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#techtourism#techtourism Stephen Whitelaw September 25 th 2014. Driving the Right Traffic to your Website.

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1 #techtourism#techtourism Stephen Whitelaw September 25 th 2014. Driving the Right Traffic to your Website

2 #techtourism#techtourism Agenda What is SEO? Natural v Organic SSL Do’s and Don’ts Webmaster Tools Google Analytics On-site and Off-site challenge Timing, Catering, Toilets and Fire Alarm Info. Please feel free to Tweet this morning

3 #techtourism#techtourism Stephen Whitelaw 30+ years in software / web / internet / digital media. Consulting, workshops, seminars, keynotes @toowist

4 #techtourism#techtourism Introductions Name Business Outcomes from Workshop?

5 #techtourism#techtourism Aims for today This workshop aims to give you a deeper understanding of the following: Website traffic How search engines work The importance of keyword research and fresh content How social media activities can help you on Google Improving search engine positioning Monitoring the health of your website

6 #techtourism#techtourism What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? “ The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords.” (Thus we need to understand what words and phrases are used by target audience)

7 #techtourism#techtourism Why is it important 1 of 2?

8 #techtourism#techtourism Why is it important 2 of 2? The vast majority of clicks -- roughly 60 percent, go to organic listings. Organic Clicks vs Paid Clicks

9 #techtourism#techtourism Inbound Marketing

10 #techtourism#techtourism Different Traffic sources exist Search traffic Direct traffic Referral traffic Campaigns

11 #techtourism#techtourism Web search engines Search information on the World Wide Web Web pages, images, videos, information and other file types Automated process Complex algorithms to determine rankings Entire site searchable Updates to site should be picked up Examples

12 #techtourism#techtourism How Search Works…

13 #techtourism#techtourism Have a friendly and easy to navigate website !

14 #techtourism#techtourism Search Engines

15 #techtourism#techtourism Yandex …

16 #techtourism#techtourism Baidu …

17 #techtourism#techtourism Search Engines Top 3 tier-1 search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo Internationally many local/huge players exist: China – Baidu(80% market share, & YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google !) Russian – Yandex(60% market share)

18 #techtourism#techtourism Global List … – global list of local search engines.

19 #techtourism#techtourism New Alternatives.. DuckDuckgo StartPage Blekko

20 #techtourism#techtourism Harder than ever to discover!

21 #techtourism#techtourism The Filter Bubble A distortion problem ….. “… people are exposed only to things they already agree with or are familiar with.”

22 #techtourism#techtourism Scott’s SearchDaniel’s Search

23 #techtourism#techtourism 57 signals! Our Search History. Our location – verfied the browser we use. the browsers version The computer we use The language we use the time we need to type in a query the time we spend on the search result page the time between selecting different results for the same query our operating system our operating systems version the resolution of our computer screen average amount of search requests per day average amount of search requests per topic (to finish search) distribution of search services we use (web / images / videos / real time / news / mobile) average position of search results we click on time of the day current date topics of ads we click on frequency we click advertising topics of adsense advertising we click while surfing other websites frequency we click on adsense advertising on other websites frequency of searches of domains on Google use of or google toolbar our age our sex use of “i feel lucky button” do we use the enter key or mouse to send a search request do we use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through search results do we use advanced search commands (how often) do we use igoogle (which widgets / topics) where on the screen do we click besides the search results (how often) where do we move the mouse and mark text in the search results amount of typos while searching how often do we use related search queries how often do we use autosuggestion how often do we use spell correction distribution of short / general queries vs. specific / long tail queries which other google services do we use (gmail / youtube/ maps / picasa /….) how often do we search for ourself

24 #techtourism#techtourism sort by: Relevant Important Uncomfortable Challenging Other Points of View

25 #techtourism#techtourism Search engine market share Country specific 9 out of 10 searches in the UK are conducted on Google Stats

26 #techtourism#techtourism Relationships between search engines Sharing primary search results Sharing paid search results Commercial arrangements Bruce Clay - Search engine relationship chart Search engine relationship chart histogram

27 #techtourism#techtourism Natural / organic vs. paid / sponsored Natural / organic – free Paid / sponsored – pay per click Preference for organic?

