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Impact Of RMT & RQ On Customer loyalty Alireza Alavi.

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1 Impact Of RMT & RQ On Customer loyalty Alireza Alavi

2 Abstract RMT (Brand Reputation + Alternative Attractivenes s) RQ (Trust) Customer Loyalty (Retention Behavior) Emotions (Has a Impact On Behavior)

3 Introduction Problem Statement Competitive Environment Long term relationship strategy with customers is Top priorities Research Questions 1.Does Brand Reputation Impact On RQ? 2.Does Alternative Attractiveness Impact On RQ? 3.Does Emotions Impact On Customer Loyalty? 4.Does Trust influence Customer Loyalty? Research Proposition H1.Brand Reputation Has a Positive Impact On Trust H2.Alternative Attractiveness Has a Positive Impact On Trust H3.Trust Has a Positive Impact On Customer Loyalty

4 Conceptual Relationship Marketing Commitment.Trust Theory RMT’s Brand Reputation Alternative Attractiveness Emotions RQ RQ________(Trust) ________RMT Customer Loyalty Not only attracting new customers, but also holding on to existing customers


6 Proposed Conceptual Framework Brand Reputation Alternative Attractiveness EmotionsTrust Customer Loyalty (Retention Behavior) H1 H2 H3 H4


8 Methodology qualitative+ quantitative research method Interview with relevant target audience Qualitative results help to designing of questionnaires sample of 382 student from public universities check the reliability+ variable of the instrument Likert-scale 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree Data analyzed: structural equation modeling to test the hypothesized path model

9 Conclusion I nfluence of customers to migrate from one service provider to another by implementing the RMT R efers to a new factor to the model known as Emotions H ighlights practical implications which help to a new understanding of the impact of proposed marketing tactics H elp to provide a better understanding on the effectiveness RMT and development of strategies G et a better picture of right relationship strategies to be implemented or strategically structure to achieve customer loyalty

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