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Metadata Descriptions statements descriptions records.

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1 Metadata Descriptions statements descriptions records

2 The term “metadata” is used differently in different communities Some use it to refer to –machine understandable information; Some use it only for –records that describe electronic resources. statements descriptions records

3 metadata “ records ” Metadata records have been seen as the basic units of management and exchange. A metadata record uses metadata elements to describe something, e.g., a Web site, an image, a person, or a technical report. statements descriptions records

4 -- (1) Internal storage A metadata record may be stored in the same file as the resource, e.g.: –Web pages –WORD files –PDF files –Image files –… …

5 Source: Metadata embedded in a Webpage's Head Section View  source

6 Metadata embedded in a WORD file File  Properties

7 Metadata embedded in a PDF file Description metadata XMP= eXtensible Metadata Platform -- Adobe’s cross-products metadata framework

8 Metadata embedded in a PDF file (2) Integrated metadata: descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata Multiple output format

9 Metadata embedded in an image file Photoshop provides multiple templates: for photo, video, audio, Mobil SWF, and even medical images (DICOM) Adobe Bridge provides adjustable metadata templates

10 ID3 tags for audio files Internal layout of an ID3v2 tagged file. Complete list of frames: Homepage:

11 A metadata record for a song in iTunes

12 A metadata record for an online video as shown in iTunes

13 -- (2) External storage A common method for large collections where metadata records are usually stored separately from the resource(s) they describe (whether these resources are available in electronic format or not). A relational database management system (or simpler file system) can be implemented in order to store the records.

14 The Cleveland Memory Project, Cleveland State University Library: The Cleveland Memory Project

15 metadata record -display view

16 Metadata record created with CONTENTdm software Manage metadata fields, set them as searchable, viewable, or use controlled vocabulary Input data values and create records

17 XML editor -- Oxygen


19 Think Differently: Three Descriptions in a Record Record Play Playwright Collection Title Collected Works of William Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare Name isPartOf createdBy Date 1606 Subject Roman history Birthplace Stratford Description A Description B Description C statements descriptions record s

20 (3) Metadata statements embedded in Web pages

21 Slide from: rdf:type rnews:Article rnews:about Using RDFa format to encode:

22 Original source code: Metadata Basics Creator: Marcia L. Zeng Tutorial Table Of Content Adding markup with semantically useful microdata (seeing in boldface): Metadata Creator: Marcia L. Zeng Tutorial Table Of Content Using HTML5 Microdata to encode:

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