28 #techtourism#techtourism Myths & misconceptions about SEO Free One-off task Black art Immediate Guarantees Meta tag keywords Keyword stuffing Advertising

29 #techtourism#techtourism



32 Is SEO cheating Google! Don’t do (Blackhat): Hidden content, keyword stuffing, link farming, doorway pages, IP cloacking. [Duplicate content] Do (Whitehat/ethical) : Fresh up to date relevant content, inbound links, friendly URL’s.

33 #techtourism#techtourism Buying Traffic – be careful!

34 #techtourism#techtourism Search Engine Optimisation Learn and keep up to date with:

35 #techtourism#techtourism

36 Make connections secure Secure Google !

37 #techtourism#techtourism EV SSL Certificate Extended Validation SSL certificates – highest level of trust [Tells your customers the company is real and trusted]

38 #techtourism#techtourism Google Panda & Google Penguin

39 #techtourism#techtourism Google Panda Penalise websites of low quality and those with low quality content. Introduced Feb 2011 Google Penguin Bring down websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use black-hat SEO techniques. e.g. excessive link building keyword stuffing cloaking, doorway pages meaningless content Introduced April 2012

40 #techtourism#techtourism Launched about 30 th August 2013. (On 15 th Anniversary of Google) Affected 90% of all websites. The goal is to provide results that actually answer the question. Resurgence of the Long Tail. Conversational and more natural search.

41 #techtourism#techtourism Useful SEO terms … SEM = PPC and SEO Backlink PageRank Anchor Text NoFollow Title Tags Meta Tags SERP SandBox

42 #techtourism#techtourism Dos and Don’ts for SEO Don’t : Directory submission Guest Blogging Compensated Links Do: Content Marketing Blog Create great content on your site and your social media assets

43 #techtourism#techtourism Author Rank is no more !!! … rel=author and rel=publisher

44 #techtourism#techtourism Matt Cutts

45 #techtourism#techtourism SEO – getting started …

46 #techtourism#techtourism

47 PageRank … is a measure of trust and authority.

48 #techtourism#techtourism Google – The Mission Statement “Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Larry Page, Google co-founder and CEO, once described the “perfect search engine” as something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.”

49 #techtourism#techtourism Duplicate content can be caused by: Same content different url Data feeds Scraper sites The Solution to Duplicate Content: Update internally Redirect your-canonical.html your-canonical.html Duplicate Content

50 #techtourism#techtourism Duplicate Content on your site & another The Panda Update (released April 2011) Check “sample text“ into google Use Duplicate Content

51 #techtourism#techtourism Duplicate Content RBS Group has basically set up two sites with identical URL structure, theming and content. The cost of saving on content is the loss of valuable search traffic

52 #techtourism#techtourism Discoverability Where crawling struggles: poor use of robots.txt broken links bad site structure server & redirection errors no sitemaps complex urls limiting access to content using: flash, javascript, dropdown forms & ajax Make your site discoverable

53 #techtourism#techtourism Discoverability Tips how to check if a single page is indexed: insert into the search bar how to check how many pages are indexed insert into the search bar

54 #techtourism#techtourism Never buy fans, followers, likes etc..

55 #techtourism#techtourism Responsive Web Design (RWD) … The beauty of this is that responsive design does not need to be code-specific to every device out there. It intelligently changes the content based on browser width. If it’s designed correctly, your user will no longer need to zoom in to find content.

56 #techtourism#techtourism RWD also applies to emails !

57 #techtourism#techtourism Richer Interactivity - RichUI DeepZoom/SeaDragon/Silverlight Very Hi Res images -

58 #techtourism#techtourism Reviews – do they matter?

59 #techtourism#techtourism

60 #techtourism#techtourism

61 #techtourism#techtourism

62 #techtourism#techtourism

63 Trustpilot..

64 #techtourism#techtourism

65 #techtourism#techtourism Brownlist !

