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Bibliothèque nationale de France Tallinn, 2015-01-29 1.

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1 Bibliothèque nationale de France Tallinn, 2015-01-29 1

2 Getting started A 3 hours meeting with the entire web archving team (curators/IT) Very low level of knowledge about H3 Objective: have people share with their knowledge and feelings about H3. Identify: Benefits, opportunities: what are the strengths? Advantages for our activity? Shortcomings, risks: what are the weaknesses? What are our « fears »? Individually write aspects on « sticky notes » 2

3 Summary: benefits, opportunities A « team » project on a key tool Improve crawl quality on current web contents Have/create new functionalities Keep up to date, living code base International cooperation, contribute to/benefit from strengthen NAS community (technical, curator) elaborate a curator UI 3

4 Summary: shortcomings, risks Hard to find dedicated time Need to discover/see H3 Need to go deeper into important functionalities A minimmalistic interface Are there the same important functionalities? Impacts on our tools, workflows How to recover knowledge base? Need to change our infrastructure? Need to change our practices? How to collaborate efficiently internationally? 4

5 Collective Heritrix 3 Study - 1 Objective: be ready for London training and Tallinn workshop! Project group: 6 of us, 2 curators, 4 engineers First workpackage: answer the need for « discovery » gather documentation install H3 it took a developer for 4-5 days outcome: a high-level team demo / Q&A session 5

6 Collective Heritrix 3 Study - 2 Second workpackage: in-depth study configuration parameters monitoring functionalities QA possibilities, data and metadata H1/H3 comparison: can we work the same way? are we missing important functionalities/metadata? is there more? It took a curator and a developer for 1-2 days Outcome: 2 demos / Q&A sessions / synthesis (TBD) Next steps, depending on our workshop discussions 6

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