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Laboratory Equipment.

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1 Laboratory Equipment

2 Thermometers Measures temperature °C

3 Test tubes Holds small amounts of chemicals Can be stoppered

4 Test Tube Brush Cleans test tubes and other equipment

5 Triple Beam Balance Measures mass

6 Beakers Holds larger amounts of chemicals Graduated

7 Ring Stands and Rings Supports equipment

8 Wash Bottle Used to pour or spray water

9 Erlenmeyer Flasks Swirls liquids Can be stoppered Graduated

10 Graduated Cylinders Measures volume of liquid

11 Goggles Protects eyes when using heat, chemicals or glass

12 Rubber Stoppers Seals a flask or test tube

13 Test Tube Holder Holds test tube when heating

14 Tongs Holds hot glassware

15 Magnifying Glass Enables one to look at small objects Hand lens

16 Forceps/Tweezers Enables one to hold very small items

17 Hot Plate Used to heat solutions

18 Metric Ruler Measures length Centimeters or meters

19 Funnel Makes it easier to transfer liquids between containers

20 Dropper Enables one to work with small amounts of liquid

21 Test Tube Rack Holds several test tubes Dries inverted test tubes

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