66 #techtourism#techtourism Customer Care -

67 #techtourism#techtourism Customer Care – (

68 #techtourism#techtourism Google Analytics

69 #techtourism#techtourism Google Analytics does NOT count spiders, bots and crawlers

70 #techtourism#techtourism / Measure the return on investment of your web-site: Number of visitors How long they stay Where they come from What they do on the site… And much more…

71 #techtourism#techtourism Web Analytics Definition … “Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage”

72 #techtourism#techtourism Visitors o Characteristics  Browser, new vs. return, location Traffic o Origins  Keywords, refers, pages Content o Effectiveness  Bounce rate, paths, navigation summary What is Google Analytics?

73 #techtourism#techtourism When analysing data… Review data e.g. look at one of your high level reports. Do Segmentation e.g. drill deeper into the data. Learn Something i.e. gain some insight(s) Repeat above steps You will NOT find some silver bullet inside your data then change it and have 5x revenue !!

74 #techtourism#techtourism What is Web Analytics similar to? The x-Ray machine is like the Web Analytics Tool The patient is your website The x-Ray machine will detect and display pictures of broken bones (skull, finger etc..) – however it will NOT end your pain or fix any of your problems – for that you need someone who can read and interpret the x-ray and then take action or tell someone to take action. i.e. The best analytic tool in the world will not do it for you – you still need smart people to interpret the data and prioritise actions e.g. fix skull before finger etc..

75 #techtourism#techtourism Some basic maths ! If 99 visitors to your site spend £0 and the 100 th visitor spend £1,000 Question : What is the average visitor spend? Answer : Average visitor spend is £10 i.e. £1,000/100 = £10 ! Technically it is true, so be careful with your interpretation of averages/numbers

76 #techtourism#techtourism Top 10 Myths About Google Analytics.. MYTH 1: "You get what you pay for." Google Analytics is free, which means the system is down a lot. MYTH 2: Google Analytics is basic and doesn't have any "advanced" features or metrics MYTH 3: Google Analytics only supports third-party cookies MYTH 4: Google Analytics is not really accurate MYTH 5: It's not possible to export your data from Google Analytics MYTH 6: With Google Analytics you can't control your data MYTH 7: There is no professional support for Google Analytics MYTH 8: Google Analytics does not support A/B or multivariate testing and isn't well-integrated with other tools MYTH 9: You can't segment data in Google Analytics MYTH 10: You have to spend a lot of money to get "real" web analytics

77 #techtourism#techtourism Google Analytics Measure Learn Take action

78 #techtourism#techtourism Google Webmaster Tools – use as well as GA Tells you : The errors on your website e.g. 404 errors How often people link to a page How often a page appears in Google Search Results Information on how Google crawls your website Sitemaps information [You see nothing about Bing, Yahoo etc.. Only Google here!]

79 #techtourism#techtourism Webmaster Tools /

80 #techtourism#techtourism How fast (or slow) is your website?

81 #techtourism#techtourism How fast (or slow) is your website? (

82 #techtourism#techtourism Google Pagespeed Insights

83 #techtourism#techtourism The “Not Provided” value is due to SSL

84 #techtourism#techtourism The Rise and rise of ‘Not Provided’

85 #techtourism#techtourism “Not Provided” websites!

86 #techtourism#techtourism URL Builder 7 Email Campaigns Facebook Posts LinkedIn Advert Offline Campaign!

87 #techtourism#techtourism


89 The percentage of web site visitors who arrive at a web site entry page, then leave without going any deeper into the site. If page is higher than average site bounce rate percentage, focus on changing content on that page (blogs are different though): Bounce Rate

90 #techtourism#techtourism Bounce Rates – what is good/bad/normal ?

91 #techtourism#techtourism Bounce Rate summary 0% Bounce Rate means that every visitor has visited at least 2 pages per visit, i.e. if your entry page does not equal your exit page for all visitors then you have an amazing site. 100% Bounce Rate means that all the visitors left your site on the page they arrived at. eg Contact Us page, Blog page, Customer Support. [Sometimes a high bounce rate is good i.e. they clicked on an advert and left or clicked on a link and visited one of your other sites]

92 #techtourism#techtourism Google

93 #techtourism#techtourism Google search Every day Google answers more than three billion questions from people around the globe in 181 countries and 146 languages 15%+ of the searches everyday have never been searched before !!!! – how can this be true? – Discuss.

