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Jeopardy AnthroPsychSociologyTheorist Research Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 Jeopardy AnthroPsychSociologyTheorist Research Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question from H1 This type of anthropology relates to world wide diseases Example ~ bird flu, influenza epidemics and Sars

4 $100 Answer from H1 Biological Anthropology

5 $200 Question from H1 One area of anthropology that investigates a crime scene such as blood splatters, fingerprints and handwriting

6 $200 Answer from H1 Forensic Anthropology

7 $300 Question from H1 Three careers that an anthropologist would be qualified for

8 $300 Answer from H1 Policing Teaching Curator Researching Government Positions

9 $400 Question from H1 Cultures can be changed forever with the introduction of this innovation

10 $400 Answer from H1 Technology

11 $500 Question from H1 Three ways primates are similar to humans

12 $500 Answer from H1 Opposable thumbs Intense mother/child bond Use of tools

13 $100 Question from H2 The unconscious mind is divided into three parts according to Freud

14 $100 Answer from H2 The id, ego, superego

15 $200 Question from H2 Three areas of the mind that Psychologist might study

16 $200 Answer from H2 Thoughts Memory Motivation Personality Emotions Physiology

17 $300 Question from H2 A therapist who encourages the client to analyze their dreams and childhood experiences

18 $300 Answer from H2 Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalytic Theory

19 $400 Question from H2 Brett runs into Josh’s car in the parking lot and blames it on Pat because Pat yelled at him to watch out. Freud would suggest Brett is using what type of defense mechanism?

20 $400 Answer from H2 Projection

21 $500 Question from H2 Three ways that culture affects an individual

22 $500 Answer from H2 Traditions of the culture are passed on Beliefs such as spiritualism and religion are passed on Behaviours of leaders and kinship are carried on for years

23 $100 Question from H3 Places in our societies that provide stability and can be found in almost all societies in some form or another

24 $100 Answer from H3 Institutions such as family, education system, workplace, justice system

25 $200 Question from H3 A 16 – 34 year old male with a low SES and academic level who looks for high risk activities away from his family

26 $200 Answer from H3 Gang member

27 $300 Question from H3 An action or behaviour against someone because of their ethnicity, religion, skin colour, gender, age

28 $300 Answer from H3 Discrimination

29 $400 Question from H3 The belief that society is based on capitalism ~ dividing people into classes ~ upper class, middle class, working class and lower class

30 $400 Answer from H3 Conflict Theory based on Marxism

31 $500 Question from H3 It is important to study sociology because

32 $500 Answer from H3 We can see patterns in society and predict or anticipate change for the future

33 $100 Question from H4 His work with dogs lead to Classical conditioning theory

34 $100 Answer from H4 Who is Ivan Pavlov?

35 $200 Question from H4 First one to come up with the idea of the social science inquiry and used the positivist methodology of collecting a vast number of surveys to quantify his data

36 $200 Answer from H4 Who was Auguste Comte?

37 $300 Question from H4 The idea of survival of the fittest.

38 $300 Answer from H4 Charles Darwin: Evolution Theory

39 $400 Question from H4 He coined the term “inferiority complex” and studied the effects of birth order on personality.

40 $400 Answer from H4 Alfred Adler

41 $500 Question from H4 What do Margaret Mead and Napoleon Chagnon have in common?

42 $500 Answer from H4 They are both cultural anthropologists

43 $100 Question from H5 The type of research used by anthropologists

44 $100 Answer from H5 Participant observation

45 $200 Question from H5 Although costly to implement, a benefit of this type of research is that you get a huge amount of data to analyse

46 $200 Answer from H5 Surveys

47 $300 Question from H5 The steps to the social science inquiry

48 $300 Answer from H5 Problem Hypothesis Data Collection Analysis Conclusion Discussion

49 $400 Question from H5 The variable in an experiment that changes

50 $400 Answer from H5 The dependent variable stays the same in an experiment The independent variable changes

51 $500 Question from H5 Suggest a high level sociological question or inquiry questions for Three Billy Goats Gruff

52 $500 Answer from H5 How would the story have played out if the troll had been attractive? How would the story turn out if the billy goats were cannibals? What if the billy goats had been members of a gang?

53 Final Jeopardy Give three benefits and drawbacks to technology

54 Final Jeopardy Answer Benefits Promotes change Aware of global issues Increase medical support and treatment Drawbacks People become impatient People can be distracted Can increase the gap between cultures, individuals, and societies

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