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Enjoy the show. By: Anais Salazar Alondra Toledo.

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1 enjoy the show

2 By: Anais Salazar Alondra Toledo

3 Chapter 9-Graphics Basics Chapter Outline Chapter 9 Overview Lesson 9-1 Graphics and Their Uses Lesson 9-2 Exploring Graphics Programs Lesson 9-3 Working With Graphics Chapter Review and Assessment

4 Chapter 9 Overview What Is a Graphic? In day-to-day speech, people use the word graphic to refer to any visual image or object. A family photo, a road map, and a stick figure drawn on a chalkboard are all examples of graphics.

5 Chapter 9 Overview When people talk about a computer graphic, they usually are referring to an image. Images include drawings, painted backgrounds, and photographs. Computer graphics can be displayed in a variety of ways. They can appear on the screen as a background, or they can be placed into a document to add color and information. Thus, in the broadest sense of the term, computer graphic could refer to anything that can be seen on the computer screen.

6 Definitions Graphic- anything that can be seen on a computer’s screen Gráfico- todo lo que se ve en una pantalla de computadora

7 Definitions Bitmapped graphic- an image formed by a pattern of dots Gráfico de mapa de bits- imagen formada mediante un patrón de puntos

8 Definitions Pixel- a single point in a bitmapped graphic Pixel- punto individual de un gráfico de mapa de bits

9 Definitions Vector graphic- an image that is created using paths or lines Gráfico vectorial- imagen que se crea mediante trayectorias o líneas

10 Definitions Resolution- for a bitmapped image, the number of pixels in a certain section of the image Resolución- en el caso de una imagen de mapa de bits, el número de pixeles que hay en cierta sección de la imagen

11 Definitions Paint program- the basic program for working with a bitmapped image Programa de pintu6ra- programa básico para trabajar con imágenes de mapa de bits

12 Definitions Draw program- a program used to create and edit vector images Programa de dibujo- programa que sirve para elaborar y editar imágenes vectoriales

13 Definitions Image editor- an advanced paint program that edits bitmapped images Editor de imágenes- programa de pintura avanzado que edita imágenes de mapa de bits

14 Definitions Workspace- the blank white area where the graphic will be worked on in a paint or draw program Area de trabajo- área blanca vacía donde se trabaja sobre un gráfico en un programa de pintura o dibujo

15 Definitions Color palette- a display of options in a paint or draw program that allows the user to choose the color a tool will place in an image Paleta de colores- representación de las opciones de un programa de pintura o dibujo, que permite al usuario elegir el color que una herramienta aplicará a una imagen

16 Definitions Eyedropper - a tool that picks up and works with a specific color from an image Gotero- herramienta que toma un color específico de una imagen para trabajar con él

17 Definitions Selection tool- a program tool that can select a portion of an image to be moved, enlarged, or edited Herramienta de selección- herramienta de programa que selecciona una parte de una imagen para desplazarla, ampliarla o editarla

18 Definitions Graphics tablet- a piece of hardware used for drawing Tableta para gráficos- elemento de hardware que sirve para dibujar

19 Definitions Stylus- a pointing device used for drawing on a graphics tablet Púa- dispositivo apuntador que sirve para dibujar sobre una tableta de gráficos

20 Definitions Import- to bring information into a program from another program Importar- traer información a un programa desde otro programa

21 Definitions Export- to format data so it can be used in another application Exportar- dar formato a los datos para que se puedan usar en otra aplicación

22 Definitions Group- to combine separate vector images into one image Agrupar- combinar imágenes vectoriales individuales en una sola imagen

23 Definitions Ungroup- to separate combined vector images into individual images Desagrupar- separar imágenes vectoriales combinadas en imágenes individuales

24 Definitions Layer- to stack parts of a bitmapped image on top of another level Disponer en capas- apilar partes de una imagen de mapa de bits sobre otro nivel

25 Definitions Clip art- a graphic that has already been created for use by others Arte prediseñado- gráfico previamente elaborado para uso de otras personas

26 Definitions Trace- to convert pixels into lines Trazar- convertir pixeles en líneas

27 Questions? 1.How do bitmapped graphics and vector graphics differ? Answer- bitmapped has a pattern of dots and vector hs a pattern of lines.