94 #techtourism#techtourism Indexing Googlebot – Google’s web crawling robot Deep crawling Follows all links Fresh crawls Google crawls through over 20 billion pages per day

95 #techtourism#techtourism Processing a query

96 #techtourism#techtourism Ranking factors Over 200+ factors considered Constantly evolving PageRank Increasing social signals Knowledge Graph Google Search Ranking Factors [Infographic] Search Ranking Factors: Rank Correlation [Infographic] infographic-ranking-factors-us-2013-.jpg infographic-ranking-factors-us-2013-.jpg

97 #techtourism#techtourism Recent changes Google Hummingbird – Sept 2013 overhauled algorithm to better cope with longer, more complex queries Google Penguin - April 2012 (Penguin 2.0 – May 2013) lower rankings for violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines targeting black-hat SEO techniques Google Panda – Feb 2011 lower rankings for “low-quality” or “thin” sites higher quality = more content and less advertising Google Algorithm Change History –

98 #techtourism#techtourism PageRank Link analysis algorithm Numerical weighting measuring importance Links count as recommendations Quantity and quality of links to a page Tools Chrome Extensions Firefox Add-ons

99 #techtourism#techtourism ON-SITE FACTORS

100 #techtourism#techtourism Indexable content HTML or text format Challenges with rich media files, images and video Text alternatives and descriptions where possible

101 #techtourism#techtourism Link structure Follows available links to fetch all content Orphan pages

102 #techtourism#techtourism Search Friendly URLs Single domain Shallow folder structure with relevant words Keywords in page name, separated by hyphen

103 #techtourism#techtourism Search UN-Friendly URLs Unnecessary Subdomain Dynamic URLs don’t perform as well as static and engines recommend against more than two parameters No keywords in the URL string

104 #techtourism#techtourism Google Knowledge Graph (GKG) Used by Google to enhance its search engines result with semantic search information gathered from a wide variety of sources. e.g. wikipedia, freebase August 2014 – Google announced the Google Vault (which contains the GKG) – the Google Vault is an accumulation of facts from across the entire web – i.e. site scraping.

105 #techtourism#techtourism Google Now Googe Now is a personal digital assistant that is available within Google Search on: Android devices & Apple ios devices & Google Chrome browser on desktops

106 #techtourism#techtourism Schema markup makes it easier for Google to find and index information on your website. See for schema generators e.g. restaurants can add opening hours, menus, prices, address, telephone number

107 #techtourism#techtourism Keyword research

108 #techtourism#techtourism Keyword research To be found for “hotel edinburgh”, “hotel edinburgh” has to appear on your site You must understand what your customers search for Fixed content vs. fresh content Tools Google Keyword Tool - (now Keyword Planner) Wordtracker - | Google Trends –

109 #techtourism#techtourism Keyword research Search volume Competition High volume & low competition

110 #techtourism#techtourism Keyword research

111 #techtourism#techtourism The Long Tail of Keyword Demand

112 #techtourism#techtourism

113 Google Trends Google Trends is a publically available Google tool that shows you how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search- volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. Google Trends also allows you refine a search by region and time period.

114 #techtourism#techtourism Page content Write for users, not search engines Make all content indexable Title tag Description tag Heading tag(s) Alt tag(s)

115 #techtourism#techtourism Title tag Ability to specify page title ” … ” Less than 70 characters Displayed on results page Optimisation vs. sales vs. call to action Page specific Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword

116 #techtourism#techtourism Description tag Ability to specify page description Roughly 155 characters Displayed on results page Optimisation vs. sales vs. call to action Page specific Not a ranking factor since 2009

117 #techtourism#techtourism Heading tag Ability to specify section / paragraph heading ” … “ to “Welcome” and “Homepage”

118 #techtourism#techtourism Content Write for users, not search engines Write for the web & Primary and secondary keywords Keyword stuffing Readability Duplicate content

119 #techtourism#techtourism Alt tags Ability to specify image description Image search Image file name

120 #techtourism#techtourism Page name Ability to specify page name / URL e.g. Include content structure Readability Sharing

121 #techtourism#techtourism The page overall Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or single object) Include subject in title tag Include subject in URL Include subject in image alt text Specify subject several times throughout text content Provide unique content about a given subject Link back to its parent page Link back to its homepage

