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NHS Workplace Health Programme “Promoting Healthy Weight through the Workplace”

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1 NHS Workplace Health Programme “Promoting Healthy Weight through the Workplace”

2 Key Facts Physically Active Employees take 27% Fewer Days Sick Leave than Non-Active Employees. Currently due to the present trend in Obesity, 1 in 4 People Do Not Fit into A Standard Office Chair. In the UK, 1 in 5 Accidents in the Workplace are Alcohol Related. 1 in 5 People Report Feeling Extremely Stressed at Work. 4 out of every 5 people develop back pain that lasts more than a day at some time during their life.

3 Benefits of a Healthier Workplace Increased productivity Improved absenteeism and ability to return to work after illness Enhanced reputation - Helping to attract and keep employees Reduced workplace injuries Improved work-ability among older employees Creating a positive corporate image Reduced industrial injuries Improved morale and health of the workforce

4 Cost of Obesity – Adult Health Life & Death Mod obesity BMI 30-35 kg/m2- reduces Life expectancy by 3 yrs Morbid obesity BMI 40-50 kg/m2 reduces life expectancy by 8-10 years. Equivalent to the effects of lifelong smoking. Coronary heart disease Type 2 diabetes - BMI >35 leads to 80 fold increase Stroke Cancers –(endometrial, breast, and colon) Hypertension –(high blood pressure) Gynaecological problems –(abnormal menses, infertility) Dyslipidemia Liver and Gallbladder disease Sleep apnoea and respiratory problems Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Still birth Pregnancy complications Subfertility

5 Costs In 2006 around 175 million working days were lost due to illness and it is estimated that the annual economic costs of sickness absence and worklessness is over £100 billion. (Working for a healthier tomorrow, DOH March 2008). Annually the average sickness absence is 3.7% (8.4 days per employee) and the average cost of absence per employee is estimated at £659. (CIPD Employee Absence, July 2007). Stress related conditions and musculoskeletal disorders are now the most common reported causes of sickness absence from work in the UK. The cost of making reasonable adjustments to keep an employee who develops a health condition or disability will almost certainly be far lower than the cost of recruiting and training a new employee.

6 Economic costs of Obesity NHS - 2012 Direct costs - £5.1 billion a year (increased from £1 billion 2007) Economy - additional £15 billion By 2050 Foresight predicted -£49.9 billion a year (at today's prices). –increased mortality before retirement, disability pensions or payments –Sickness Absence & reduced productivity Obese employees are 1·5–1·9 times more likely to take sick leave (Sweden) US employees - annual missed workdays (compared to men of healthy weight): –½ extra day in men who were overweight –5·9 more days in men who were classified grade III obese (BMI ≥40 kg/m²) –Annual cost from presenteeism in men who were very obese (BMI≥40 kg/m² - 2% of the population) was the equivalent to 1 month of lost productivity Average cost to employers of obesity $3792 per year.

7 Mental Health "At any one time, one worker in six in the UK is experiencing a mental health problem. Depression and anxiety are the most common, and they affect every workplace in the country, big or small. For too many people, unnoticed and untreated mental distress leads to protracted periods of absence and loss of job and income.” Centre for Mental Health joint chief executive Professor Bob Grove Training managers in how to respond to a colleague with depression or anxiety can help them to do the right thing. Key link between Physical Activity & Mental Health

8 National Update Sick Note to Fit Note National Sickness Absence Review Fit for Work Pilots Responsibility Deal “Prevent Illness, promote health, intervene early, improve the health of the workless” Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health & work

9 Public Health Responsibility Deal With the right environment people can lead healthier lives The Public Health Responsibility Deal taps into the potential for business and other influential organisations to help create this environment and so contribute to improving public health. Organisations signing up to the Responsibility Deal make a commitment to taking action voluntarily to improve public health. They do so as responsible employers, and through their commercial actions and community activities. Why sign up as a Responsibility Deal partner? A fitter, healthier workforce performs more efficiently and productively, therefore having a positive impact on your bottom line. A commitment to the Responsibility Deal sends out a positive message about your work culture, enhancing your reputation and helping to attract good candidates, as well as helping to retain valued employees. It also sends positive messages to customers, clients and the wider community. There are currently 7 Health at Work Pledges! Contact us at

