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1 SOFOFA CHILEAN FEDERATION OF INDUSTRY FOUNDED IN 1883 Edificio de la Industria, SOFOFA headquarters.

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2 1 SOFOFA CHILEAN FEDERATION OF INDUSTRY FOUNDED IN 1883 Edificio de la Industria, SOFOFA headquarters


4 3 I.- WHO WE ARE SOFOFA’S Board of Governors

5 4 100% of Chilean industrial output 24% of GDP 33% of total Chilean exports SOFOFA SOFOFA Chilean Federation of Industry

6 5 SOFOFA – Our organization Board of Governors Executive Committee Steering Council Internal Relations and Ethics Commission SOFOFA

7 6 SOFOFA - Chilean Federation of Industry SOFOFA 2500 corporate affiliates 38 sector affiliates 8 regional affiliates Arica – Antofagasta – Valparaíso Curicó – Talca – Concepción Malleco/Cautín and Valdivia

8 7 SOFOFA Metal, chemical products and plastics Agroindustrial products, fishery and poultry Timber, cellulose, print, wooden and forestry products Wine and salmon Energy, water and sewage Telecommunications and information technology Port services and air and maritime transport SOFOFA - Chilean Federation of Industry

9 8 124 years of history SOFOFA was founded on October 7th, 1883. Ever since, it has steadfastly championed free enterprise, private property, market freedom, freedom of pricing and contracting, and foreign trade SOFOFA encourages both internationalization and modernization of the national industry, increases foreign businesses and represents the interests of the industrial sector The representative nature of SOFOFA, its political independence, solid principles, businesslike approach and the prestige of its leaders have earned it a place among the country's most outstanding institutions. Government, political, social and economic leaders listen carefully to SOFOFA’s views Commemorative Medal of SOFOFA’s centenary

10 9 Leading SOFOFA Activities SOFOFA lobbies Government and Congress on policy issues concerning the most important interests of the country and of industry Generates studies and analysis of the industrial sector Suggests measures to help strengthen the economic development of Chile Encourages actions oriented to promote commerce through international negotiations of free trade agreements, and openness of new markets for Chilean-made industrial products Advises its associates on diverse tax, customs, environmental and legal matters, among others Promotes Social Responsibility among enterprises Foreign Trade Conference

11 10 II. SERVICES AND PUBLICATIONS Conferences Cycle “Corporate Government”

12 11 Services for our members Õ Permanent member support on foreign trade, taxation, labor, environmental, corporate social responsibility, and other issues Õ Representation of member interests before government agencies Õ Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives Õ Specialized business seminars and events at no cost

13 12 Advising on Foreign Trade Access to Technical Advisory Committeee assisting members on trade talk issues Support through on certificates of origin required under trade Representation of the Private Sector Export Council before government officials. Publication of research on tariff issues (Foreign Trade Advisory Committee) Publication of foreign trade reports

14 13 Advising on Foreign Trade Organization of training and skills development seminars and workshops on trade issues, both in Santiago and across the country Sponsorship of initiatives designed to promote exports and improve market access for Chilean-made industrial products. Organization of trade missions abroad Representing member issues to government agencies. Technical Secretariat for the Business Advisory Committees (CASE) set up under trade agreements between Chile and ALADI countries.

15 14 Organization of Business Events Seminar “LOCE and Subventioned Private Schools: Is it the path for an education of quality? SOFOFA conducts an extensive range of informational events and discussiones on key issues of concern to Chile’s business and industrial community. This includes about a hundred meetings, conferences, workshops and activities a year, both in Santiago and the regions. The 50,000 attendees per year are mostly directors, general managers, senior executives, administrators and staff from small, medium and large businesses. The SOFOFA web site and the event information therein are reviewed by visitors over 60,000 times per month.

16 15 Research, Economic Analysis and Industrial Statistics Monthly Industrial Output and Sales Index for micro and macro sectors Monthly Industry Employment Index Monthly Energy Use Index Monthly Economic and Industrial Indicators Report Monthly Foreign Trade Report Annual Survey of Industrial Wages Capital Projects Survey Salmon, one of Chile’s most popular export products

17 16 Advising on Environmental Issues Ongoing environmental updates and member orientation Representation of industry views in the discussion of proposed legislation, cleanup programas, rules, regulations, decrees, standards, city plans and other environmental issues impacting industry. Member training on environmental issues and organization of fact-finding missions abroad. Promotion and participation in public-interest initiatives such as environmental protection and recycling drives. Organization of related seminars and lecture series Panoramic view of Concepción

18 17 Corporate Publications Web Annual Report Chile Industrial Directory Industrial Issue, Economic and Foreign Trade Reports Newsletter

19 18 Taxation, Labor and Statutory Support SOFOFA publicizes and reviews ataxation, labor and statutory issues of interest to business SOFOFA organizes meetings and conferences on current issues both in Santiago and the regions Online member services thorugh Conference on Legal and Tax Planning forCompanies and the new process of Tax Control

20 19 Sofofa Social Responsibility Program Bolster the competitiveness of Chilean industry Contribute to the continued development of the country Promote adoption of CSR in business CSR Seminars Skills Training Inmate Rehabilitation Human Resources Disability Training Sofofa Social Responsibility Award CSR in SMEs Housing Education Health and Social Insurance Events

21 20 Secondary Vocational Education Automobile Mechanics Metallic Construction Industrial Mechanics Chemical Laboratory Chemical Industry Operation Electronics and Electricity Management of 18 schools with 15,755 students Sofofa Social Responsibility Program

22 21 Awards Annual Award for Outstanding Industry: Recognizes an investment representing an important industrial development incorporating significant and innovative technological advancements in production or product export. Sofofa Social Responsibility Award Recognizes businesses implementing comprehensive, permanent Corporate Social Responsibility programs, both internal and external, with a relevant impact on the needs of beneficiaries. Sofofa Social Responsibility Award

23 22 National and International Initiatives Through our members’ associations in Santiago and throughout the country Participating as an AILA’s member in the main business meetings and entrepreneurial gatherings around the world

24 23 SOFOFA CHILEAN FEDERATION OF INDUSTRY FOUNDED IN 1883 Edificio de la Industria, SOFOFA headquarters

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