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Angles and Stuff Lines and Things Plane Shapes Space Shapes.

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2 Angles and Stuff Lines and Things Plane Shapes Space Shapes

3 This angle measures less than 90 degrees A-A1

4 What is an acute angle? Q-A1

5 A-A2 This angle measures greater than 90 degrees

6 What is an obtuse angle? Q-A2

7 A-A3 This is the measure of a straight angle

8 What is 180 degrees? Q-A3

9 A-A4 This is the sum of the measures of the angles in a rectangle

10 What is 360 degrees? Q-A4

11 A-A5 This is the sum of the measures of the angles in a triangle

12 What is 180 degrees? Q-A5

13 A-B1 This is part of a line, and has 2 endpoints

14 What is a line segment? Q-B1

15 A-B2 This is a part of a line, and has 1 endpoint (it’s ½ of a line)

16 What is a ray? Q-B2

17 A-B3 This is formed by 2 rays joined at their endpoints

18 What is an angle? Q-B3

19 A-B4 Two lines or planes that never intersect have this property

20 What is ‘parallel’? Q-B4

21 A-B5 Two lines or planes that intersect at a right angle have this property

22 What is ‘perpendicular’? Q-B5

23 A- C1 This plane shape is a 3-sided polygon with one 90 o angle (what is a ________ _________ )

24 What is a right triangle? Q-C1

25 A-C2 This plane shape has four sides, opposite sides are parallel, and no right angles

26 What is a parallelogram? Q-C2

27 A-C3 This polygon has 5 sides

28 What is a pentagon? Q-C3

29 A-C4 The points on this plane shape are all the same distance from the center

30 What is a circle? Q-C4

31 A-C5 This is the area of this rectangle 4 in. 2 in.

32 What is 8 in 2 ? (or 8 sq. in. or 8 square inches) Q-C5 4 in. 2 in.

33 A-D1 The six faces of this space shape are all congruent squares

34 What is a cube? Q-D1

35 A-D2 This space shape has two parallel, circular faces

36 What is a cylinder? Q-D2

37 A-D3 This space shape has a square base, and goes to a point at the opposite end

38 What is a square pyramid? Q-D3

39 A-D4 The points on this space shape are all the same distance from the center

40 What is a sphere? Q-D4

41 A-D5 This space shape has 2 congruent triangular faces at opposite ends

42 What is a triangular prism? Q-D5

43 A-E1 Type answer here

44 Type question here Q-E1

45 A-E2 Type answer here

46 Type question here Q-E2

47 A-E3 Type answer here

48 Type question here Q-E3

49 A-E4 Type answer here

50 Type question here Q-E4

51 A-E5 Type answer here

52 Type question here Q-E5

53 Final Jeopardy Q’est-ce que c’est que. Subject: Space Shapes S-Final

54 Final Jeopardy This is the volume of a cube whose edge lengths are all 4 cm. long A-Final 4 cm.

55 What is 64 cm 3 ? (or 64 cubic centimeters) (or 64 cc’s) Q-Final Final Jeopardy

56 Daily Double

57 PowerPoint Jeopardy Ver 2.2 Written by Winston Riley IV ( From Wonder Dog Programs (


59 How To Set Up A New Game (Page 1) You will need to come up with 25 answers followed by 25 questions in five different categories. All the updates to this file are like any other changes you can make in a PowerPoint slideshow. There are 25 pairs of pages waiting for you to enter your answers and questions. Each slide has a unique number in the lower left corner to help you keep track of which slide you are on. Since there are five categories the number starts with an A, B, C, D, or E, followed by a number within that category (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The A- or Q- prefix indicates the position within a pair. So a slide that has A-C3 is the third category, third answer: it is the one in the very middle of the board. You can page down or page up to the desired slide and change the text that is already there with your answer. The category headings must also be changed on the game board slide. Do this by selecting the slide and clicking in the text you want to change. Note that the headings are in a table More

60 How To Set Up A New Game (Page 2) The first slide also has a title on it which should be changed to reflect the topic of the game you are making. If you want to show a double Jeopardy answer select the slide and right-click on the black background. Choose ‘Background’ and select a red color for the background. Apply the background only to that slide. Repeat for the second slide. That’s it. You are now ready to play PowerPoint Jeopardy. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not rearrange the slides or delete them. There is VBA programming code within this slide show that relies on the slides being exactly where they are.

61 How To Play Jeopardy (Page 1) Jeopardy is unusual in that the host (teacher) reads an answer and the players (students) must give the question. This means that the answers must clearly point to a unique question, and the players must phrase their responses with a “what is...” or “Who is...” etc. A player asks for a category and a number of any available answers. The host reads the answer and the first person to raise their hand, once the question is finished being read, gets to respond with the question. If they are correct then they receive the number of points for that question (as shown on the game board) and they get to select the next answer. If they are wrong then any remaining players may raise their hand and respond. (NOTE: If you have a particular way that this game works well in a classroom situation, please e-mail me at, so that I can include that here. Thanks)

62 F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) (Page 1) Q) I keep getting error messages when I play, or the game board goes to the wrong slide. A) You have rearranged the slide and the program code within this game is no longer valid. Try setting up the game using a new template. Q) Nothing happens when I press the buttons. A) You must ‘Enable Macros’ when the slide show is opened. This game relies on the macro code that lies behind each slide. (NOTE: If you have any questions or comments about how this game works, please e-mail me at, so that I can include that here. Thanks)

63 thinkmusic.wav dailydouble.wav thinkmusic.wav


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