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ADA Compliant Websites & Documents What the heck am I supposed to do?

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1 ADA Compliant Websites & Documents What the heck am I supposed to do?

2 Why We Need to Design for Accessibility It is the right thing to do – Be Nice It’s the smart thing to do – Make Money It’s the law – Don’t Get Sued

3 What is ADA Compliance Section 508 of the Rehabilitation act of 1973 ensures that millions of Americans with disabilities have equivalent access to information regardless of how they access it. Vision Impairment Hearing Impairment Motor Impairment Physical Impairment Psychological Impairment

4 Webpages & ADA Compliance The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 are becoming the industry standard for accessible websites. It outlines standards to be met but organizes them according to 4 main principles of accessibility 4 Principles of Accessibility Perceivable Operable Understandable Robust

5 Headings The header tags ( etc) should be used instead of style elements like font size and bolding. Headers must also be used logically with only one Heading 1 per page and the rest of the headers ordered logically by number In the CMS, don’t use Heading 1

6 Images Alt tags provide text to describe images on your web page Make sure to convey any meaning in the alt tag that the picture would provide for a sighted user.

7 Links Links should be accessible for users not using a mouse Link text should use words that briefly convey what the person will get if they click the link. Don’t use “Click Here,” “More” or the URL as link text Always fill out the Title field for each link you create Content from Title field will hover above link when moused over.

8 Tables Tables that present data in a column and row format must be appropriately marked up in the CMS. Include a Caption Tag for the whole table Insert/Edit Table > Select Table Caption check box Insert Caption on New Table

9 Tables, again. Tables are read from left to right and line by line Any column or row headers must be marked so the content is read correctly Right-click in the header Select Cell > Table Cell Properties Set Cell Type to Header Set Scope to Either Column or Row

10 Checking Accessibility in Word, Excel and PowerPoint All 2010 and above Microsoft Office programs have an accessibility checker Click the File tab in top Ribbon Check for Issues > Check Accessibility

11 Evaluating Your Document & What to Do Next Take a look at the results Use the Inspection Results dialog to click through all the issues

12 Tips for Creating Accessible Documents Create proper file names Fill out Document Properties

13 Tips for Creating Accessible Word Documents Templates solve most problems Create headers to organize content Automatic Bullet lists Utilize tabs instead of repeat spacing Page Breaks instead of returns Insert images in-line with text Rules from the CMS that Apply Use built in headers to organize content All Images Need Alt Text All Links Need Descriptive Tables Need Captions Tables Need Column and Row Headers Designated

14 Creating Accessible PDFs Start with a document (Word, Powerpoint) that is already accessible File > Save As > Select Location In the Save as type dropdown select PDF Click Save

15 Creating Accessible Excel & PowerPoint files Excel Follow recommendations for creating accessible Word Docs Avoid blank rows for formatting Give all sheet tabs unique names that describe what is in the sheet PowerPoint Follow recommendations for creating accessible Word Docs Use slide layouts Place proper titles in proper places Don’t insert text boxes Use arrange tool to order elements

16 Video The goal is that all new produced videos need to include close captions that are synchronized to appear when the audio is heard. If a video has visual content that cannot be understood through audio alone, an audio description will make your video accessible to users who are visually impaired. Transcripts of videos are helpful for making the them accessible to people who have disabilities

17 ADA Compliance Resources Academic Accommodation Services: Download a Copy of this Presentation:

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