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Jeopardy Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 Jeopardy Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Answer from H1 This popular music movement was named after the beat and movement of the music itself

4 $100 Question from H1. Rock N’ Roll

5 $200 Question from H1 Elvis Presley was controversial for this action in the 1950s

6 $200 Answer from H1 Shaking his hips to the beat of his music

7 $300 Question from H1 Provided college tuition and home loans for veterans of WWII returning from war

8 $300 Answer from H1 GI Bill What did 50 Cent say to his Grandma?

9 $400 Question from H1 Some of the houses during this decade, especially in Levittown, NY, were nick- named this utensil because of their shape

10 $400 Answer from H1 “Cookie Cutters” What did Lil’ Wayne call a brand new dollar bill?

11 $500 Question from H1 Children who were not brought up in this time period that did not conform to society or had bad home lives usually became

12 $500 Answer from H1 Juvenile Delinquents

13 $100 Question from H2 Women were stereotypically this occupation during the 1950s instead of in the job force

14 $100 Answer from H2 Housewives

15 $200 Question from H2 The movement stating that women should have political, social, sexual, intellectual and economic rights equal to those of men

16 $200 Answer from H2 Feminism

17 $300 Question from H2 In 1972, this amendment (would have been the the 27 th ) was proposed to give women equal rights

18 $300 Answer from H2 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) (RIP: 1972-1982)

19 $400 Question from H2 Women fought for reproductive rights in the famous 1973 supreme court case

20 $400 Answer from H2 Roe v. Wade (1973)

21 $500 Question from H2 This woman led the feminist movement with her creation of the National Organization of Women and the publication of The Feminine Mystique

22 $500 Answer from H2 Bettie Friedan

23 $100 Question from H3 Leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the early 1960s with his “Freedom Now,” SCLC, non-violent approach

24 $100 Answer from H3 Martin Luther King Jr.

25 $200 Question from H3 This group of students integrated a High School in Arkansas in 1957

26 $200 Answer from H3 Little Rock Nine

27 $300 Question from H3 A Chicago AA young boy who said, “Bye baby” to a white worker while in Mississippi and was lynched

28 $300 Answer from H3 Emmett Till

29 $400 Question from H3 Group of white and AA young people who rode to the US South (Alabama) to protest the segregation of the bus station terminals

30 $400 Answer from H3 Freedom Riders

31 $500 Question from H3 First AA man to attend Mississippi who was shot and inspired the last great marches of the Civil Rights Movement- the March Against Fear

32 $500 Answer from H3 James Meredith

33 $100 Question from H4 Early form of 1950s counterculture found in urban cities with the belief of “why conform?”

34 $100 Answer from H4 The Beat Movement

35 $200 Question from H4 1960s-1970s counter-culture that believed in free love and wore alternative hairstyles and clothing lines

36 $200 Answer from H4 Hippies

37 $300 Question from H4 Malcolm X was co- leader of the organization of Black Muslims”, also known as

38 $300 Answer from H4 The Nation of Islam

39 $400 Question from H4 SNCC member who chanted “Black Power!” “Black Power!” during the March Against Fear

40 $400 Answer from H4 Stokeley Carmichael

41 $500 Question from H4 Sometimes seen as militant for their actions with firearms, the Black Panthers operated out of this west coast city and eventually expanded their chapters to other urban cities

42 $500 Answer from H4 Oakland, CA

43 $100 Question from H5 Popular music of the “me” generation that featured a big ball, groovy moves, and John Travolta

44 $100 Answer from H5 DISCO!!!!

45 $200 Question from H5 This scandal in political corruption and sabotage cost Americans a lot of faith in their government

46 $200 Answer from H5 Watergate Scandal

47 $300 Question from H5 The real name of “Deep Throat,” who fed FBI information to the Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein straight from FBI files

48 $300 Answer from H5 W. Mark Felt

49 $400 Question from H5 Vice-President of Richard M. Nixon who resigns, along with Nixon-allowing Gerald Ford to rise to the Presidency

50 $400 Answer from H5 Spiro Agnew

51 $500 Question from H5 Students protesting about US troop involvement in Cambodia resulted in four deaths at this University

52 $500 Answer from H5 Kent State University

53 Final Jeopardy ThisThis question rules. No,No, this question rules.

54 Final Jeopardy Good luck! Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver’s brother’s name in the 1950s sitcom: Leave It to Beaver

55 Final Jeopardy GoodGood luck! Name one of the two actors that popularized the counter-culture hit Easy Rider

56 Final Jeopardy Answer 1. Wally!!!

57 Final Jeopardy Answer 2. Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda

58 Daily Double How much would you like to wager?

59 Daily Double How much would you like to wager?

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