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IN-04 C1 Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, IEEE. IN-04: GEOSS Communication Networks Description: Enhance timely and reliable access to, and delivery of, Earth observation.

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1 IN-04 C1 Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, IEEE

2 IN-04: GEOSS Communication Networks Description: Enhance timely and reliable access to, and delivery of, Earth observation and information from all Societal Benefit Areas. In particular, address access issues in developing countries. Consider the collection of satellite and in-situ data, the transfer of data and products between relevant agencies, and the dissemination of data and products to users. Make use of relevant technology including the Internet, wireless communication (fixed and mobile) networks (e.g. satellite, cellular, WiFi, WIMAX), broadband land connections, and satellite-based direct-broadcast systems independent from ground-based telecommunications infrastructures.

3 C1: Worldwide Communication Network of Networks Priority Actions: Expand GEOSS' worldwide network capability and capacity to: (i) g ather Earth observation data from sensors and instruments via mobile and fixed devices, and (ii) for data and information dissemination, utilizing interconnected networks based on satellite, fixed land- based and mobile/wireless communication. Provide capabilities such as user access and data exchange and dissemination services in response to users’ and providers’ needs Establish methods for network access to a wide range of existing and newly developed sensors and instruments using automated sensor discovery, access, data handling and processing, data quality and sustainability, metadata annotation and support for calibration Explore integration of sensor web, model web, cloud computing and “big data analytics” technologies, with an emphasis on predictive analytics Establish a set of demonstrators as well as a framework for demonstrators that will include data collection and access in different regions, including under-served regions (e.g. through mobile phone networks, Internet of Things technology, all sorts of wired/wireless links, mesh networks, satellite networks, etc.) Build upon and integrate existing systems and ensure operational exchange of data, information and warnings in Societal Benefit Areas (SBA).

4 Task IN-04-C1 Current Projects (GEOSS IN-04 C1) Citclops : monitoring water colour, transparency and fluorescence, COBWEB: Citizen Observatory Web WeSenseIt: Water Monitoring, flooding prediction.. Omniscientis: Odor risk management CitiSense: Air quality management

5 Task IN-04-C1 Key 2014 Outputs Air Quality RD (resp. q.) UV Thermal comfort Acoustic comfort User perception Photo/video Accelerometry Collecting Model transformation Data fusion Semantic Annotation WFS SOS REST Models Phone apps Web Portals GEOSS GML JSON XML KLM RDF GEORss/ XML OutputInput Processing

6 Task IN-04-C1 GEOSS Portal DAB GEOSS Clearinghouse WFS Approved data sets Citizens Observatories Community portals Discover/ Link Search Cross Tasks GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot – Phase 7 (AIP-7) Ongoing Report on GEOSS Community portals Portals / Mobile applications Models

7 Task IN-04-C1 Use of GEOSS registered data Collaboration within other FP7 projects, CO. Data Access Data Sharing Data Registration Share experiences, competencies

8 Task IN-04-C1 Challenges, Issues, and Gaps Hindering Progress Data quality/ validity Knowledge of the technical necessities and GEOSS support Identify relevant GEOSS resources GEOSS Competence Register relevant data Security Sensitive info GEOSS Benefits

9 Task IN-04-C1 Suggestions Raise awareness of benefit AIP-7 Citizens' Observatories projects Gather all info on one place, easy access – Simple guidelines – Webify reports – Examples – Code snippets – Demos

10 CITI-SENSE Mirjam Fredriksen, NILU Arne J. Berre, SINTEF Alena Bartonova, NILU

11 CITI-SENSE Implementation CITI-SENSE project, grant agreement nº: 308524

12 CITI-SENSE Architecture

13 GEOSS Clearinghouse GEO Portals GEOSS/INSPIRE/Member State Common Infrastructures Components & Services Standards & Interoperability Best Practices User Requirements Registries CITI-SENSE Observatory Web Apps, Mobile Apps, GEO-PORTALS, REPORTING Business Process Tier Registers: Ontologies App Schemas ….. User & Rights Management Visualisation & Portrayal Services Data Composition & Fusion Services Semantic Annotation, Mediation & Discovery Discovery Service Data Access Tier OGC Web Services (WFS, WCS, SOS) Event Services (WS-N, SAS, SES) Download Services Vocabularies Metadata editor Workflow Management & Orchestration (Service Chaining) Model Transformation & Model-as-a Service Uncertainty Handling & Provenance Sensor Platform Tier Smart Phone Mobile Sensors Mobile Devices, Apps, VGI Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Intelligent Gateways Adaptive Sensors (ThingML, Contiki, TinyOS, …) In situ/Mobile Sensors Wi-Fi Linked Data Services Discovery & View Application User Empowerment Social media Citizen Participation Protocol for Citizen Empowerment CITI-SENSE Products and Services CITI-SENSE and GEOSS

14 Task IN-04-C1 Big Geospatial Environmental Data Value Partnership Workshop and Questionnaire, Brussel February 19., 2014 Strength - Existing Ecosystems - Available Geo resources and assets - Available Data portals INSPIRE, Copernicus and GEOSS were stated as important data ecosystems by 87.1%, 43.3% and 40.0% of the participants Weaknesses Access to affordable big data facilities, visibility of ecosystem service offerings and access to affordable cloud resources were stated as likely market barriers in the next five years by 56.7%, 43.3% and 40.0% of the participants Opportunities Environmental monitoring/sensing, social media and industrial processing were stated as important domains for combination with geospatial/environmental data by 94.1% and 73.5.7% and 41.2 % of the participants, Threats - Market/competition - Data availability policies - Availability of skilled geospatial big data scientists, engineers and researchers

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