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TCSEC: The Orange Book. TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria.

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1 TCSEC: The Orange Book

2 TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

3 TCSEC Purpose -Establish best practices -Requirements for assessing the effectiveness of security controls -Measure computing resource security -Evaluate, classify, and select systems considered for computing resources

4 TCSEC: Purpose Guidance – provides guidance on how to design a trusted computing system along with their associated data and services Metrics – provides a metric (classification) for determining the level of trust assigned to a computing system.

5 Orange Book: Metrics Measurement of a system's security is quantified using a classification system. The Classes are: D C1 & C2 B1, B2, B3 A1 A is more secure than D 2 is more secure than 1.

6 Orange Book: Metrics The rating system is hierarchical D applies to any system that fails to meet any of the higher level security classes. The other levels have increasing security requirements. A1 systems would be rare.

7 Disclaimer An A1 system is not 100% secure. The risk level is expected to be lower compared to the other levels

8 Metrics: C1 Identification and authentication (user id & password) DAC – (Discretionary Access Controls) – capable of enforcing access controls – Example: Basic Unix/Linux OS, user, group, other.

9 Metrics: C2 C1 plus Audit trails System documentation and user manuals.

10 Metrics B1 C2 plus Discovered weaknesses must be mitigated

11 Metrics B2 B1 plus Security policy must be defined and documented Access controls for all subjects and objects

12 Metrics: B3 B2 plus Automated imminent intrusion detection, notification and response.

13 Metrics: A1 B3 + System is capable of secure distribution (can be transported and delivered to a client with the assurance of being secure)

14 Orange Book Security Criteria Security Policy Accountability Assurance Documentation

15 1. Security Policy The set of rules and practices that regulate how an organization manages, protects, and distributes information.

16 1. Security Policy The policy is organized into subjects and objects. Subjects act upon objects Subjects – processes and users. Objects – data, directories, hardware, applications A well defined access control model determines if a subject can be permitted access to an object.

17 Security Policy Top secret, secret, classified, non-classified Need-to-know, job division, job rotation, NDA, etc.

18 2. Accountability The responsibilities of all who come in contact with the system must be well defined. Identification (… the process to identify a user) Auditing (...accumulating and reviewing log information and all actions can be traced to a subject) Organizational chart Job description contract, AUP, NDA, SLA

19 3. Assurance The reasonable expectation that the security policy of a trusted system has been implemented correctly and works as intended. Assurance is organized into Operational assurance Life-cycle assurance

20 3a. Organizational Assurance Security policy is maintained in the overall design and operation of the system. Example: Users of the system have an assurance that access controls are enforced

21 3b. Life-cycle Assurance Insuring the system continues to meet the security requirements over the lifetime of the system. Updates to the software and hardware must be considered The expectation that the system remains operational (is available) over its lifetime Sustainability-cycle

22 4. Documentation Requirements Security Features User's Guide Trusted Facility Manual Test Documentation Design Documentation

23 Documentation: Security Features User's Guide Aimed at the ordinary (non-privileged) users. General usage policy *Instructions on how to effectively use the system Description of relevant security features

24 Documentation: Trusted Facility Manual Aimed at the S.A. Staff How the system is configured and maintained Includes the day-to-day required activities Backups Reviewing security logs

25 Documentation: Test Documentation Instructions on how to test the required security mechanisms

26 Documentation: Design Documentation Define the boundaries of the system A complete description of the hardware and software. Complete system design specifications Description of access controls

27 The Orange Book The Orange book has been superseded by the Common Criteria

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