey Submission period – not a single internal closing date MR needs a “review ready” draft in order to provide meaningful feedback

4 ARC DP15 Submission Period
Monday 17th February (or earlier!) until 5pm Wednesday 19th February Applications received after the 19 February will NOT receive MR Feedback

5 What do I need to submit? (17-19 February)
Deliver hard copy to MR: Alan Gilbert Building Barry Street, Level 5 Review Ready application (PDF printed from RMS) AND 2) Completed MR Review Coversheet Confirms contact details and that the application is ‘review ready’

6 What is a ‘Review Ready’ Application?
“Review Ready” Application means the following are complete: RMS Profiles for all personnel Section A – Admin Summary Section B – Classifications/Statistical Info Section C – Include Role of Personnel, Research Environment, Management of Data. (May exclude the Aims/Background/ Project sections) C2 –Medical and Dental Research Statement (if applicable) Section D – Budget: all organisation columns (cash & in-kind) Section E – Budget Justification Section F – Personnel Section (all CI/PI) G – Research Support table (all CI/PI) Section H – Statements on Progress of ARC projects/fellowships I – Additional Information

7 What does MR do? 2 MR staff members review & compile 1 feedback form
Check eligibility and compliance with ARC Funding Rules, Instructions to Applicants, FAQs Note: MR doesn’t comment on or research project quality or expertise of team - innovation, methodology, ROPE  MENTORS, COLLEAGUES, FACULTY PROCESSES

8 Examples of what MR checks?
CI/PI eligibility – completed RMS Profiles are essential Cross check ‘Role of Personnel’ against the budget & section F to ensure all personnel are included/justified Section F (ROPE) to ensure CI/PI eligibility Check time commitment of CI/PI are consistent

9 Examples of what MR checks?
‘Research Environment’ - balance between institution and research group. “Opportunity for knowledge growth, innovation, collaboration, mentoring, student training” Eligibility of budget items Salaries are correct (salary scales) Items/amounts in the budget match justification Grant/fellowship information is consistent

10 Final Application DUE DATE
Due date for all UoM applicants: 5pm 12 March 2014  MUST be complete and be ready for ARC submission - No further checks by MR - No changes by CI after this date MR then certifies/submits to ARC by 19 March 2014

11 What do I need to submit by the 12 March?
Electronic Final Submission to MR only (*NEW*) 1) Generate PDF in RMS and Submit to Research Office AND 2) with: - PDF of FINAL application generated by RMS - Scanned UoM Authority to Submit Form. ATS form requires signatures of CI, PI and HOD – ARC requirement.

12 Resources All applicants must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) Subscribe to the new MR Bulletin Look at past successful applications: Make sure all named CI/PI get access RMS Read ARC Documents: Funding Rules Instructions to Applicants FAQs Summary of Major Changes to Funding Rules

13 MR Resources Access the Melbourne Research Website – DP15 page
2014 University of Melbourne “ARC Salary Scales & Budget Prep S/Sheet”* University of Melbourne Guide to Completing DP 2015 Application University of Melbourne Guide to Completing the Research Environment Template for Part F12.2 (Grant table after pub list) Template for Part G (Research support table) Research Impact Library Advisory Service

14 2015 Discovery Project overview
Funding Rules* now cover whole Discovery Program -Discovery Projects -DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards) -Laureate Fellowships -Discovery Indigenous Read Part A (General Rules) and Part C (DP Specific Rules) FAQs – now cover whole Discovery Program* DPs for a max 5 years* commencing on 1 January 2015 Min funding $30,000 per year Max funding $500,000 per year

15 2015 Discovery Project overview
DP15 funds: Salaries of personnel Teaching Relief Equipment Consumables Travel International Collaboration Award Fieldwork expenses Does not fund CI or PI salaries DORAS not offered for 2015*

16 DP Eligibility: Medical and Dental Research is not funded:
See Funding Rules and website: “Medical and Dental Research means research and/or training primarily and substantially aimed at understanding or treating human disease or health condition”

17 Medical and Dental Research:
This includes, but is not limited to, Projects that involve any of the following: a. late pre-clinical or early human trials of a human therapeutic agent, material or diagnostic test or device; or other interventional research involving humans; b. using material collected from human subjects for the primary purpose of studying the underlying causes, prevalence, epidemiology or mode of inheritance of a disease or human condition; or c. using established animal models or established cell lines for the purpose of studying the underlying causes, prevalence, epidemiology or mode of inheritance of a human disease or human health condition.  Implications for basic research, bioengineering

