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Páginas de la red Para el apoyo del estudio del español.

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1 Páginas de la red Para el apoyo del estudio del español

2 Gramática, ejercicios y enseñanza de la lengua (grammar) (grammar practice, verb conjugator) (grammar and practice) (grammar and practice) (Spanish grammar exercises) (grammar, exercises and teacher resource) (folclore infantil) (Spanish Q-Cards (Level 1 – Set 1) 40 sheets on card stock) (enseñanza, literatura,lengua y artes) Bowdoin College Grammar Explanations & Exercises University of Texas Grammar Explanations & Tutorials

3 Gramática,ejercicios West Kentucky University Grammar Exercises Washington Grammar Exercises Sewanee Grammar Exercises More Sewanee Grammar Exercises Tutorial for Present Subjunctive & Command Formation Contrast between Present and Past Subjunctive Adverbial Conjunction List for Subjunctive Spanish Vocabulary & Grammar Games (click each link for several games) Richard Lee Grammar Exercises More Richard Lee Grammar Exercises Grammar Exercises from Spanish Courses in Santiago, Chile Univ. of N. Carolina Chapel Hill Grammar Exercises Colorado Grammar Exercises Eva Easton's Vocab. & Grammar Explan. & Exer., Quizzes, Tests qz.html qz.html

4 Gramática y ejercicios Verb Conjugator Conjuguemos Verb Tense Drill – Verb Tense Practice similar to Spanish/English Online Dictionary Verb Tense Practice Hangman Game Colby College Grammar Exercises Study Spanish Grammar Practice Site Trinity University Grammar Exercises Pacific Lutheran University Site Ursinus Grammar Exercises Sweetbriar College Grammar Site University of Toronto Grammar Exercises Indiana / J. Soto Grammar Exercises University of Regina Grammar Exercises – Grammar Exercises; Power Points on Grammar & Vocabulary University of Columbia Grammar Exercises & Explanation Maria Menas Grammar Exercises & Explanations Más Arriba at Trent University Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises w/ Sound! Willamette Grammar Exercises University of Cuyamaca Grammar & Vocabulary Tutorials & Exercises Jackson Grammar & Vocabulary Tutorials & Exercises Lewis & Clark Grammar Exercises Fred Jehle University of Indiana Tutorial on Present Subjunctive Formation Fred Jehle University of Indiana Tutorial on All Uses of Subjunctive & Formation El Rincón de Margarita Grammar Tutorials Francisco Villatoros Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises & Tutorials

5 Radios,noticias,periodicos (Radio Nederland) (Radio Naciones Unidas) (Carnegie Mellon) (periodico, noticias) (CNN en espanol) (Univision, noticias,artistas,entrevistas,etc) (voice of America News) (Radio,televisiones Española) (bbc en espanol radio) (cadena de radio de la comunidad latina) (periodico digital de Espana) (periodico digital) (radio program ) (programa de noticias) (tv,radio,noticias) (periodicos de todo el mundo (periodicos de todo el mundo) (periodico de Colombia, audio)

6 Material para escuchar (Situations and Guided Conversations for Language Proficiency) (poesia hablada) (directorio de podcast en castellano) (created your own podcast) (video and audio clip native speakers) (audio language magazine) (video clips) (poesia hablada) (podcast) Ben y Marina (levels listening material) (ipod )

7 Música (musica, videos,radio,artistas) (musica,videos, artistas) (music for learning spanish language) (noticias,entretenimiento,musica.etc)

8 Diccionarios (diccionario) (diccionario) (diccionario Español-Español)

9 Teacher Resources (teacher resource) ishreaders (teacher resource) ishreaders (teacher resources, grammar, history,etc) (teacher resources AP class) (teacher resources, TPRS) (teacher resources, movies) (teacher resources, movies,books) (teacher resources videos) (teacher resources, AP activities)

10 Teacher Resources (info about synthesis) (teacher resources) (Abriendo puertas AP) (teachers resource) (teacher resource Spanish IV Abriendo paso) (teacher resouces, Autores latinos y sus trabajos) (teacher resources) (teacher resource, letters format) (teacher resource) (teacher resources) (teacher resources) (teacher resources) (teacher resources) teacher resources) (teacher resources) (teacher resources)

11 Hispanic Heritage Month Resources > Source: Various > > Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. Here are > some available resources: > > -Basic information and article from Fact Monster at > > > -Lesson planning ideas from Education World at > > > -Hispanic heritage resources in Florida from at > > > -Facts from the Census Bureau at: > Release/www/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/ html > > -Teaching materials and video clips from the History Channel at > > >

12 -Links to information about Hispanic heritage and famous Hispanic people > from Evergreen State College at: > > > -Information about various properties listed in the National Register, > travel itineraries, education lesson plans and National Parks that deal > directly with the cultural and political experiences of Hispanic Americans > from the National Park Service at: > > > -Printables, lesson plans, references, and Spanish materials from > TeacherVision at: > america/6629.html > > -Information about related events in Washington, D.C. and across the USA > from the Smithsonian at: > > > -The Smithsonians own resources are available at: > ces.html ces.html >

13 > -Biographies, a quiz, a timeline of major events, holidays, music, and > more links from Gale Cengage Learning at: > > > -A focus on Latinos in information technology, engineering, and > communication technologies from La Familia at: > > > -Childrens activities from Crayola at > > > -A meta-site with links to lots of Latino and Hispanic resources from the > University of Texas at: > > -Information about Hispanic Heritage Awards and past recipients from the > Hispanic Heritage Foundation at: > > > -Top reading picks for different age levels from Críticas at > > > -Lineup for Hispanic Heritage Month from PBS at: > september-15-october > > -Classroom resources including a link to the National Geographic Map > Machine from the AFT at: > > -A selected electronic bibliography from the Department of Labor at: >

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