28 Questions? 2.What are three main sections of a graphics application window? How does each function? Answers- workspace toolbars, and color palettes. They all have to deal with drawing.

29 Questions? 3.Identify the two categories of tools used in draw programs, and explain what each does? Answers- Line and shapes. The line is when you change a line, and a shape is the same thing and don’t change nearby lines or shapes.

30 Voc. Hand out! 1. Selection tool- identifies a portion of an image to be enlarged, moved, or edited. 2. Draw program- A basic program for working with vector images. 3. Vector graphic- An image created using lines or paths. 4. Layer- To stack levels of a bitmapped image on top of each other. 5. Clip art- graphics file that can be used as a staring point when creating images.

31 Voc. Hand out! 7. Group- To combine separate images into one. 8. Graphic- Anything that can be seen on the computer screen. 9. Workspace- Blank area where graphics are created and edited. 10. Eye dropper- Tool that work with specific color from an image. 11. Export- To format data to be used by another application. 12. Trace- to convert pixels to lines.

32 Voc. Hand out! 13. Color Palette- A display of color options in paint and draw programs. 14. Resolution- The measure of how much detail is used to create an image, in dots per inch. 15. Bitmapped graphics- Image recorded as a grid of dots 16. Graphics Tablet- Hardware device used for drawing. 17. Paint Program- A basic program for working with bitmapped images.

33 Voc. Hand out! 18. Import- To bring information into a file from another application. 19. Ungroup- To separate a combined image into individual images. 20. Pixel- A single point in an image. 21. Image editor- An advanced program for editing and transforming bitmapped images.

34 Chapter Assessment 1. This type of graphic is formed by a pattern of dots. A. vector B. bitmap C. digital D. analog 2. This type of image is formed by paths or lines. A. vector B. bitmap D. analog

35 Chapter Assessment 3. You can use this type of program to create a new, bitmapped image. A. paint program B. draw program C.EPS program D. vector program 4. This type of program is an advanced paint program. A. draw program B. vector program C. bitmap editor D. image editor

36 Chapter Assessment 5.In a paint or draw program, color options are displayed on a color _____. A. toolbar B. workspace C. menu D. palette 6.In a paint program, this tool can be large and square in shape, or it might be small and circular. A. Pencil B. Brush C. Eyedropper D. Eraser

37 Chapter Assessment 7. This type of pointing device can be used with a graphics tablet. A. mouse B. stylus C. keyboard D. joystick 8.This special effect tilts an image either horizontally or vertically. A. flipping B. mirroring C. stretching D. skewing

38 Chapter Assessment A. importing B. exporting C. grouping D. layering 10. This is artwork that has already been created, which you can use as the starting point for your own work. A. clip art B. vector art C. bitmapped art D. image art 9.The process for combining vector graphics together is called _____.

39 Chapter Assessment 11.A vector image can be enlarged to any size and keep its quality. A. True B. False 12.A paint program enables you to create or edit vector images. A. True B. False

40 Chapter Assessment 13. An image editor is an advanced type of draw program used for editing or adding special effects to vector graphics. A. True B. False 14.In a graphics program, toolbars contain icons that link to the program’s tools. A. True B. False

41 Chapter Assessment 15.Most graphics programs let you choose colors from a color palette but do not allow you to make changes to the color palette. A. True B. False 16.In a paint program, you can use the Eyedropper tool to select a color from an image and then use that color elsewhere in the image. A. True B. False

42 Chapter Assessment 19.If you mirror an image, you reverse the colors in the image. A. True B. False 20.It is possible to integrate two productivity tools into one document. A. True B. False

43 Chapter Assessment 17.In a paint program, the Eraser tool lets you remove color from an image. A. True B. False 18.Draw programs contain a Selection tool that lets you select part of an image so you can edit it. A. True B. False

44 Thanks for watching Anais’s and Alondra’s power point!

45 CREDITS BY: Alondra Toledo and Anais Salazar Stell Middle School Mr. Puente 8 th period class Technology Class 2 nd Semester Brownsville Independent School District

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