18 Medical and Dental Research:
New question C2 – Complete if applicable If not med/dental – write ‘not applicable’ Justify against the ARC med/dental policy (eg: 3 points of the definition) DP14 – UoM 4 ineligible applications

19 Eligibility – Grant Limits
ARC DP 2 grant limit requirement: Within the Discovery Program a researcher can be funded for a maximum of: Two Projects as a CI, OR b. One ARC Fellowship or ARC Award, and one Project as a CI Maximum limits include awarded and requested applications “Award”: DECRA, DORA, Discovery Indigenous Awards “Fellowship”: Future Fells, Laureate Fells,

20 Eligibility – Grant Limits
DECRA recipients and current Future Fellows – can only apply for/hold 1 DP (or DI) with funding in 2015 FT14 applicants – can only apply for/hold 1 DP (or DI) with funding in 2015 FL14 applicants – can only hold 1 with funding in 2015 at time of Laureate submission

21 Eligibility – Grant Limits
DP15 Rules do not contain cross-scheme restrictions on: ARC CoE roles NHMRC grant holders DP15 Rules do not contain sole CI limits (You can hold/apply for 2 sole CI DPs) Refer to ARC FAQs, Table 2

22 Named Personnel Chief Investigator (CI)
As at 1 Jan 2015, and for the duration of the project: 0.5 FTE or greater appointment with Eligible Organisations (ARC Rules, A12.1 – Aust. Universities)

23 Chief Investigator (CI)
If you are employed at another organisation (eg: research institute, hospital etc) you may still be eligible as a CI, if: Your organisation/institute earns less than 50% of its research income from govt sources AND You hold an honorary appointment at an Eligible Organisation (Note: if the organisation earns >50% of its research income from government sources  PI only)

24 Chief Investigator (CI)
Be an employee for at least 0.2 FTE at one Eligible Organisation and hold a paid position at a museum or herbarium. (The museum or herbarium must be a state/territory or commonwealth govt funded organisation not predominantly funded to carry out research, but with research related purposes and objectives.)

25 Partner Investigator (PI)
Ineligible to be a CI Employees of overseas Universities and Organisations PhD students can be PI (Note: track record to be assessed) Employee of an Eligible Organisation, but does not reside predominantly in Australia PIs are expected to secure cash, in‐kind or other resources from their organisation for the project Note: When requesting RMS accounts – PI should select ARC to administer the RMS account (not UoM)

26 Application components including Major changes

27 Part A A1-Proposal working Title
10 words and can differ to part C proposal title. A6 – Impact Statement ARC Definition: Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia. May be used for public release

28 Part B Strategic Research Priorities
Key words, FOR codes important for assisting in selecting assessors. Strategic Research Priorities are to be listed NOT the National Research Priorities

29 Part C – Project Description
Selection criteria the same % as 2013/2014. Addition of “What is the potential for the research to contribute to the Strategic Research Priorities” – Project Quality and Innovation “Will the research be cost effective and value for money” - Feasibility and Benefit 2015 Investigators 40% Project Quality and Innovation 25% Feasibility and Benefit 20% Research Environment 15%

30 Part C - Project Description
MUST use ARC subheadings in same order: - Project Title * Can differ from A2 & exceed 10 words - Aims and Background - Research Project - Role of Personnel - Research Environment - Communication of Results - Management of Data *NEW* Note: ‘References’ not mentioned in Instructions doc, but ARC have confirmed can be included as a separate heading or as footnotes (Size 10 font). 10 page limit.

31 Part C1 – Research Environment
Research Environment is defined in the glossary (Funding Rules, p7): “Research Environment means the laboratory, department, school, centre or institute within the Administering Organisation where the majority of the research will be undertaken, and which provides opportunities for knowledge growth, innovation, collaboration, mentoring and student training”. Guide available on MR DP web page Look at past successful applications in DP Library

32 Part C1 – Communication of Results
Mention the ARC Open Access Policy: Publications must be deposited into an open access institutional repository within a twelve (12) month period from the date of publication.

