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Negotiation workshop CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.0029 How to come to a yes.

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1 Negotiation workshop CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.0029 How to come to a yes

2 Like any decision Aappreciateyou need to negotiate S specifyWWW WWH K causesproblem? opportunity? S solutionsgenerate; select I implementplan; prepare R reviewsatisfactory outcome L learnto improve

3 Exercise 1: Negotiate if… Your 3 points

4 Negotiate if… Best approach available Time Options Willing Confident Prepared … to lose!?

5 Need to negotiate Optimum outcome Acceptable to all Approval Awareness Involvement Commitment

6 Scope and scale Type e.g. quantitative or qualitative Facts, rules, norms Need for decision Urgent or phased ‘Big bang’ or softly, softly Decision criteria Potential to pre-empt Plan

7 Plan Outcomes Ideal Fair Fallback / crucial Reject Packages Trade-offs

8 Prepare Style,format,content Location, layout Time, duration 1-2-1? Formal? Types of input

9 Exercise 2: Dicey Business Teams of say 4-6 Running a business Which will be most successful?

10 Dicey Business Feedback How successful were you? Why? Did you establish the facts? Did you use them?! What forms of negotiation occurred? Was it appropriate?

11 Types of Outcome I winI lose You win You lose

12 win-lose negotiation Tempting Temporary feeling of superiority BUT the other party is NOT your enemy Likely to ruin long-term relationship Loser unlikely to want to work with you again May seek to avoid carrying out agreement Be uncooperative and legalistic May seek revenge

13 17/04/2015 John Rayment Anglia Ruskin Leadership Fitness See-saw Globally Fit Leadership ‘WINNERS’ ‘LOSERS’ Diabolical Leadership


15 Psychology Fit their image Ask for more than you need Charm offensive ‘sell’ your solution to them Emotional intelligence: - what approaches work with them?

16 Body Language

17 Exercise 3: Body Language Show me… You are enjoying the session You feel unclear about what is being discussed You think you will lose out You feel confident and relaxed You want to be left alone Something else – see if I get the message

18 Negotiating successfully explore each person’s position seek a ‘win-win’ mutually acceptable compromise Balanced optimum outcome Don’t assume you know the other’s goals Seek out their hidden agendas / concerns Be prepared to trade / negotiate / compensate

19 Negotiate with the ‘right’ person With the power to decide and implement Similar attitudes Receptive to change Mutual respect Owes you a favour

20 State your case Emphasise areas of agreement Explain your position Need for a positive outcome Consequences of failure Assumptions – state and challenge Be constructive and flexible

21 Exercise 3: Save the Planet My world is falling apart! Please help put it back together

22 Emotions / feelings Before During Short term Long term

23 17/04/2015 John Rayment Anglia Ruskin Keep smiling

24 Exercise 4: Transaction Analysis Read the handout Discuss with your group Prepare a scenario for another group to tackle - from both sides

25 17/04/2015 John Rayment Anglia Ruskin

26 17/04/2015 The Embedded Values Cycle

27 17/04/ Concepts of MisLeadership and Globally Fit Leadership (GFL) Category of Element MisLeadership of GFL Missing Decision Making Misguided `Global Perspective Misinformed New Paradigm Machiavellian Contemporary Mission

28 17/04/ O3 Society O2 Group O1 Individual F1 F2 F3 Strength Stamina Suppleness Holistic Depth Fitness Plane Organic Level H3 Spiritual H2 Mental H1 Physical The Global Fitness Framework

29 17/04/2015 John Rayment Anglia Ruskin Misinformed versus New Business Paradigm GIGO Challenge assumptions Seek the truth Beware MisLeadership by others

30 17/04/ Machiavellian versus Contemporary Mission Where leaders make decisions to achieve their / their organisation’s mission knowing these decisions will result in overall harm to humanity We say this is being Machiavellian and deliberate MisLeadership BUT is it necessarily wrong??

31 EFMD 3/6/2011 Eric Global Era 1989 > Poverty reduction ITC revolution Wider / deeper Europe WTO growth 90 > 153 Global markets goods, capital, technology

32 Capitalism: the one and only China, India, Soviet area; Arab spring

33 Failures Polarisation Ignorance, poverty, disease Ethnic, culture tensions / wars Capitalism crisis Growing insecurity Weak government Environmental catastrophes

34 Contexts Legitimacy of elites questioned Business leaders / politicians / professors Inadequate reaction to issues: courses on ethics; new laws > better lawyer Is there a pilot in the cockpit? Education / knowledge creation vital 12000 BS global; 90000 MBA students in UK

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