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SPRAYBERRY HIGH SCHOOL October 16, 2014 ASCA Standards: A:A1.5, A:B1.5, A:B2.6, A:C1.5, A:C1.6 and PS:B1.2.

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Presentation on theme: "SPRAYBERRY HIGH SCHOOL October 16, 2014 ASCA Standards: A:A1.5, A:B1.5, A:B2.6, A:C1.5, A:C1.6 and PS:B1.2."— Presentation transcript:

1 SPRAYBERRY HIGH SCHOOL October 16, 2014 ASCA Standards: A:A1.5, A:B1.5, A:B2.6, A:C1.5, A:C1.6 and PS:B1.2

2  John Kelly – Principal Kerri McDougal, Assistant Principal, Alpha A-C Leigh Graham, Assistant Principal, Alpha D-H Richmond Parker, Assistant Principal, Alpha I-M Joe Sharp, Assistant Principal, Alpha N-S Mark Giles, Athletic Director/AP, Alpha T-Z

3 Tina Harwood Student Last Names A-D Paula Ferguson Student Last Names E-Kh Brandy Brady Student Last Names Ki-Ri Rebecca Irwin Student Last Names Rj-Z

4 We believe that all students can achieve by responding to their individual learning styles and needs. As Professional School Counselors we are an integral part of our educational programs for student success that include school guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

5 The Counselors believe:  All students will have equal access to a professional school counselor  All students have the ability to learn and be successful  All students needs will be met through a curriculum in the domains of academic, career, and personal/social  All students will be provided with specialized interventions based on identified student needs

6  What do we need to know to be successful in 9 th grade and beyond??  Transcript and GPA Calculation  Promotion Requirements  Graduation Requirements  Importance of Course Rigor (HOPE)  Student Responsibilities for Success  Planning for 10 th Grade and Beyond

7  A cumulative record listing all high school courses and grades  Used by colleges and employers  Permanent Record unlike report cards and progress reports  Begins with grades earned in the freshmen year (middle school Math or Foreign Language)

8  Your cumulative GPA  Your class rank  Rigor of courses  Courses that count toward your HOPE GPA  Graduation requirements

9  Math 4 Credits  Science4 Credits  English4 Credits  Social Studies 3 Credits  Career Tech,3 Credits Foreign Language, or Fine Arts  Health.5 Credit  Personal Fitness.5 Credit  Electives 4 Credits  GraduationMinimum 23 Credits

10  5 Credits = 10 th Grade, must include 1 credit in LA, Math, Science  10 Credits = 11 th Grade, must include 2 credits from LA, Math, and Science  16 Credits = 12 th Grade 23 Graduate


12  English Language Arts 9 th Literature, American Literature  Math CCGPS Coordinate Algebra, CCGPS Analytic Geometry  Science Biology  Social Studies US History, Economics EOC =20% of the course grade EOC scores are waived for

13  The GHSWT remains a diploma requirement for those enrolled in grade nine for the first time prior to July 1, 2013 (this year’s juniors and seniors for the most part).  Students enrolled in grade nine for the first time on or after July 1, 2013 no longer must pass the GHSWT and SHOULD NOT be assessed using the GHSWT (this year’s freshmen and sophomores for the most part). SubjectBSTQCC/TransitionalGPS Writing July 1, 1987 – June 30, 1991 July 1, 1991 – June 30, 2005 (QCC) July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2013 * * As a result of amendments to State Board of Education rule on August 21, 2014

14  Grade Point Average (GPA): A = B = C = D = F = and ↓  Cumulative, Core, HOPE, College  Determines class rank

15 Step 1: Assign each grade a numeric value A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0 Step 2: Multiply the numeric point value by the units of credit attempted Step 3: Total the values from step 2 & divide by the total number of credits attempted AP Courses and some honors classes earn quality points

16 “B” Average GPA  Ninth Lit  Biology  Spanish I  CCGPS Coor Alg  W. Geography  Marketing =18 18/6 = 3.0 “A” Average GPA  Ninth Lit  Biology  Spanish I  CCGPS Coor Alg  W. Geography  Marketing =21 21/6=3.5

17  GPA = Grade Point Average  Perfect GPA = 4.0 All As  College admissions:  Four year college admissions ▪ 2.5 expected minimum ▪ Competitive Universities– in Honors and Advanced Placement courses

18  Makes you smarter  Helps you find your interests  Helps you to overcome challenges  Boosts your cumulative GPA  Improves your class rank  Prepares you for big tests (ACT, SAT, ASVAB, COMPASS, EOC tests)  Gives you an advantage in college admissions  Makes college easier  Can earn college credit


20  Physics  CCGPS Advanced Algebra  4 th Math Option beyond CCGPS Adv Alg HOPE Rigor handout provides additional information Visit periodically for the most current information regarding HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Rigorwww.gacollege411

21  Monitor Agenda for assignments  Be proactive- talk to your teacher when you have questions  Check teacher blogs  Tutoring  After school Mon-Fri 3:40 – 4:45  Be responsible to get your make up work if absent  Media Center Resources  Parent/Teacher Conferences  Monitor Grades/Attendance on ParentVue


23 This application allows you to view your student's grades and attendance over the Internet For ParentVue access please see Ms. Fitzgerald in the front office and provide a valid ID


25  Individual Graduation Plans (IGP)- guide students and parents to ensure mandatory courses are taken  Career Cruising Activities and gacollege411 help students determine career interests and post secondary options needed  9 th Grade Elective Course Registration-

26  Elective Registration will begin on Monday, October 20 th.  Students will be pulled from elective or non-academic courses when possible.  IGP and elective registration will take place with a counselor.  Course requests will be sent out Spring Semester for verification.

27  Registration for Core Classes will take place near the end of each semester by teacher recommendation.  These recommendations will be sent out with the elective selections Spring Semester.  Waivers must be provided if a change in core course recommendations is requested.  Foreign Language selections will be done as electives but will be given top priority.

28 Handouts available in the Lobby area  Graduation Requirements/GPA calculation  SHS 4 Year Individual Graduation Plans  Elective Registration Course List  HOPE Rigor update  Fall Afterschool Tutoring Schedule  Counselor Contact information We look forward to serving the CLASS of 2018!

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