33 Part C1 – Management of Data
New subheading under Project Description Discuss storage, access and re-use arrangements UoM Policy – Management of Research Data and Records Doing Data Melbourne website  Contains info and practical resources to plan research data management

34 Part D- Budget Can consist of ARC, Admin Org, Other Eligible Org and Other Org columns Cash and in-kind columns CI/PI salary contribution gets entered in the Cash column NOTE: Any CI receiving a fellowship salary from Commonwealth, State or Territory funding must NOT enter their salary in the budget table All other in-kind contributions in the relevant organisation column – & justified in E2


36 Part D- Budget Project Costs – In-kind You can include:
salaries of other support staff (non CI/PI) who will work on the project Anything you can put a $ value on being contributed which will support the project but not be bought specifically for the project (eg: equipment usage) Don’t include standard basic facilities which the Admin Org must provide anyway

37 Part D- Budget Eligible Budget Items:
See Funding Rules Part A (general rules) & Part C (DP specific) Personnel RA, post doc salaries, technicians – use MR Salary Scales Higher degree stipends ($25,406 per yr) Teaching Relief – max $40K per yr Equipment Based on quotes Maintenance of equipment (must be project specific) Specialised computer equipment and software essential to the project (non-standard) Request large items through LIEF

38 Part D- Budget Maintenance
Consumables –eg: lab consumables, postage for surveys, equipment access time Travel Domestic and international – economy airfares Max $50K over the life of the project Use ATO rates to cost Itemise clearly in the Description column – who is travelling, where, how long. Put flights and accommodation on separate lines

39 Part D- Budget Fieldwork expenses Does not count to $50K travel limit
See ARC Definition of Field Research (pg 6) International Collaboration Award 2 ICAs per project for CI or PI $20,000 per yr per CI/PI (Max for 5 year project funding 1CI & 1PI is $200,000 over the project) 12 months per ICA total over the life of the project ICA’s no longer Pro rated Other Publication & dissemination costs (no % limit) Expert 3rd party services (eg: translation, data collection/analysis) Web hosting and development Conference registration Workshops – excluding hospitality/entertainment

40 Project Costs Items not supported by ARC Bench fees, lab access fees
Professional development courses Equipment for live music or drama performances Visas, relocation costs, insurance Entertainment costs, hospitality costs

41 Budgeting tools Salary Scales & Budget Preparation Spreadsheet (UoM login required)

42 Part E-Budget Justification
5 pages: DP 15 stronger emphasis on budget justification Justify each item under the same subheading as the budget table Demonstrate that items are necessary for the conduct of the project Cost effective and value for money

43 Part F - Personnel Selection criteria - 40% investigators
Each CI, PI must have up to date RMS profile (update positions for the last 10 years). Current position must be ticked in RMS “My details”, “Personal details”

44 Part F-Personnel F9 Organisational affiliation for Eligibility Purposes: Lead CIs – Organisation = The University of Melbourne Other CIs – Organisation = Employing University PIs– Name of employer as at 1 Jan 2015 Select Employee if employed 50% or more FTE at an Eligible Organisation as at 1 Jan 2015 Select Adjunct if your honorary appointment at an Eligible Organisation) is the reason you meet the CI eligibility .

45 Part F-Personnel F10 - What is your time commitment (%FTE) to this project. Ensure your %FTE matches what you have included in the budget and the Role of Personnel section of the Project Description

46 Part F-Personnel F12.1 (Career Opportunities)
LAST 10 YEARS - from 1 Jan 2004 Max 5250 characters (approx 750 words) F12.1 Use ARC numbering F12.2 Recent significant Research Outputs- Publications Use ARC categories and grant table template Only published, ”in press” or “accepted” publications can be listed (include date) Citations can be included

47 Part F - Personnel F12.2: Table of ARC grants awarded in the last 10 years - ARC has confirmed this means grants which commence in 2004 onwards. F12.3: 10 Best Outputs (no time restriction) Stick to ARC imposed word limits (30 words) Mention if funded by ARC grants – fellows & CIs only

48 F12.2, F12.3, F12.4, F12.5 FOR PIs only with non-academic backgrounds:
Can include short statement why questions not applicable due to their background/role

49 Part G – Research support
List ALL funded research from and all requested in 2015 Must be correct and complete – IDs (ARC & NHMRC), scheme, round, R, C, P Ensure ALL CIs/PIs list ALL projects Check grant limits for ALL named people MR template available

50 Part H - Statement of Progress
1 page per report needed – ARC funded projects/fellowships in 2013 REMINDER MR survey to decide if you need an ARC progress report by exception due 31 Jan 2014 ARC Exception Report must be submitted to MR by Friday 28 Feb 2014.

51 Melbourne Research Contacts
RMS PI RMS accounts: Application Questions: Leah Mount Phone: Monique O’Callaghan Phone:

52 Location of Discovery Project Team:
Deliver hard copy ‘review ready’ applications to: 161 Barry Street (Level 5 Alan Gilbert Bldg) Questions......

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