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Welcome! Arlene Hein Elementary 2014 - 2015. Our 2013-2014 Accomplishments!  We promoted our 10 th 6 th grade class!  Held our annual Arlene Hein.

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1 Welcome! Arlene Hein Elementary



4 Our Accomplishments!  We promoted our 10 th 6 th grade class!  Held our annual Arlene Hein Science Fair in March  Expanded our garden  Held our annual Jog-a-thons and Read-a-thons  137/516 intermediate students earned Principal’s Honor Roll with a 4.0 GPA ! 61 students earned this every trimester!  284/516 intermediate students earned District Honor Roll with GPA ! 174 students earned this every trimester!  Over 212 (up from 74 last year) students earned their 25- point lanyards and 272 (up 59 from last year) other medals were earned! We added 9 names to our 1,000 point plaque and added a third name to our 2000 point AR plaque! We even started a 5,000 point plaque!


6 Important Reminders for ! EGUSD Board Policy 5030: Wellness and Nutrition Non-edible/low sugar items for celebrations Cupcakes/treats for birthdays at school are discouraged Lunch is for lunch only Food items shared at end of the day PAPERLESS COMMUNICATION Handbook, newsletters and site communication delivered through and phone calls Please ensure that your address and phone numbers are updated

7 Teacher Changes Teacher Assignment Assignment Mrs. Young New to HeinTransitional Kindergarten Ms. Nakamoto Transitional KindergartenKindergarten Mrs. FewellKC KB Ms. Marchese1 C1D Mrs. Urban1D1B Mrs. HeckenliableNew to Hein1C Mrs. PivonkaNew to Hein2C Mrs. Bermudez3D3A Mrs. ZielenskiNew to Hein3D Mrs. Reis4C3C Mrs. HannonNew to Hein4C Mr. HannaNew to Hein5D Mrs. FuhsNew to Hein5C Mr. Lappin6B6C

8 New Staff Serving You! Mrs. Cooper partnering in our office as our new School Office Assistant II Mrs. Christenson serving as our secretary

9 Traffic/Arrival/Dismissal Info. Please drive slowly and carefully to and from school – our priority is keeping our children safe! Please be kind neighbors to those who live by our school, and do not block or park in their driveways, park on their lawns, or make U-turns in front of their homes. Thanks! Please see our website for more information on traffic and ways you can ensure student safety! We are also asking for parent volunteers to help with traffic from 7:45 – 8:00 AM. We appreciate your help!



12 AHES PTO Executive BOARD FOR President: Julie Moriyama Vice President: Natasha Price Secretary: Lili Lopez Treasurer: Brad Penick Reporter/Webmaster: Richelle Bishop Parliamentarian: Karen Nowlan Director A Track/Jog-a-thon prizes/tees: Maria Bach Director B Track/Social Media: Daphne Walter Director C Track/Dine for Hein Director D Track/App Manager: Jennifer Grace Teacher Representatives: Mrs. Roberts & Mrs. Kolpacoff

13 PTO Committee Chairs & Members Accelerated Reader: Amy Penick Book Fair & Read-a-thon: Julie Tilkens Box Tops for Kids: Lenoare Mays and Tracey Lester Donations: Kasie Nootenboom Donuts with Dads/Multicultural Fair: Erica Shima-Riberdiere Photography: Nancy Cao Scrip/Loyalty Cards: Gloria Seguisabal Spirit Wear: Lenoare Mays A Track Representatives: Katherine Faulter & Monica Kling C Track Representative: Simon Morris Yearbook: Pam Cogal

14 Your PTO at Work Your PTO $$$ at work: Activities for : Library Technician funding – critical! Funding of after school Hawk Academy WIN time funding Class Supplies: agenda planners, Hawk folders, classroom supplies VAPA Program Accelerated Reading Teacher Allocations Technology Upgrades Jog-A-Thon Read-A-Thon Book Fair Muffins with Moms & Donuts with Dads Teacher Appreciation Multicultural Fair Bingo Night Explore It! Science Night

15 What Are the Common Core State Standards? 15 Are aligned with college and career expectations Are the new standards for academic performance. Are the concepts and skills that all students will learn. These K-12 standards…

16 How Do Common Core State Standards Improve Learning? 16 Prepare our students to be competitive with students from top-performing countries Communicate clearly what is expected at each grade level Create cohesion across states

17 How Will This Affect My Child in Kindergarten through 2 nd Grade? 17 Most important goals: Learning to read Learning to write Becoming competent and confident in working with numbers.

18 How Will This Affect My Child in Grades 3-6? 18 Greater percentage of reading of informational text as opposed to narrative or “stories” Greater emphasis on writing: narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argument

19 How Will This Affect My Child in Grades K-6? 19 Students will use the Go Math textbooks. Students will be asked to explain their mathematical reasoning. Students will learn to solve problems using multiple methods.

20 Conceptual Understanding Procedural Fluency Application & Modeling Math instruction must be “balanced” with equal attention given to all three components

21 21 Implementation of Common Core State Standards EGUSD Grades K - 6 CCSS Math CCSS English/Language Arts with History/Social Studies & Science Literacy Standards CCSS State Testing with Student Results Review of State- approved CCSS English /Language Arts materials and potential pilot of materials Potential EGUSD adoption of State- approved CCSS English/Language Arts materials

22 22 How Can I Help My Child at Home? Praise children for making an effort and encourage perseverance. Help them develop the mindset that they should be proud of working hard and learning something new. Use conversation starters that encourage students to explain why or how they know something.

23 23 How Can I Help My Child to Do Well in School? ALL Students: Read, read, read! Encourage – and model – reading of all sorts of materials: books of fiction; books that provide information; informative internet sites; magazines; sets of directions. Read for sustained periods of time daily.

24 24 How Can I Help My Child to Do Well in School? ALL Students: Speak positively about math! If your own experiences in mathematics were not positive, do not share that with your child. Instead, tell your child, “Math is the basis of technology and a lot of science. Math is pretty cool.”

25 25 How Can I Learn More About Common Core?  Find more information about Common Core (including parent Q & A) on the EGUSD website:  Talk to your child’s teacher.  Find resources for math by logging into “Think Central,” the website associated with our Go Math textbooks. (Login provided by your child’s teacher.)  Refer to the information sheets on the National PTA website:

26 CCSS Communication Site CCSS Parent Nights District CCSS Parent Nights Site Newsletters District Newsletters Parent Committee Meetings Website Phone Messages 26

27 Our Vision in Action! aTmFETVBzSURETDg/edit?usp=sharing aTmFETVBzSURETDg/edit?usp=sharing

28 Soaring Above and Beyond Expectations! It is going to be a great year!

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