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One interface to rule them all... 2013 Ball State University Ball State University Libraries.

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1 One interface to rule them all Ball State University Ball State University Libraries

2 University Library 800,000+ physical assets 5 levels + 2 branch libraries Multiple departments fulfilling dozens of services Dedicated technology department

3 “Factories” with informative “widgets” Custom Reporting to answer detailed questions

4 Our Dean We are collecting some amazing statistics What we don’t know, can hurt us Anecdotes and estimating can mislead Save time (i.e., $$$!) Share & democratize information Get money / funding

5 PHP CSS / CSS3 Databases / Publically available APIs MySQL MSSQL Facebook Google Analytics JavaScript jQuery & jQueryUI

6 factories (name, anyone_access, has_reporting, has_data_entry, default_color) widgets (factory, description, anyone_access) user_factory_permissions (factory, user, can_view_all_widgets, view_reports, data_entry) user_factory_preferences (factory, user, order, show_or_not, show_on_load, color) user_widget_permissions (widget, user) user_widget_preferences (widget, user, order, show) user_widget_favorites (user, widget, timestamp) WARNING Overkill Proceed only if you like LEFT OUTER JOINs!

7 PHP Code: echo “ ”; echo " DMR Factory "; include(“dmrPieces.php”); echo " "; wash...rinse...repeat...or write a function Drawback Output (most likely) will wait until final factory completes (in sequence)

8 Each factory has its own Query to find significant figure(s) Output the content in HTML chunks Metric Description Long description, tables, and/or graphs Help Timestamp for how current the metric / widget is Basic layout: [Metric] Description Long description The rest is ‘formatting’ handled by CSS

9 The simplest form jQuery code: $.get(“someFactoryPieces.php“, function(widgets) { $(".someFactory").html(widgets); }); Advantages: Factories are displayed ASAP Graceful failure

10 Knowing what to feature Adoption – YMMV Training / education A widget for everything is overwhelming Explaining caveats; what exactly is being counted? Managing user permissions with fine granularity Speed / System Performance Initial investment (time/resources) Data migration

11 Ensure top-down managerial interest, need, and involvement (across-the-board if possible) Seek out what is important to your organization “Good help” is hard to [write]...but important Invite others “in charge” of factories to create the metrics Patience Timestamp your data

12 And/or further show and tell!

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