10 7 Health At Work Pledges The following collective pledges support the core commitment to support our workforce to lead healthier lives: H1. We will embed the principles of the chronic conditions guides (developed through the Responsibility Deal’s health at work network) within HR procedures to ensure that those with chronic conditions at work are managed in the best way possible with reasonable flexibilities and workplace adjustments. H2. We will use only occupational health services which meet the new occupational health standards and which aim to be accredited by 2012/13. H3. We will include a section on the health and wellbeing of employees within annual reports and/or website. This should include staff sickness absence rate. H4. We will implement some basic measures for encouraging healthier staff restaurants/ vending outlets/buffets for staff, including: Ensuring the availability of healthier foods and beverages in all available channels to employees Working with caterers to reformulate recipes to provide meals which are lower in fat, salt, and energy and which do not contain artificial trans fats Provision of responsibly sized portions of foods Provision and promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetables through availability and price promotion Provision of calories and/or Guideline Daily Amounts on menus per portion as a minimum (further nutrients optional) Ensure that water is visible and freely available H5. We will encourage staff to stop smoking, by facilitating onsite stop smoking support services or by encouraging them to attend local stop smoking services during working time without loss of pay. We will also take action to reduce other risks to respiratory health arising in the workplace. H6. We will offer staff health checks, e.g. the NHS Life check, with appropriate follow up and audit. We will also encourage eligible employees to participate in the NHS Health Check for vascular disease, and other NHS screening programmes (for example for breast or bowel cancer). H7. We will embed the principles of the Mental Health Workplace Adjustments Guide (developed through the Responsibility Deal’s health at work network) within HR procedures to ensure that people with mental health conditions are managed at work in the best way possible with reasonable flexibilities and workplace adjustments.

11 Cornwall & Isles Of Scilly ‘Healthy Workplace Award’ A county standard of good practice Quality mark of health and wellbeing in the workplace A toolkit to encourage employers to think about ways to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees Provides solutions to addressing any highlighted issues specific to the company and the working population.




15 Workplace Health Update 165 businesses engaged –Public, Private & Voluntary organisations Partnership work: –Cornwall Chamber of Commerce –Federation of Small Businesses –Devon & Cornwall Business Council –Local Businesses –Cornwall Sports Partnership –Cornwall College –Cornwall Council –Environmental Centre for Human Health & Natural Environment –NHS Trusts –Colleagues at Health Promotion

16 Good Practice Coastline Housing Ltd –British Heart Foundation –Sickness Absence Data Dept of Work & Pensions & HMRC –League Tables Roddas –Gold Achievers –Mentoring –GP Involvement



19 Physical Activity & Sport Offer Working with a wide range of partners we have secured a ‘Physical Activity with Sport Offer’ for all organisations who join and work towards the Healthy Workplace Award. The offer is in the form of a ‘menu’ of opportunities and ideas, to encourage employees to become more physically active. Example of Menu Options Cornwall Council Leisure Services Get Active Cornwall Sports Club Taster Sessions Cornwall Beach Games And more! Our aim is to add to the menu as the offer develops.

20 Support from the Health Promotion Service Stop Smoking Support On Site Shape Up Weight Management Groups Lifestyle Assessments & Low Back Pain Prevention Workshops Mental Health Awareness Training Stress in the Workplace Training Sun Safe Awareness Healthier Eating Advice & Support Active Travel & Physical Activity Initiatives Resource Centre

21 Next Steps & Other Opportunities –Senior Management Commitment –Staff Engagement –Action !!! –Work towards the Healthy Workplace Award Baseline Progress Award Achievement –Other Opportunities Cornwall Beach Games Cook Well, Be Well Challenge Training & Awareness Courses i.e. –Cancer Awareness Session –Motivation & Coaching Happy to Help


23 Thank you Rachel Faulkner Workplace Health Coordinator Health Promotion Service 01209 313419 &

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