122 #techtourism#techtourism Creating content Fresh content Write for users, not search engines Blog, news, articles, guides, tips Demonstrate your expertise Unique content On-going task

123 #techtourism#techtourism Content

124 #techtourism#techtourism Writing for the web People read 25% slower on screen Be succinct Make your text scannable Headlines Bullet points

125 #techtourism#techtourism Writing for the web

126 #techtourism#techtourism Content Fixed content Who we are What we do Contact details Fresh content Blog Latest News Articles Guides Insights Dynamic content Latest updates Tweets / Facebook updates Featured items Upcoming events Most popular Related items

127 #techtourism#techtourism OFF-SITE FACTORS

128 #techtourism#techtourism Backlinks PageRank Referring traffic Paid vs. free vs. organic Link building Share worthy content Anchor text On-going process

129 #techtourism#techtourism Sources of links Blogs Forums Directories Spam links Social Tools

130 #techtourism#techtourism Google Disavow Links Tools

131 #techtourism#techtourism Social signals Number of fans / followers Account activity Age of accounts Mix of messages Links

132 #techtourism#techtourism Measuring SEO success Keyword Ranking. Website Traffic. Increase in "Share of Traffic" per keyword. Increased Revenue/keyword. Increase in Impressions ( good for Publishers to show advertisers). Lower dependence on Paid Search. Lowering the cost per acquisition.

133 #techtourism#techtourism Rel=nofollow – What is it ? nofollow is a value that can be assigned to the ”rel attribute” of an html a element to instruct search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index.

134 #techtourism#techtourism Rel=nofollow – How do you know ? e.g. bbc website are follow links. e.g. wikipedia are nofollow links.

135 #techtourism#techtourism Google+

136 #techtourism#techtourism What is Google + is a multilingual social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.”

137 #techtourism#techtourism

138 Google+ (July 2011)

139 #techtourism#techtourism

140 5 th time lucky!

141 #techtourism#techtourism How to access Google+ or or or Use Mobile App …

142 #techtourism#techtourism Why use Google+ Over 550 million online (many many business customers) Helps with your SEO a lot! Communities, Hangouts, Photos Very easy to use and powerful Superb privacy/security controls Perfect for sharing content Circles are a very powerful tool Great mobile experience.

143 #techtourism#techtourism Gender Breakdown …

144 #techtourism#techtourism Age/Gender Breakdown…

145 #techtourism#techtourism Time on the site …

146 #techtourism#techtourism What does the average Google+ and average Facebook user look like?

147 #techtourism#techtourism Google+ users by income …

148 #techtourism#techtourism Something is missing … thank goodness

149 #techtourism#techtourism Summary of Tools

150 #techtourism#techtourism Google Webmaster Tools

151 #techtourism#techtourism Google Analytics

152 #techtourism#techtourism Additional tools Bing Webmaster Tools Page speed test tools Inbound Marketing / Marketing Automation Tools

153 #techtourism#techtourism Google Remarketing – what is it ?

154 #techtourism#techtourism Google Remarketing … Some facts: 70% of visitors abandon their shopping carts 96% of visitors to a site leave without completing the action you want. Remarketing allows you to re-engage with them as the surf other sites on the web (GDN) i.e. you have an opportunity to win back lost potential customers. In order to use remarketing you must link Google Adwords with Google Analytics You need to make 1 small (1 time) change to your Google Analytics code. Google Analytics then allows you to create lists of users to use get back in front of and you are able to remove them from the list once they have been converted.

155 #techtourism#techtourism Ghostery ! – “Detect Learn Control” …

156 #techtourism#techtourism Embrace User Generated Content (UGC)

157 #techtourism#techtourism

158 A Final piece of advice

159 #techtourism#techtourism Create Content

160 #techtourism#techtourism @toowist Thank You

161 #techtourism#techtourism Before you go… Feedback Forms – please complete Slides will be available online at www. Digital Quiz? Keep in touch … @ETAG_UK

162 #techtourism#techtourism @ETAG_UK Please keep in touch…

163 #techtourism#techtourism LeadForensics – Lead Generation Tool

164 #techtourism#techtourism Yieldify – maximise revenue from visitors leaving your website !

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